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Hi all, I am hoping to decorate my venue with fake flowers and greenery as I don't like the idea of cut flowers (it makes me sad when they start to die ) and I am on a budget so will be doing lots of DIY to keep costs down . 

I read Mrsdivines planning thread this morning and she had made the most incredible fake flower garland and I would love to try to create something similar. If anyone knows how she created her's or if any of you created a garland for your wedding I would love to know where you found the materials and how much it ended up costing. Any hints and tips would also be very gratefully received! Thank you :)


  • stacey147stacey147 Posts: 108 New bride

    You could just buy seeds from the pound shop and grow your own flowers then it would be even cheaper?

  • Rach371Rach371 Posts: 1,168 New bride

    The range and Wilkinson's are both good for relatively nice cheap fake flowers. You can buy ivy garlands and double them up to make the garland look thicker. 

  • My friend and colleague from used to grow her own flowers (violet petunias) for the wedding, it took about 2-3 months

  • mrsdivinemrsdivine Posts: 161 New bride

    I have pm'd you. I'm so sorry and I hope it's not too late. I haven't been on here since the week after I got married. I have been messaged by a few brides asking for instructions so will copy and paste them here to share;

    The christmas garland base was fab, just took a little time to straighten it out and arrange branches.  Then I wound the ivy garland around it using the wire branches of the base garland to secure, just make sure you get your leaves on the 'front' or showing face of your garland. Then I wound the silk rose garlands around the whole thing. These were cheap  but the roses are not great - however the leaves were useful to help cover up the conifer base and bush it out. The foam roses were really good, I used a pound shop hot glue gun (my expensive glue gun has given up!) to glue on the foam roses where I wanted/needed, to fill in gaps or cover up some of the misshapen silk roses. I had bits and bobs of other fake foliage that I already had to add extra leaves. I am really pleased with it and I'm quite particular. It is really robust, I have moved it around the house to get it out of the way and it is now in the loft and is still intact! Definately give it a go - it is really easy. I have put the links below for the stuff I used. Good luck x

    christmas garland;


    ivy garland


    foam roses (I used less than half of these)

    I also used some 99p rose garlands (6ft) they weren't great to look at but the leaves helped cover the conifer base.Can'td a link for those sorry.


  • mrsdivinemrsdivine Posts: 161 New bride


  • Mariah4Mariah4 Posts: 10 New bride

    Hello there!
    I think that the best idea is to look for flowers in different shops so you will see what is available and choose what is the best according to your taste. Also if you haven't got idea how would this garland look you can get some inspirations on pinterest. On this site you can also see step-by-step tutorials so it will help you a lot! Hope your garland will be amazing and you will share your end result with us.

  • mrsdivine wrote (see post):


    Wow, MrsDivine, these are amazing!  Thank you for putting such detailed information.  I have been searching for the right things to make something like this and I never thought about using the Christmas garland as a base, great idea!

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