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Hi everyone, so we are getting married in a lovely town hall nearby and inviting around 50 day guests and 60-65 reception only. One of our big wants for the day was to have a free bar for everyone so we got the caterer to find a bar person for us (150 quid) but I am a bit stumped about quantity. My fiance is a brewer so he is making all the beer (120 litres!), 20 litres of cider and I think we landed on 30 bottles of red & 30 white wine for the dinner with 20 bottles of prosecco for a welcome/ toast drink.
The spirits are what is getting me, we are doing a partial bar for spirits with gin, vodka, rum, whisky &  brandy. I don't know how many bottles to get though. I was thinking 3 litres of each but my inlaws told me how much was drunk at their other son's wedding (twice the numbers but even half was a lot!). I'd HATE to run out though :(
I was wondering if anyone had catered to similar numbers with a free bar? 
Oh, it's a Scottish wedding so that could have a bearing ;) 


  • I'm not sure on quantities myself, but I remember seeing something online that say you would work out on the following basis:

    1 serving per person per hour

    You should then split the quantities 50% wine / 25% beer / 25% spirits (unfortunately it didn't give the split with prosecco and cider).

    My cousin provided a free bar at her wedding and from what I remember, they got everything from costco and you were able to return any unopened cases.  I think Majestic Wines do something similar too.

    We're providing the drinks from the beginning of our day until the end of the meal and for 73 adults, we're providing the following:

    42 bottles of prosecco
    24 bottles of red wine
    16 bottles of white wine
    16 bottles of blush wine
    110 bottles of beer 330ml
    55 bottles of cider 330ml

    This gives us 641 servings.  Using the above calculation we should be providing 365 servings, so we should have plenty left over, but like you said, you'd hate to run out.  Anything left over we'll take home and drink over the coming months - we might be getting some bits from Majestic Wines, so maybe we can return some.
  • Hi Jessica, I saw the 1 serving per hour rule but I wasn't sure about what people will drink. My concern is that what if all the guys start drinking whisky. At 25% that would be 150 servings of spirits (being generous) so maybe 3 bottles of each would be OK... hmmm I looked at majestic but the price difference with our local supermarket prices was huge so we decided to risk it and maybe end up drinking brandy and tonic for the next 6 months :smiley:
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    I would just follow accepted guidelines  -I mean it's free, so if you run out of certain things, so be it - they can drink something else for free instead! I'd make sure you have lots of wine, prosecco and gin for the ladies, and beer/lager and Jack Daniels/Whisky for the men - massive generalisation but that's what most people seem to drink these days.
  • Yeah, I'm just being fussy. Also, the venue is in the middle of nowhere so there isn't really the option of moving the party to the pub. I didn't think about the gender divide! Hmm maybe more whisky will be needed. Thanks MrsC
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