DIY wedding arch

We'd love to have an arch (probably a circular one - yes I know that's an oxymoron...) for our outdoor ceremony but they're so expensive from florists so ideally we'd like to DIY it using fake foliage and then some real flowers. Has anyone done this and if so what have you used for the frame/structure? I've seen hula hoops etc but we'd want this to be about 8ft and hopefully not fall down...

Last resort is buying a used frame off ebay or something but it would be great not to have to do this!

Thanks in advance :)


  • CoffeeDogAddictCoffeeDogAddict Posts: 1,203 New bride
    The metal/wooden "moon gate" style arches are really popular at the moment, so are just really expensive! I've been looking at arches lately too and have come across a few of the large circular ones, but they tend to be in the region of £150+ (mostly on ebay!)

    DIY wise, you could get some plastic pipe and use a thick wire insert to hold the shape, but it isnt the most sturdy and it creates logistic issues of getting it there, setting up ect, you'd probably need a few people JUST doing that for the morning. To be honest this is why the florists charge what they do for them, because they're really just quite a lot of time and work to get to the venue, set up, and then back off the venue all safely. Its no easy feat getting an 8ft backdrop to site! 

    Might be worth looking at a smaller independent hire company? 

    I hope you manage to figure something out, but it will depend on time and budget. 
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