Centrepiece ideas

PistachioPistachio Posts: 6 New bride
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Hello everyone, 

I am looking for inspiration for centrepieces for the tables at our wedding reception. 

We have thought of flowers both real and artificial, candelabras, birdcages and vases with floating candles but wondering if there is anything else that others have thought of. 

Our plans at the moment are for a summer wedding with a sit down wedding breakfast at a manor house/ hall type venue (not sure if this makes too much different to the centrepiece style). 

Any ideas would be great.

Thank you!   


  • kate268kate268 Posts: 73 New bride
    IN all honesty, I'd probably get the venue sorted and confirmed before worrying too much about centre pieces. Your venue will determine the whole feel of your wedding including colours and scale of centre pieces. Round tables might call for something different to long tables,  plus they may have pieces you pieces you can use/hire. 
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