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Hello everyone, 

I am looking for inspiration for centrepieces for the tables at our wedding reception. 

We have thought of flowers both real and artificial, candelabras, birdcages and vases with floating candles but wondering if there is anything else that others have thought of. 

Our plans at the moment are for a summer wedding with a sit down wedding breakfast at a manor house/ hall type venue (not sure if this makes too much different to the centrepiece style). 

Any ideas would be great.

Thank you!   


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    IN all honesty, I'd probably get the venue sorted and confirmed before worrying too much about centre pieces. Your venue will determine the whole feel of your wedding including colours and scale of centre pieces. Round tables might call for something different to long tables,  plus they may have pieces you pieces you can use/hire. 
  • Thanks for your reply kate268, I'm not overly worried and just thought it would be fun for everyone to share ideas which were a little bit different to the ones I mentioned above, maybe no-one is having anything different which is cool.  

    Venue will definitely be sorted before centrepieces. 

    Thanks again
  • We are having bird cages with flowers and candles inside. 

    I have seen a lot of jam jars and log slices in the last couple of weddings I have been to so they are quite popular at the moment.

    I have also seen a a few Cherry Blossom tree centrepieces and a couple of years ago I remember glass mirrors were quite popular too. 

    It would be interesting to see what others are doing. 
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    I've seen jars of sweets before which was a fun idea! 
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  • @GinAndBling ooh I've not seen sweets but I bet that was a lovely idea, and I guess could form part of a sweetie table later on! (if the sweets were wrapped and not already eaten!ha). 
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    Friends who are big in to books did stacks of books as their centrepieces, and we got to take a book home each as a favour. They wrote in the front of each book why they'd picked it and why they liked it too. About the only wedding favour I've kept!

    We're having long tables, so just going with low flowers and (battery) tealights so people can talk over the top.
  • I was just going to post about the books - I was keen to do that although it’s me that’s the big reader and not FH, so wouldn’t be reflective of both of us. It wouldn’t really work with our venue/tables now anyway. 

    Ive seen the manzanita branches/small trees with globe tealight holders/strings of beads on them. A bride on here did that, I thought it was lovely. 

    I went to a spring wedding where the centrepieces were potted flowering bulbs - daffs and hyacinths etc, and there’s were Easter eggs arranged around, that was really pretty. 

    10 years ago when I was planning a wedding (that never happened!) it was all mirrors, tall thin vases or fish bowls, and tealights and table crystals scattered around, or petals scattered. There’s less ‘scattering’ now it seems, more jam jars and mismatched pots etc. 

    We have long tables, I think we’re going for greenery running down the middle with a few candles and smaller vases/votives with just a few flowers arranged along, rather than one big arrangement. 
  • We're looking at indoor lanterns with a floral arrangement around the  bottom, LED candles and gem scattered around the table.

    We're having a Disney theme but didn't want anything too in people's faces so going simple but elegant for the centrepieces :) x

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    We had mini Christmas trees, sparkly reindeer, faux ivy garlands and sparkly pine cones for ours, which probably won't be appropriate for most weddings!

    We also used fairy lights which looked amazing and I would recommend them for any season. You could put them in jars or lay them on the tables.
  • We used nice jamjars, wrapped pages from love novels around the inside and then put lace/ribbon around the neck of the jar. We also had some without the pages which had some small flowers in. We put them on wooden log cut-off stand with candles and some sweets. They were simple, homemade (mother in law) and very pretty without being OTT.

    Pinterest is awash with centrepiece ideas so I'd start there :)
  • RGB decoration lights flashing randomly with the beautiful lights in the flowers bottle should be good idea as well
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