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My winter wonderland wedding planning thread 24/11/2012

Hi girls, I keep looking at everyones planning threads and thought it was about time I did my own. So here goes.................................


Lets go back in time to the year 2003 I was at sixth form studying and I had a free day and a friend from school had invited me to visit her college for a look around so off i went. Little did i know I was about to meet my future husband to be!!!! My friend Emma took me on a tour and then we went to the library as she needed to pick up a book, when we got there her boyfriend at the time was there doing some work tuned in to his mp3 player, she introduced us, we said "Hi" and that was it! When we left I said to her "Awhh ur boyfriend is good looking!!!!".  I never thought anything of it at the time other than he was hot, olive skin, dark hair and eyes, my kind of man! There relationship lasted about a year then it was all over they wernt meant for each other.

Fast forward  a few years to the year 2007, I had been in alot of bad relationships and just wanted some time for me and fun, I decided I wanted a break from boys because I had a few bad experiences. Myspace was the ultimate social networking site at the time and I was just browsing one day when I came across a face I recognised, it was Steven, the hot guy from the college library. I thought I would message him a quick Hi and a sort of do you remember me type message. I don't think i was expecting anything back but he did infact reply and we ended up talking the whole week. I was going out clubbing at the weekend with a friend and so was he, so we decided to meet up. We had a great night, kissed and the rest is history............ we became inseperable. Little did we know that 3 months down the line our lives were about to change forever!!!!!

I was pregnant!!! It was a huge shock to say the least, I was on the pill, never missed a day and always took it at the same time every single day, I was so scared that it would scare him and he would up and run, but he never he stuck by my side and help me through the 9 months of carrying her aswell as finding somewhere for us to live, we couldn't afford to buy a house so we rented somewhere.

March 22nd 2012

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and we named her Olivia Mae. She was perfect!! I'm not going to lie we found parenthood very hard and challenging and at times it tested our relationship to the maximum BUT.......... we got through it and it brought us together and we knew nothing would break us.

Here's a few photo's before I carry on ......


 Our first picture together


 Our princess


 All 3 of us




  • The proposal

    February 13th 2009 we went out for a meal together in a spanish tapas restaurant, I told him under no circumstances was he ever to propose in public because I get embarassed really easily and I hate being centre of attention  (don't know how I am going to get through the wedding day). We had a lovely meal and some wine then got a taxi home, as we approached the house I realised there were lights on, i remembered saying u've left the lights on, I bet thats cost us a fortune. He turned to me and said I'm sure I turned them off I'll go in first if you like and check everything is ok, I automatically thought someone had been in the house. As i walked through the front door, a huge aroma of candles greeted me, i stepped into the living room and it was deocrated with heart shaped balloons, on the floor were rose petals spelling "Will you marry me?". I was gobsmacked when i turned around he was on one knee and apparantly i didn't say anything. I was in complete SHOCK!!!  Eventually I said yes of course! He had got his best mate and girlfriend to decorate the house when we were out so so sweet!

    Here's some pictures




  • Ok now on to the whole point of this thread which is the wedding planning......

    The Church

     This is my family church and my granddad, nana and cousin are all buried here.

    The venue for wedding breakfast and evening reception

     The Mecure Bolton West hotel, this is where I got my first job as a silver service waitress.

    The Room

     This is where we will be having the wedding breakfast and evening reception, this picture doesn't really do it justice. I am having the ceiling lights and the backdrop and the chair bows will be the same fabric but silver.

    The centrepieces

     They will be similar to these on a round mirror with scatter crystals.

    The placecards

     Thats it for the venue and church.

  • The dress

     This is my dress eternity bridal d2031 but it will be in a crisp white, hard to imagine in another colour, but i can't find a photo in that colour.


    The shoes

     The shoes are from perditas wedding shoes, also in white.

    The headband

     It will be similar to this, my mum is making it for me.



     I want it similar to this.

  • butler2bbutler2b Posts: 317
    Love it!! We r having a winter themed wedding as well we get married on 12th December lots of snowflakes all over the place!! Where did u get ur hair band from have been looking for a nice one for a while!!
  • I agree the hotel looks completely different in real life ( im a Bolton girl image ) and the outside is gorgeous for photos x
  • so sorry i havn't replied i didn't see them until today!!! butler2b the headband is from

    I know michelle i love the venue image xx 

  • Omg I love those shoes!!!! image xxx
  • thanks hun, they are from perdiatas wedding shoes 115 i think they were xx

  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535

    I'm a December Bride but the following year! I've loved having a nose through all your ideas! image

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