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Floral hoops


I have had to postpone my wedding from summer to winter. I had planned to use wildflowers in jars to line my aisle but need a new plan. Im thinking of creating my own small floral hoops to attach to the chairs along the aisle. The flowers will probably have to be artificial given the time of year (early Jan) 

I was then thinking of taking the hoops and laying then flat on the tables as part of my table centres when the room is rearrnged. Has anyone done this before? Im just wondering if its going to look weird!

Also if people have top tips on creating hoops or where to get good artificial flowers do let me know.




  • AmyFSToBeAmyFSToBe Posts: 395 New bride
    Sorry to hear you've had to postpone! I think that sounds like a great idea, I haven't seen it before but can imagine it would look nice? Maybe with some nice candles in tall glass holders in the middle?
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