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DIY Flower Preservation

What's everyone planning on doing with their bouquets after the big day?

I think I'd like to preserve some flowers and display them in a shadow box with a few other wedding bits and pieces. I was thinking of using silica gel to dry out the flowers. 

Has anyone else tried this? How did it turn out? Any photos to inspire me? 


  • I've not tried silica gel, but I was planning to press mine to put them in a frame. I saw a flower press in (of all places!) Sainsbury's recently. It was only about £10-12, so maybe practice on some flowers ahead of the wedding? I'll be testing mine out some point soon so will let you know how it goes. Good luck! :)
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 289 New bride
    @MabelcatB the silica gel supposedly means they keep their shape but will last. Ha, it genuinely never even occurred to me to do a test run beforehand but that seems obvious now you've said it! Please let me know how it goes! :) 
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