Are flip flops and toiletries old hat now?

it seems like every wedding I’ve been to in the past year has had flip flops and a ladies toiletries basket, is this done to death now or still a must have? 

I dont want to seem like a copy but equally dont want to seem stingy! 


  • britbirdbritbird Posts: 1,487 New bride

    I have been to lots of weddings without. In fact, I think I have only been to one with a toilet basket, and none with flip flops. Saying that, havent been to any weddings yet this year!

  • Sian91Sian91 Posts: 829 New bride

    I’m personally against flip flops because it just ends up going to landfill. Most people wouldn’t keep some primark flip flops.

    We’re considering toiletry baskets because we’ll use anything thats not used for the wedding

  • Becky111Becky111 Posts: 222 New bride

    I think they are very popular ideas but I really like them and are doing both.


    I want my guests to be comfortable and I know myself I am much more fun if my feet aren't hurting etc

  • Kelly224Kelly224 Posts: 962 New bride

    I think they are both still popular.  I'm doing the toiletries baskets but not the flip flops. 

  • Rach371Rach371 Posts: 1,122 New bride

    We had a marquee wedding and did flip flops and they were so popular .we had 15 pairs and they all went. We met our friends the next day for a BBQ and loads of the women (and one of the men) we're still wearing them  

  • MrsH_18MrsH_18 Posts: 33

    I've been to weddings in the last year with and without them - both are great! We did both for our June wedding this year as I've always appreciated them and I knew most of the guests would - we only had 4 pairs of flip flops left over and they were all taken the next morning by myself and family - most people I knew would take them did and will keep them so really I think it depends on your guests.


    The toiletry baskets are always helpful (especially on hot days!) if you think about what you put in, the deodorant went so quickly coz it was so hot on our day and things like hairspray you don't need much so that was left over but again, the leftover things have been claimed and will be used so no waste!


    If you think your guests would appreciate the gestures I don't think they're done to death but they also aren't needed! Entirely up to you whether you want to!

  • LizzieBHLizzieBH Posts: 196

    I think they're both still always welcome, but personally I also appreciate an original spin on it – e.g. I went to one wedding with fluffy slippers instead of flip flops.

  • Zara29Zara29 Posts: 105

    We thought about flipflops but as it's a November wedding most ladies will probably be wearing tights so flip flops probably wont work!

  • MrsPB2019MrsPB2019 Posts: 814 New bride

    I last went to a wedding in June and both went down very well.

    It was a very hot day, the ceremony was outside so I managed to get sunburnt so the moisturiser in the toiletries went down a treat as well as the deodorant. I also took a pair of flip flops as my feet hurt and I still wear them round my house now.

    With that said probably won’t be doing flip flops as our wedding is in April and might not be in the shops yet. Might think about the toiletries. 

  • Becky111Becky111 Posts: 222 New bride
    Zara29 wrote (see post):

    We thought about flipflops but as it's a November wedding most ladies will probably be wearing tights so flip flops probably wont work!

    What about ballerina/sock type slippers?

  • Abby40Abby40 Posts: 24 New bride

    I've never been to a wedding where there were flip flops or toiletries on offer. I feel like I've missed out!

  • MrsHowgateMrsHowgate Posts: 1,422 New bride

    We’re having flip flops but no toilet baskets. I’ve never been to a wedding where either were offered.

  • i done both and if anything, i really should've got more! I bought about 20 pairs of flip flops and they all went. I didn't go overboard with the toiletry basket, but again that was mainly all used - deodorant, hairspray and blotting papers especially popular. 

  • I think they are both old hat and not necessary. I think most people who attend a wedding bring the things they need, that's why we carry a purse. And I don't think I've ever been to a wedding where there weren't guests dancing barefoot.  I agree with the person who posted that the flipflops may likely end up in the landfill, and if not that, they were definitely made by some poor person in a sweatshop in Bangladesh.  It's amazing if you think about it, how much wedding paraphernalia isn't necessary and is made with third world labor.

    The last wedding I was at was in October & it had the toiletry baskets.  I work with the bride; she says the baskets went untouched.

    Maybe if you opt to do one or both, skip the signs.  I honestly think the signage with the cheesy sayings on them, that's been the done thing for about 10 years now, is more overplayed than the idea itself.

  • ruthie1979ruthie1979 Posts: 794

    I’m doing a basket in the toilet - we are getting married in Cyprus so thought some bits might be appreciated 

    I will only put bits in that we will use for the rest of the stay in the villa so won’t be a waste of money xx

  • stacey147stacey147 Posts: 108 New bride

    Thanks for your input ladies, I think I will just do a small toiletries basket because I dont like the idea of waste, ill just get stuff I would use myself so that it will get used 

  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,949 New bride

    I don't think showing consideration for your guests can ever be classed as 'old hat'.

  • I'm torn how I feel about flip flops, I have considered doing slippers (as it just feels more me) but can't decide whether to or not. 

    However I think toiletries baskets are always a useful thing and don't think they could ever be considered old hat. Realistically although we all take a bag to a wedding we probably don't actually take everything we need, for example I wouldn't have a deodorant in my bag but on a hot day if one was supplied I'd find it very useful. Also I was caught out as a bridesmaid recently (hadn't taken a bag at all) and was very grateful for the tampons! Like you say if you supply things that you'll use anyway nothing will be wasted.

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    I’ve always thought flip flops were incredibly unnecessary, but I’ve never been to a wedding with them. If I had I wouldn’t have used them.

    I think a toiletry basket is always nice though, I love them. I made them for men and women at our wedding and surprisingly it was the men who raves about it most. They were all combing and restyling their hair, using the deodorant and generally having a little pamper 😂

    I don’t see them so much as a trend, just a nice little pick me up for when you start to get a bit bedraggled.

  • Rach371Rach371 Posts: 1,122 New bride

    I think it all depends on the wedding. 

    We had a marquee in a field and the grass was a bit uneven so everyone loved the flip flops and they all went. 

    If I went to a wedding in a hotel I wouldn't use them. 

    You've got to do what's right for you, caring for your guests comfort isn't old hat 

  • RB2SRB2S Posts: 45 New bride

    I’ve been to weddings with both, never really felt the need to use the toiletries baskets, but I’m always grateful for a pair of flip flops! For this reason we’ll be having flip flops, I’ve always kept them and take a couple of pairs whenever I go on holiday, so I’ve not had to buy my own flip flops for the last couple of years which is handy.

    As mentioned above though I think it depends what kind of wedding you’re having.

  • I've never been to a wedding with either, which is surprising given the number of brides on here that seem to have them.I personally won't be having flip flops or a toiletries basket.

    We get married in November so I don't think flip fops are needed (too cold so the ladies will probably be wearing stockings) and were inside anyways so people can just take their shoes off, if needed. 

    The toiletries basket seems like one of those added costs that just isn't necessary and with our budget already dwindling I don't think I can justify yet another cost. 


  • Ambam19Ambam19 Posts: 586 New bride

    I was at a wedding at a hotel yesterday and had previously never thought I’d use the flip flops but we’re so grateful they were there! They all went, the men used them as well actually and weve kept ours x

  • Zara29Zara29 Posts: 105
    Becky111 wrote (see post):
    Zara29 wrote (see post):

    We thought about flipflops but as it's a November wedding most ladies will probably be wearing tights so flip flops probably wont work!

    What about ballerina/sock type slippers?


    Nice idea just too much money to be spent on something that wouldn't be kept and was a throwaway item. I didn't mind so much for 90p flip flops but anything that's closer to a fiver and I'm out! Haha.


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