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My Vintage Elegance Themed Wedding

Hello and welcome to my vintage elegance themed wedding planning thread!  I am not exactly newly-engaged: it was 25th February this year, but I still haven't come down from cloud 9 yet!

The proposal: 

Quite a funny story, not entirely conventional!  For a couple of weeks, I'd noticed my then-boyfriend behaving in an odd way.  He seemed anxious, taking phone calls in secret, and not letting me get close to him.  Whenever I tried to have a cuddle, he pushed me away.  I was not a happy bunny, and one day, when he pushed me away again, I lost my temper... After the longest 2 minutes of awkward silence ever, he came over to me and knelt down and took my hands in his.  He told me that he realised his behaviour must have seemed odd, and that he was sorry that he'd upset me, because that would be the last thing he would ever want to do.  He said that he loved me so much, and that the reason he had been acting strangely was because he had something on his person he hadn't wanted me to see or feel when cuddling him.  He took the ring box out of his jacket, and I said "Are you joking?!"  He said the reason for the odd phone calls in private was that the hot air balloon company, where the proposal was to take place, had been ringing him each day to tell him that unfortunately, the weather wasn't suitable for a flight. The weather still wasn't right, and he couldn't wait any longer to ask.... 'Claire Melissa.....will you marry me?"  I was crying by this point, and said "Yes!"  We then went to see my parents: I revealed the news by offering my mom some wine, holding the glass with my left hand and deliberately holding the glass in such a way as to show off the ring.  They were thrilled, but not surprised, since H2B had asked for their blessing some weeks back... We spent an hour or so with them, then met up with H2Bs parents (who had known it was coming!), H2Bs brother and sister in law, and my sister and boyfriend.  A lovely day of telling the world!  And we did go on the hot air balloon.....the very next day!





  • So far, we have booked the church (oldie-worldy style), venue, cars, photographer and videographer.  I have also picked up a few bits and pieces, including:

    - Candles with 'Wedding' fragrance (in a set on offer from the Royal Wedding)

    - Candle holders

    - A personalised pen, t-shirt for the hen do

    -Personalised post-it notes for sticking on the pages of my scrapbook with any notes I want to make next to the pictures


  • Congratulations!

    can't wait to see more x

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