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Using pallet wood as cake plates??


My bil is making us these gorgeous geometric copper pipe cake stands but I need something to put in the tops to place the cakes on. I have a guy down the road who always gives me free pallets (the blue ones, plain wood ones they sell) so I figured I'd make some 1ft square boards to put the cakes on but that doesn't sound very food safe to me... How do I make it safe?


  • My initial instinct is that they would need sanding down and varnishing, but I'm far from a DIY expert, and I guess it depends on the state of the pallets. Copper pipe cake stands sound!
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 284 New bride
    You can get varnishes that are food safe, the sort of thing that would be used on a wooden chopping board. I think they tend to be made from carnuba wax or linseed oil. I think google is your friend here but it should be relatively straightforward. 
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