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Bridesmaids Bouquets

As you're all aware fresh flowers are expensive.

I'm still considering having fresh bouquets for my BMs but wondering if I could repurpose them in some way for the reception. I'm thinking of popping them in cases and using them on our cake table etc.

Just wondered if anyone had done this or any other ideas so they don't go to waste? 

Also does your florist let you take floral centerpieces home. I know I won't be able to take the container home. But I'd like to go the next day and put one on my Dad's grave.


  • Yes, the flowers are yours to do what you like with!

    You can probably keep a container by arrangement (depends what they are), and sometimes brides have to buy the containers for the florist to use anyway. (I ended up packing 30 small glass vases back into individual cardboard boxes for a bride at the last wedding I went to. I think she put them on eBay for another bride to buy!)

    I also think it's totally reasonable to ask for the bridesmaid bouquets to be sized so you could fit them in a jar of water or something to use at the reception.

  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride

    Yes, it's quite normal at wedding for the bridesmaid's bouquets to be put in a vase on the cake table or next to the guest book etc - this has happened both times I was a bridesmaid.

  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 948 New bride

    This is a very good idea. I'm making three bridesmaids' bouquets and then a cascade bouquet for me out of artificial and paper flowers. If I can work out a way to make them stand, they can double up as table decorations at the reception (previously wasn't going to have flowers). Thanks!

  • I've seen BMs bouquets re-purposed many times. It does work better with certain designs than others though. The round shaped ones are extremely easy to pop into a fishbowl type vase. You really wouldn't know by looking at them that they actually weren't originally an arrangement in that vase.  Just make sure the stems are cut short enough and the flowers themselves are wide enough in circumference to prop themselves up in the vase.

    Other shapes can sometimes look wonky laid on tables, esp the more wild/ natural ones.

    Your florist shouldn't mind you taking the flowers to the grave. Just arrange it in advance so she knows she's getting her container back. Or arrange to provide your own container/ vase.  I'm sorry about the loss of your Dad; that's a very sweet gesture to think of sharing your wedding flowers with him.

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