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28th December 2012 Planning Thread

HI All

So my hubby to be (Paul) actually finally did the deed back in November and i quickly started planning the wedding.

We decided that the 28th December was a great time to get married as people were generally off work and also it was just that little bit different people still don't really get married in the winter, so the 28th of December became our date.

Firstly we booked our venue 

Willington Hall in Tarporley - Utterly gorgeous for a winter wedding, an old manor house, with log fires just so perfect.




  • Our ceremony and reception will be held at the hall 


     I also decided that i didn't want the wedding to be too christmassy so i have opted for a SNOWFLAKE Theme everythign will be grey, silver, white, ivory with a dash of grape (purple) to add some colour.


  • Snowy xSnowy x Posts: 1,100

    wow, a one month engagement, your so brave ( or very well organised! ) Same theme as me so cant wait to see some more!

  • sorry to disappoint but not a one month egagement i'm not that organised its a year engagement got engaged November 2011 adn we are getting married 28th December 2012.  I will post more shortly i am nearly complete and have everything so i hope we can share ideas!!!

  • Oooh venue looks stunning!

    Fingers cross for the snow image

  • Thanks Clare, Fingers crossed xximage

  • Once the venue and theme and colours had been deceided i set about sorting my bridesmaid's and me!!!

    So my first stop was ebay - good old ebay and i managed unbeliveably to find 4 dresses in the same colour in the right sizes for my daughter, step daughter and my two bestest friends as bridesmaids.  Levaing only one to buy (i still haven't bought this yet i'm holding out in case ebay or prelvoed amazes me and i find one more - just in case i need an alfred angelo 7006 size 14 in grape)  so here are the bridesmaid dresses...




  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311

    how exciting, you're getting married a week after me image well done on being so organised! xx

  • Rosie, i haven't finished yet i have pretty much done everything!!! tell me what you are doing any ideas would be fab!!!! i will keep posting with more things xx


  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311

    wow well done you!! I am going pretty much all out christmassy, Which i think (hope!) I can get away with because it's before christmas! We're even having father christmas visit image We're having mulled wine and hot chocolate as our welcome drinks, served with mince pies image We're also having xmas crackers on the tables, photo baubles as favours (well one of them... we have 3, oops!) and a Christmassy/ winter themed sweetie buffet! We're also having mini xmas trees with fairy lights as our centrepieces! less than 4 1/2 motnhs away now,. getting excited! Although i have to admit i'm not as organised as i'd like to be, invitations (daytime ones) are hopefully going out this weekend, but i've not ordered BM dresses/ outfits yet, not got my shoes or veil, not thouight about my hair or make up, or jewellery, perfume or underwear! no suits for the men either! No cars booked, no thank you gifts, although hepfully these things can be sorted closer to the time. I do have my dress, the church, venue, photog and florist, so i'm not too behind! xxx

  • Next came my flower girl dress which i absolutely love my daughter Emily is 5 and is going to look georgeous.  This is the dress but in grape of course.




  • because i was on a roll i decided on my dress quite quickly i had been to many wedding dress shops over a period of time (well actually November to January) and i had decided instantly what shape i wanted - Mermaid.  I took all my bridesmaids with me and we had a full day visiting 5 bridal stores (that was a fun but very tiring day!!!!) I tried around 50 dresses on that day and in one paticular shop in chester i tried 21 dresses - yes the girls there loved me image.  The said shop in Chester Aristrocrats of Chester do a fab range of maggie sottero dresses and i fell in love with many.  Here were my final 2 choices, I didn't want anyone to know my final choice so i told my bridesmaid i would come back on my own and i still haven't told anyone but for you guys here are my final 2 choices 







  • Let me know your thoughts so far......

  • now for a little story.  My H2B and My Daughter Emily who is 4 and myself decided to go to the wedding fayre at our beautiful venue above to see if any other suppliers were there that we could use.  We arrived and looked around and spoke to a few people and Emily disappeared to my horror, after running around in sheer panic i found her snuggled up in the back of a car (not just any car) but this one image.  Emily was with her teddy and cuddled in the back of the car below.  The owner Brian felt so sorry for us he asked us if we would like these cars for our wedding image  AFter making sure Emily was ok of course i went on to book these cars from BellesandBeaus for myself and my bridesmaids at the most ridicolously cheap price and all because Emily said mummy i love these cars!! All well that ends well!!!




  • Snowy xSnowy x Posts: 1,100

    I love those flower girl dresses, where are they from? Your venue looks stunning, especially in the snow, wouldnt that be amazing on your wedding day ( not too much of course! )

    I love your wedding dress finalists, second one is my fave, little more bling, lol

  • Snowflake Theme i don't know your name!!! but the flower girl dressess are alfred angelo code 6414 i actually managed to get mine of ebay int he same colour to match my bridesmaids.  depending what size you need there was one still on ebay and there is one on preloved.  

    I've not told anyone my final dress choice but its one of those 2!!!

    Much more to follow

  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311

    love both your dresses!! Either will look amazing for a winter/snowflake wedding! x

  • SP2013SP2013 Posts: 857

    Wow your venue is gorgeous!

  • Mrs BoundsMrs Bounds Posts: 1,311
    Hi Clare how are you getting on, can't wait to read more! X
  • Love the 2nd dress and everything so far image I get married the day after you, my planning thread is on here too xx
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