Our romantic / princess wedding 4th may 2013

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Been looking at planning threads for a while and thought about doing one to get all my ideas in one place I feel a bit wishy washey at the moment with them so hoping this will help me see them all come together. Going to do the 'how we met' section first image

How we met

I first met Mr T when moving to be with my ex - partner this is a bit of a hard to follow situation so bear with me! I was with my ex - partner and Mr T’s sister was with my ex - partners brother. I had spoken to Mr T a few times as obviously we had family party’s ect but never thought nothing off it! I had noted he was extremely good looking but so different to me personality wise I never looked more into it! Mr T went off to be in the army and I carried on living my life with my ex – partner we started to argue more and more and eventually I realised that this wasn’t meant to be and started thinking about my life and moving forward. Around the same time Mr T came out the army and randomly added me on msn (an old messenger network) his sister had spilt with my ex – partner’s brother so was living back at home when Mr T came out the army! I was still the best of friends with Mr T’s sister so kept in contact. So anyway Mr T added me on messenger and asked if he could take me out! Mr T was extremely shy so this was a massive thing! I said no as was still with ex – partner, that evening me and ex – partner had a major bust up and I knew that this was make or break I knew I wasn’t happy and wanted out there so rung Mr T’s sister my best friend and asked if i could go to hers for the night! Mr T was there and was getting very drunk remember he has just left the army at this point so I let him off for this as he needed to relax after that stress! That evening Mr T’s sister went to bed and I sat up all night with Mr T! ( I did try to tell him I was going to bed but he said I only have a king size airbed I don’t think you want to sleep on that, I didn’t have the heart to tell him I meant me go to his sisters room and him stay in his own) so we stayed up all night talking and laughing and I realised this bloke was something special! The next day I broke up with my ex – partner and started seeing Mr T slowly we went out a few times and I realised I was falling for him but didn’t say anything to anyone as didn’t want them to think of him as a rebound as I knew this wasn’t correct. After two weeks it became official and life was good after coming out an abusive relationship Mr T was amazing! He has treated me with such love & care, stuck by me through thick and thin and made me feel loved! This was 8 years ago and i havent looked back since!


This is a picture of us about 3 years ago in turkey!

Sorry that was a bit long everyone image More to follow xxx




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    The Proposal

    Mr T moved in with me after the second day and so we had discussed the possibility of marriage but never decided anything as always thought it was too early this is within the first year of our relationship. We left it there and it wasn’t discussed again. We always have a big family get together new years and this was the same 2005. Mr T was offish all day agitated, stressed which made me upset thinking this is our first new years and were going to be stressing at each other. Anyway on the drive to Birmingham Mr T started to relax a bit and I thought nothing else of it! When we got to the party everyone was whispering to each other and I kept asking what was happening but didn’t get a answer this was making me really mad as I felt everyone was talking about me lol! So we get to midnight and the clock strikes and next thing I know Mr T is on one knee proposing to me! I was crying in tears along with my family and I said yes the happiest night of my life! I couldn’t stop smiling especially as I found out Mr T had done it all properly asking my dad ect. I was on top of the world for ages I realised this is what life was about being with the man you love, surrounded by amazing family and friends and realising sometimes the world is good image


    My Amazing Ring





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