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3.5 weeks to go - last minute ideas?

I can't believe I've been on this forum for a year and a half and now I'm getting married in less than a month what the heck??

So 3.5 weeks to go, I have a thousand paper cranes to string together but I'm procrastinating. Any last minute quick details I can add?? I've managed to knock up a pimp your prosecco station today and made signs for the bathrooms using childhood photos of us.

Decor, entertainment, anything that will just add to the day!


  • Ooh I’m doing paper cranes too but I want way too many and it’s so tedious... I’ve actually looked on eBay and considered buying a batch of them 😂😂

    I’m doing a make shift sweets table instead of using a vendor. And a photo area (we have 2 blossom tree things for the background) my own Polaroid camera with props I’ve collected. 

    What have you used for favours? 
    Nicole x
  • Natutz14Natutz14 Posts: 110 New bride
    I found the best feedback was boxes for each bathroom with little toiletries people might need... all the plasters were used at my wedding!! new shoes are a killer! Deodorant, tampons, hand cream, etc. we went to savers and pound shops so doesn't have to cost a bomb.

    Have a fab day :smile:
  • Samantha265Samantha265 Posts: 615 New bride
    Her wedding was last year
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