Help! How to finish off these invites

Hoping someone can help or give me some ideas! We are nearly there with the invites now and I literally just need to put names on them. So I have a 2 part question

Part 1
I am thinking of having writing the names on the invites so as to avoid confusion if people have a plus one to the ceremony/wedding breakfast part of the day. Do you reckon this is OK or should I just trust that people will see on the envelope that i've just invited them and not their other half (only doing this if we have not met them etc) or their children (it's a child free wedding apart from our niece).

Part 2
If we do write the names on the invite any suggestions on how we can do this in a uniform way? I've googled and found a handheld printer but they are prototypes and are like £200 from a kickstarter campaign. My second idea was to get one of those stamps where you can change what it says. This is more of an issue for my OH rather than me as he's a designer and fussy lol However I do agree this could be useful for the envelopes just to save me time!

Attached is a photo of the invite with a test done in handwriting but you can see the space etc.

Looking forward to your replies!

Thanks all!


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