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Rooms for guests booked as part of venue deal. How to word invite

we are due to marry in Greece for us to have our wedding at the venue of our choice we had to book a night stay for each family at the wedding (intimate wedding 7 rooms total) how to word this on invite? 


The wedding is the 11th and it’s that evening guests will have their room booked for them.  

Struggling as wording isnt my strong suit. 


also do people put a menu on the invitE? All the invites I’ve recieved has them do many people do this? 


  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride

    You can't expect people to leave accommodation they have booked for the trip to stay at a different hotel for one night, that's insane - you either ask them to stay there for the whole trip or not at all.

  • Basically no one has booked accommodation as of yet and the way it’s going everyone is leaving the day after The wedding.  So we can honeymoon in peace (family are super considerate we didn’t even ask) 

    the idea at the moment as there are only 10 guests was to hire a villa which we would pay for for all of our guests too just unsure of how to word it on the invite.  

    Its easier for guests to stay at the hotel that night as everyone will be drinking (I know my family far too well) and the hotel is over an hour away from the nearest accommodation too.  

    to put it simply we are paying for all accommodation either way if they stay at hotel or manage to get back to the villa half cut at 2 in the morning Ahahaha.  X

  • I would maybe say verbally that there’s a room for them if they want it, and to let you know by x date if they're taking it. I don’t think you can dictate where your family stay, but suggest it and you may find that they take it up anyway if it’s the easiest. On the flip side though, don’t force the issue if they’re keen to stay somewhere else - it could be their only holiday time in the year too so it’s perfectly reasonable for guests to choose to have their own space.

  • Something like...

    "We know that you're travelling a long way to spend our day we us, and we love you all for that. To make things as easy as possible, we're laying on accommodation for all of you at [hotel name] for the night of the wedding, and would love for you to join us there. If you have any questions, do just let us know."

    I think menus only go in with invites if guests need to choose food in advance. If there's no choice, or if they can choose on the day, then just ask for any dietary requirements so you can warn the venue if anyone is, say, deathly allergic to shellfish, or very strictly vegan or whatever.

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