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DIY Brides, How much are you DIYing?

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I keep reading articles saying only to take on a few projects, but I am really trying to keep costs down and want to DIY my ceremony and reception decor. I don't really think I need much for the ceremony, there is already an arch in place and the reception area already has chandeliers and wine barrel racks so that helps. Will I ne able to do this without going crazy?




  • Becky111Becky111 Posts: 222 New bride

    I planned on doing quite a bit but to be honest I don't think I'll have the time :( 

    I'm going to do my own invitations, favours, donut table, sweetie table and frames for signage. 

    I wanted to do more but I think that will take more than enough time.

  • Sian91Sian91 Posts: 829 New bride

    Invitations/signs/guest book

    We’ll be doing the flowers, doing our own styling and weve brought literally everything apart from tables, chairs and plates! 

    We’re having long tables so I’ve bought runners (diy is to have a go at dyeing them), brass candles sticks and foliage rather than centrepieces. I think theyre one of the fiddliest inks to make. I’ve loved doing as much as possible ourselves. 


  • stacey147stacey147 Posts: 108 New bride

    Between me and my mom we have done the save the date, proper invitations, made a post box, seating plan wheel, thank yous, Polaroid guest book, table number and menus, I’ve grown my own flowers for bouquet and tables centres, made my own vintage bike props, own balloons and wedding signs, favours and activity packs for the kids 

  • I think the key to successful wedding DIY is just to start getting things done super early. If you're doing stuff and it just seems completely ludicrous to have even started thinking about it yet then... you're on the right track lol. I'm getting married on Sunday and I've been so ill this last week I've got nothing done so very glad I did sort so much before.

    We DIY'd (H2B did do quite a lot which obviously makes a difference):

    - save the dates and invitations

    - orders of service

    - table plan, place names, table names

    - photobooth

    - centrepieces and marquee decoration

    - sweetie table

    - postbox

    - ceremony area decoration

    - homemade confetti

    - favours

    ...I think that's it! Originally I was even more ambitious and wanted to do bouquets but quickly realised I was going to struggle for time if I did that too.

  • Mariah4Mariah4 Posts: 10 New bride

    Hello there!
    DIY is really amazing idea for every occasion when you are on budget. If it goes to me I would do some decorations with flowers like garlands and bouquets. It always looks amazing! And of course if you grow those plants on your own from seeds it will be cheaper.

  • We've DIY'ed quite a bit, we've made our own invites, bridal bouquet. BM's bouquets, favours, thank you gift bags & some decor. More decor may be DIY'd after the boys back to school next week. 

    Start early, and be prepared to make a few 'test runs' with some items. 

  • Love hearing everyones plans and successes! 

    Were hoping to DIY: 
    - Invitations inc own envelopes and wax seals
    - Day of signs - welcome, order of service, menu
    - Customising my dress
    - Veil/cape for myself
    - Ceremony room decorations 
    - Reception room decorations
    - Centerpieces
    - Flower hoop / Archway 
    - Table Plan

    I wanted to DIY flowers too but i've decided im going to have my bouquet made, and then may get fake for the BMs and i will DIY the flowers used for the ceremony decoration and the centrepieces. Tempted to even try and grow them myself! 

    I have 19 months though so not too worried.

  • (if it all works) we are DIYing: 

    - Invitations


    -Drinks (beer, wine, soft, gin station)

    -Polaroid guest book

    - Decorations for reception venue (have ordered lots of paper lanterns etc, am making more and Papier mache flowers, fairy lights etc- lots of jam jar collecting going on!)

    - flowers (either will go to flower market or dash to waitrose first thing on the day!)

    - Signs and order of service if we decide on them

    -Arranging ceremony music

    -Helping my mum decorate cake (H2B's Godmother will make it)

    -probably more but can't remember!

    Whether this all actually happens or not remains to be seen!


  • About this much! 



  • Ozzy2bOzzy2b Posts: 143

    We designed all our own stationery, plus posters for the venue. All the venue decor is DIY though hoping to keep that manageable (Glitter filled letters, lots of decorated jars  with candles and paper flowers in bottles for the centrepieces). My sister is doing the biggest DIY bit as she is making paper bouquets and buttonholes. 

    Oh and I am making cupcakes and possibly other bits instead of a cake! A couple of practice runs have proved that I need to allow plenty of time for this although I am using recipes that can be frozen. 

    I‘m just a bit conscious that I don’t want to have too much to transport or set up on the day.

  • I want to DIY as much as I can, but wondering if I'm biting off more than I can chew?

    So far I'm looking at getting stuff to make invitations, favours etc from Wow Vow (, their stuff looks pretty comprehensive. I have been thinking about doing the flowers myself as I'm only looking to have a bouquet for me and for my little niece who will be walking down the aisle with me. Should be simple enough? Looks to be plenty of guidance out there, I've been looking at stuff like this -

    Hoping to keep things simple and low budget. 

  • I'm DIYing a few bits and bobs but I found that with a lot of things by the time I'd priced up the equipment, materials I'd need and pure man hours that it would end up costing me more than if I just bought/hired some of it.

    I think DIY is great and it's so fun to be so involved in the designing and vision of your wedding. It can also be a great way to save costs but just make sure you do check things out so you don't actually end up out of pocket.  :)
  • So far to get the venue and numbers we want we have gone with the following DIY:

    • Save the date - post cards
    • Invites - folded business card, with customised mini envelopes
    • Wood blocks for the centre pieces with copper stands made out of tubes and acetate table designs
    • Cake topper - did it on the computer and having it laser cut from acrylic
    • Flowers - we're picking them up and arranging most of them
    • Fridge poetry place names
    • Sweet car / table
    • Table plan - we're illuminating it to match the centre pieces
    • Ceremony Music (processional and recessional) and we've pulled in two of our friends for music during the signing.
    • For the groomsmen, I've designed the patterns for ties and pocket squares and having the fabric sprinted and a friend is making the ties and pocket squares.
    • Tombola raffle drum
    The only advice I can really give you is be realistic about what you want to achieve and how long it will take you to do it. It's so easy to have big ideas and fail to realise how long it will take you to DIY and factor in supplier delays too.

    For our evening invites, we've been delayed by a week and a half already and when they've come back they're still not perfect, but they are what they are.

  • SlySly Posts: 36 New bride
    If I could do the dj-ing as well I would 😂, diy for most things really, invites, selfie photo booth, candy table, flowers, table decor. Once your guests are fed and watered they don't give a stuff about things like flip flops for dancing (they just take their shoes off😁) save cash, do as much as you can, guests just want a fun party. Last wedding i went to the brides grandmother spent months making, freezing and defrosting heart shaped welsh cake favours, most of which were left on the tables after the reception. 
  • MrsWindsor2bMrsWindsor2b Posts: 80 New bride
    So far I have done invitations, which I will need to re-do for next years date. We will also do:
    Table centre pieces
    Wedding cakes (multiple cakes and macarons and fruit)
    My bouquet...felt flowers which I have started making now. 

    Top one is a peony, others are anemones and chrysanthemums and daisies. I'm not overly keen on the white flowers, so will stick to creams and pastel pinks.

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