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Our Vintage/Romance Wedding - 22nd June 2013

Hello All.

After reading so many great threads after how you've all planned your special days I thought I should start one too

How it began!!

H2B and I actually met at work. I started working in telecomms at just 17 and had NO clue what I was doing! He was working as an engineer and we would speak regularly on the phone whilst he was on site and needed me to take care of any issues from the office. He began to teach me about the kind of engineering we did and over a few years I progressed to operations manager, then one Christmas we went to Cardiff for our works party and whilst getting ready in my hotel room, he knocked on the door to walk me downstairs. Sadly, the evening was a bit of a sham as our engineering manager upset me a great deal so I went back to my room. The next thing I know. he's knocking on my door! I opened it to see he'd stolen some roses from the lobby (cheeky I know!!!!) He saw I'd been crying and gave me some tissues. He cheered me up to no end and we went back downstairs to join the party. The rest as they say is history.


What next?

 A few years later we had our little boy who is now six.




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