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Our Easter Sunday 2013 Wedding Plans

I am a self confessed OCD planner... I love planning things, it almost gives me a sense of calm when I pull a plan together!  So what better form of therapy for me is there than my very own planning thread?!

I won't bore you with how we met, where I come from and what colour my bedroom was as a child (I'll save all that for my final report!)

So I shall instead start with the ring... Isn't that how any form of wedding planning should start?  MrMcG proposed to me in the sand dunes with Bamburgh castle above us and gave me my gorgeous Goldsmiths 18ct white gold "Signature" ring... see exhibit A: image





  • We were in Bamburgh as a stop off, as we were on our way to Edinburgh for a mini break!    

    He surprised me by putting his hands over my eyes and asking me if I wanted a present in the middle of the sand dunes... Naturally I said yea of course I do!  He then produced a small square Goldsmiths box.  I went a little quiet before asking what is it?  (He bought me some earrings for my 30th which came in a similar sized box image)

    He opened the box, and there it was.  I would like to say I hugged him and said YES!... but I didn't.  Instead I started blubbing... SO much that he had to calm me down before asking me if the snuffling meant yes? (poor fella)

    We went about our business in Edinburgh and did lots of touristy stuff and a good time was had by all in general...  

    I was told the wedding planning could take its time.  

    Needless to say in the car journey home back to West Yorkshire, I already had a mock guest list in my head with some pretty accurate numbers... MrMcG just sighed and went along with it.  He knows not to mess with me when in planning mode...

    I think it was that precise moment he realised he had not only given me the gift of an engagement ring, but the gift of the MOTHER OF ALL PLANNING!!  Ultimate cosmic planning!

    Poor MrMcG.  I do love him for putting up with me x

  • We visited approximately 15 venues.  In a revelation... MrMcG is fussier than me with wedding planning.  We knew we were in for a rough ride!

    We finally booked a venue purely for cosst reasons.  It was 2k cheaper than the others we looked at, with the only difference being the size of the grounds.  The don't have acre upon acre, but what they do have is small and perfectly manicured....


    Now some people are mega fussy about a venue having 2 weddings on a day... personally I dont give a rats bottom, as long as the service from staff is great and the food is good, why should it matter?  The venue also has a pub on the grounds and a restaurant... Its a busy venue who know what theyre doing.  (Trust me, I used to work there!)

    Heres another venue pic in the grounds...


    And this be the honeymoon suite x




    Ooh Im all excited again now! x


  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Ooooh, very much looking forward to your thread- I'm Easter Monday!

    I like to plan several meetings with suppliers (such as the florist) they've laughed at me for being so organised and knowing exactly what I want/ don't want.  I have lists for lists!  My H2B also nods and looks interested at all the right moments image

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Your venue looks lovely! image

  • Thank you!

    Ha ha!  I know that nod look!  Easter Monday!  Ill be thinking of you when Im nursing my hangover and collecting up my stuff!  Im loving being an Easter bride! 

  • Early on in the planning I found an image in a magazine, which was a wedding containing  gypsophila everywhere.  It looked ethereal, whimsical and very romantic!  With our colours being green and ivory it suited the theme perfectly too!  I also knew early on I wanted a romantic vintage style wedding with a hint of bling!  

    I bought some metal milk churn style vases from IKEA and spray painted them cream... I loved the gyp in them so much I knew there wasnt no alternative and no negotiation.  I loved it!  Then one day The MIL bought some lanterns from Sainsburys in the sale.  They were brown and didn't match anything else I had bought image  (There is a long history of MIL issues... I shall not go into too much detail, but the woman is a grade A industrial pain in the bottom at times.  She can also be viscious... So We are under immense pressure to go along with whatever she wants to keep the peace)  

    Here is a pic of the Milk churns and the lanterns (pre-spray) when I did a quick mock-up of the flowers.  (There will be Olive green ribbon around them instead of white)






    Just some "critters" I have to hide in and around the flowers, to add a more lighthearted feel to the displays!

  • My bouquet?

    I am currently looking at rannunculus in peachy/pink anemones in white, lots of gyp and possibly some rosemary and bay to add a little greenery and scent... The pic below is not quite what I am after, but as close as I can get!

     With buttonholes


     And Bridesmaids

     And a pomander for the little ones


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    Your flowers look gorgeous (big fan of gyp myself) and I love the sprayed milk churns image

    Can I ask where you bought the white/ green butterflies from?  Green's our main colour and I could do with some to attach to the birdcages we have x

  • I got mine from Country Baskets in Leeds... But there are also tonnes on ebay!  I think they cost me about £3-4 for 12 x

  • The Bridesmaids...

    I love my girls, each one is special to me for different reasons.  I didn't want them all in the same dress, but MrMcG was insistent on this subject, so we compromised with the same dress, but different hair, shoes & accessories.  After trawling the high street for something suitable for sizes 6-22 I finally gave in and went to a bridal shop.  It was pretty simple and straightforward with not much umming or ahhing.  I was looking at the Romantica of devon range because they seemed so reasonable compared to their competitors and we decided on the Fiona dress in pistachio.  The girls are now known as my Shreklettes!

    And here it is



    I also have an 8 year old daughter, and a 4 year old niece and a 2 year old niece.  My little girl will be in an Ivory BHS dress



    And the babies in the fleur dress, like this one but with ivory sash and flower... They are the cutest things since mittens!



  • I have an ultra talented stepmum who makes jewellry and she has graciously offered to make all the headresses and my side tiara/headband thing.  I was adamant that I did'nt want a proper tiara, but when trying on dresses the shop girls kept putting side tiaras on me, which I loved, so stepmum is now tasked with creating me my very own personalised bit of bling!

    This is what has been created for the bridesmaids so far...  They are having hair vines, because they are all having different hairstyles, the vines are more formidable than a comb as they can be worn anywhere like round a bun, or on top of the head like a tiara, or longer ones can be weaved in and out of a plait!  Love them!




    My gorgeous special man and his boys will all be wearing silk grey tail suits.  MrMcG's choice!  But with the matching silk grey waistoat and a green tie to match the girls dresses.



  • I have decided to do a sweetie buffet - Vintage style!  So I have been collecting lots of old class, crystal and silver bowls from charity shops and ebay!  (goold old ebay)

    Then I have also collected some old fashioned sugar tongues and spoons.  The general effect I am going for is similar to this

     I didnt't want perfect glass storm vase and martini glass style thing, because it wouldnt suit the style of the day, but instead something like my Nanna would have on a large scale!  I am stocking it by collecting big bags of sweeties from the supermarket in my shopping each week.  That way I don't notice the cost!  The only problem is stopping myself from eating all the giant strawberries!  nom nom nom image



  • ..










  • ..



  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Love your plans so far image

    My bridesmaids are wearing pistachio green dresses too! 

  • Really!  Wow! Two Easter brides with pistachio dresses!  Where did you get yours from?

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    They're Alfred Sung (Dessy); slightly different shade to yours though:

    One BM is wearing dress above but all 4 of them have picked different styles.

  • All about me... ( I have a dress story)

    I started dress shopping early, as I had no idea what I wanted.  But had plenty of ideas of what I didn't.  I didn't want an "every saturday wedding dress" as one dress shop explained it.  I first went to berketex and tried on about 7 dresses... Then my best girl begged me to try on Heaven by Tom Flowers.  I have never found any pics for it, but its a full tulle skirt with sparkly bodice and an asymmetrical waist.  It made my mum and best girl burst into tears.  I had found a style that suited me, but had no intention of spending £1800 on a dress!  

    Several weeks later MIL took me to a bridal warehouse where I tried on 15 dresses!  The staff were pushy and MIl was impatient.  They then pulled out a dress with a tulle skirt and a few sparkly bits on it.  It was lovely and the dress shop lady and MIL started gushing.  I then felt the need to buy it... BIG BIG mistake!  It barely fit and I was told by MIL "you will slim into it".  The dress was a size 12, and Im a 20.... image

    The dress then sat in a wardrobe for 10 months, burning a hole in my subconscious.  I knew it wasn't right, but MIL kept harping on about it, so I was scared to change my mind.  I then took it to my mums to try it on again in the safety of her house to put my mind at ease.  It looked blummin ridiculous.  The laces were almost round my sides, the back wouldn't pull down right and it just looked bad...  I cried.  How was I meant to get married in this dress?  I started dieting.  HARD.  1 stone later and the dress looked as bad as ever.  I needed 4 stone off before it would fit right.  

    I kept asking why I let MIL bully me into things all the time?  MIL had also announced that she wanted all her friends (she had invited her own friends because she was contributing a small sum of money to the meal) on a table at the front near where she would be sat at the top table.  She also bought her outfit (which is ivory and cost 3 times the amount of my dress) and laughed infront of me about how it reminded her of her wedding outfit at her second wedding.  She informed us that if we don't choose menu options she is 100% happy with, then she will bring a packed lunch and eat in the car... and the list goes on and on and on of all the silly little things she has been doing...

    It was when I found my wedding dress dumped in the bottom of her wardrobe in the spare room that I made a decision to start dress shopping...

    I dragged my chief girl to 4 other dress shops and then came across a beautiful Veromia number.  I put it on and took it off 3 times before the dress shop lady told me to go home and sleep on it.  I booked myself in to go back in 3 days time with my mum and chief girl again... I did the grand reveal thing... There was silence.  My heart sank... Then they started fussing and gushing... Waves of relief came over me.  They loved it!  

    Here it is (Mine will be ivory, and will not be 3 sizes too small!)


  • image






  • love your BM's dress!  its so sweet!

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    That is one gorgeous dress!  I love the flowers- stunning x

  • Thank you!  Veromias website pic does it no justice whatsoever!

  • Shoes...

    I like shoes with heels, but they don't like me.  I don't do heels.  I put them on and kick them off before I manage to even get up the drive, so I am very limited as to what I can wear... So I spent 12 months searching for a pair I needed more than chocolate... to find that there was absolutely nothing I liked or could afford.  Fresh and funky would be ideal, but also pretty and elegant.  So I decided to make my own!

    I decided I wanted a peep toe, kitten heel full back shoe.  (not very

    So i bought a pair of silver ones off ebay for £5!  Then bought 5000 flat backed crystals and set to work making my very own crystal slippers!  

    Heres a pic of half finished shoes...


    I am also going to add an ivory bow to the front of my shoes where the gather is to break up the bling a little.



  • Hair...

    This has caused some deep thinking... I am having a veil and a side tiara, but want my hair to look great too.  An awful lot of pics with veils seem to completely hide the style, so I wanted something with a little bit of interest going on all over rather than it all being gathered at the back.  So I found these...


     I love the soft braids down the side of the second, and the volume and side detail of the first..

    My hairdresser is going on maternity leave in September, so I have had to book my trial in early, so I shall have the big reveal at the end of August!  Fingers crossed!

  • ClarkieClarkie Posts: 586

    Wow all looks awesome-especially the dress! MIL sounds like a nightmare! x

  • It's a shame about your MIL but at least you have the perfect dress now. Your wedding dress is so so beautiful! And your shoes are also very beautiful and they will look even more amazing with the bow. (:


  • Thank you ladies!  What is it with weddings that makes people go mental? image  She is normally pretty grounded and nice to get along with, but since announcing the engagement she has turned into a Monster in Law!

    The shoes are just nuts.  But no ones really going to see them, I have just done it as a treat to myself.  When else am I going to wear crystal slippers??  A very sensible well grounded friend of mine told me "Your wedding day is the only day in your entire life you should be completely self indulgent".  So I am going for it!


    Plus i have a pair of white converse at the ready incase of any shoe hurty dilemmas later on!

    Plus doing everything yourself is the most rewarding feeling ever.  I am doing my own cake (I am actually a cake maker so don't be alarmed!)  my own flowers, stationery, favours etc etc etc  But I sat there thinking yesterday about how the week before will pan out... I freaked out a little!  

    For the first time in my life, I actually asked for help.  My girlies were shocked to say the least.  One called me up to make sure I was ok!  They know me too well!  They know if I ask for help then I am in trouble!  the week before still looks scary, but at least now I know I have a few extra pairs of hands to assist with bow making, icing kneading and flower cutting etc etc!

  • The cake.  (thunder rolls in the background and I sit here looking somewhere between disgruntled and confused)

    This is a biggie for me because I am in fact a cake maker when I'm not at my day job.  I run a part time business from home and take great pride in my work, so paying someone else to make my cake wasn't even an option.  It would cause more stress than doing it myself!

    So naturally when you have a proffession which is linked to the wedding world, people naturally expect you to be able to create an all singing all dancing product.  This is where I have hit a brick wall.  I have no idea where to go.  

    A big part of my craft is that I will NOT do sugar flowers.  I can do them, and have done in the past but I tend to steer away from them as I am never 100% happy with how the cake looks.  They never look as beautiful as the real thing.  You just can't improve upon the beauty of nature. 

    Which brings me to the design.  How do I go about designing a cake for a cake designer? 

    Here are a few I have come up with so far.  The designs include very simple techniques which are visually effective, giving me as much free time as possible on the run up!


     This one is the main contender


     Followed by this one with the addition of a few fresh flowers

    Personally I have no idea.  I seem to be running round in circles!

    Part of me wants to just make a cake so simple theres nothing on it, but part of me wants to go all out.  The only problem is simple often takes a little more time due to the additional effort needed for a flawless finish... swings and roundabouts young grasshopper...

     *big sigh*

  • amy-lou-22amy-lou-22 Posts: 1,259

    You have great taste!

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