Has anyone spray painted a wooden pallett?


I've got some wooden pallets that i'm planning to use for decor (Table plan, welcome, order of the day, add frames to for one etc)

I'm not very craft savvy. I have some rust-ouelem chalk finish spray paints. Has anyone got any tips for the best finish? 


  • Desert-brideDesert-bride Posts: 226 New bride

    Give them a bit of a sand and clean (brush of the sanding dust) give the spray paint can a good shake and move it in a nice sweepig action. Reshaking the can often. The great thing about chalk paint is that it sands really well. So if you  have a couple of runs you can easily fix it!

  • Vicky105Vicky105 Posts: 140

    I used normal Matt paint and brushed it on or cuprinol

  • KrabbyKrabby Posts: 49


    I think it came out alright! The writing needs finishing then going over a few times but I’m chuffed! 

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