Our british seaside wedding

Hi all,

I love the idea of a planning thread - partly to remind me what I've done and also all the things I've yet to do! 

A quick back story

We met in a bit of an unconventional way - we kinda bumped into each other on facebook and started messaging.  We nervously met up and just clicked, even tho we are both so different.  He knew before I did, think I was just a bit nervous about committing - my best friend wondered if he wasnt "too nice"!  But it wasnt long before we were firmly together and talking about the future. 

One thing we do have in common is that our friends would refer to us as quirky.  Not in a sappy way but that we just like doing slightly unconventional things and would much rather be at some strange interactive theatre or watching taxidermy than a night in with a movie! 

The proposal

I really wasnt expecting it.  We'd kinda talked about it, but about it being a few years in the future. We were away travelling and he'd waited until 4 weeks in.  Then popped the question when we were up by the barrier reef. He had brought about 45 different shiny, cheap, fun rings and used those! 



 My first reaction was "are you serious" and then a big yes with tears




  • The ring

    Altho I had many rings to choose from, they weren't really going to work unless I wanted to wear the purple plastic spider ring as I think the rest would've rusted on my finger! So we had to go ring shopping...which wasnt that easy.  We both knew that a diamond on a band wasnt going to work, a bit too traditional for us.  After trawling the shops we found a cute little jeweller in Exmouth Market who made one for us.  I think it's stunning....a cognac diamond in white gold





  • Gem83Gem83 Posts: 868

    great ring - looking forward to seeing all your quirky ideas!

  • mandy503mandy503 Posts: 2,066

    Your ring is stunning! and great proposal story!image

    Good luck planning!!

  • Wow, your engagement ring is so different it's lovely!! 

    Such a fab shape

  • Aw, thanks ladies - really wanted something different!

  • What kind of wedding

    We both knew we didnt want a church wedding, or a hotel, or a historic house, or somewhere with chair covers or an MC or fiddly canapes, or a strict order of the day or somewhere which was "weddingy". We've been to too many weddings where the personality of the bride and groom didnt really come through....dont get me wrong, they were beautiful days but just not what we're after!

    We knew we wanted somewhere different, somewhere relaxed and fun.  We definitely wanted people laughing and drunk, dancing by the end of the night! We also knew that we didnt want to spend ridiculous amounts of money.  A wedding is supposed to be a great celebration, not a route to penny pinching and blowing our savings.

    So we started the search.....

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