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Making my own bouquet

Hi all,

I'm not getting married until next August, but there is so much to think about I want to start getting organised!

It's a DIY wedding, so although I've got a beautiful venue, I'm going to be doing pretty much all the decor myself.

I have practised making a bouquet once and it went pretty well. Obviously I will need to practice a lot more, but I was hoping for some advice.

My bridesmaids and girlfriends are going to the venue in the morning to decorate (I won't be able to go as my fiance and his friends will be there putting up the gazebo). I will need to put the flowers together for the table arrangements, and make a smaller bouquet for my three bridesmaids, a small bouquet for my flower girl, and of course my own bouquet. 

How long before the wedding should I make the bouquets and table flower arrangements? 

Also, the fridges at my parents house will be full, so where is the best place to leave the flowers/made up bouquets if I were to make them the day/couple of days before?

Any advice would be hugely appreciated!



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