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i want to make lots of decorations but most involve fake flowers I’ve looked on amazon and eBay but can’t find any good fake flowers can anyone help? 

Suggestions for other decoratiosn would be helpful to as well! 


  • Ikea and the range are good for fake flowers. 

  • I do not suggest buying faux flowers online. Without seeing the quality for yourself, you're more likely than not to get something that looks horrendous. Bad fake flowers look really, really fake.  Even sellers that you (or someone else) has had luck with in the past can change the quality between production batches. Def check an Ikea or the like and see the stock for yourself.

    Contrary to popular belief, good quality faux flowers are not cheaper than real. Buying fresh market stock flowers is about the cheapest way to go if flowers are your preferred decor.

    Cheaper options than flowers, faux or real, can include lanterns, used books, used/vintage items like globes or glassware, etc. Add a few candles and a doily, and voila, a beautiful table centerpiece.

  • Sian91Sian91 Posts: 829 New bride

    We bought ours from country baskets- but they’re really not cheap! 

  • I found some really nice silk faux flowers on etsy. There is also afloral. You can also use countrybasket or Amazon for foam flowers 

    But to be honest, it isn't cheaper than real flowers. Not if you want good quality ones. I did a spreadsheet to compare the cost and my florist was cheaper.

    But of course that also depends on the florist. I got some crazy quotes. Ours grows most of her flowers in her own garden. Which brings the price down and makes it more sustainable. 

    So my advice is shop around.

  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 948 New bride

    I got my faux flowers mainly from Ikea, the Range and Hobbycraft. They aren't cheap (you can be paying a couple of pounds per stem, which adds up fast). You may be able to get real flowers for cheaper, but then you're limiting yourself on the amount of time you have to make the decorations. I chose faux flowers so that I could take my time and practise making the bouquets in the months leading up to the wedding, so it's one less thing to worry.

    I also kept my eyes open for cheap faux flowers in places like charity shops, and I made a few paper flowers to bulk it all out.

  • RGB decoration lights controlled by remote can be the good decoration for the wedding centerpieces, tables, lots of place can be placed for your wedding to add up the beautiful light  effects
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