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I'm getting married at Maften Hall in April 2013 and I need to find a photographer. I have looked at lots of different websites but just don't know who to go with. I really don't want to spend move then £1000 max as I have a very limited budget. Can anyone recommend a photographer?



  • Hi,

    I'm regularly in the North East as I have family there (Whitley Bay), perhaps I can help?

    My packages start under £1k.  I can offer disc of images or complete with album.

    Here's my website if you'd like to have a look

    All the best,


  • Hi,

    Thanks, I'll check out your website and show my other half.



  • image check out the following link and if it suits your requirements I'd love to hear from you 

  • My friend got married in Newcastle in April and had this photographer:

    Not sure how much he is but his pictures were really fun and creative. 


  • We are hopefully using Verity Johnson as she is a friend of the family. She only does 12 weddings a year as she has to fit it around the hunting season and her eventing, but she takes brilliant pictures.

  • Hi Chickendoodlenoodle,

    Apologies for the shamless plug, but I'm a Newcastle based photgrapher. Matfen Hall is an amazing place to get married - congratulations! I charge £700. You can find more information at:

    You can also find a previous wedding at Matfen Hall at:

    Please let me know if there is any questions I can answer. Regards, Alex

  • Thanks, I'll check out the wedsites.


  • ooops websites, the excitment of getting married is clearly having a negative impact on my ability to type.

  • Check out they are very very reasonably priced and very professional. The photographer, Lee, really takes the time to go through every detail with you and gets to know you. He did a brilliant job at our wedding, the photos are amazing!!

  • Because we had to change from holding our wedding in the north east to holding in west sussex, we cancelled our booking with Brown's photography - but he was lovely and answered all our questions and had a style we both liked.  We were very sorry we couldn't use him after all - he is based in Newcastle

  • Thanks, I'll check them out.


  • Brown's looks great but he is a little out of our price range but thanks for the tip.

  • We told him we were on a budget and he did a very good deal for us - reduced hours of photography and less albums - I think it was £125 per hour for three hours = £375 and then one of the art albums for £400 with 20 sides of photos (about 80 images) as well as a CD of everything.  Total £775.

  • Woo, I might see if he can do a deal for us too. Thanks.


    I don't think I have seen Andy Hudson's website, I'll google him.


  • TripTrip Posts: 120 are ours image,i was married before but having them again as they wew/are fab image xxx
  • Thanks, I'll check them out. xx

  • mrskg2013mrskg2013 Posts: 1,192

    Hi Chickendoodlenoodle!

    Matfen Hall is lovely, we were thinking of having our wedding there, but ended up going for Slaley Hall instead.

    We are having David Lawson for our photographer, he's based in Sunderland, we met him at a few wedding fayres before hand, one of them was actually at Matfen Hall, so im sure he will have pictures to show you from there.

    When we booked him we went to his studio in Sunderland. I think we are paying approx 1000 and that is for the full day and evening till late. We get two photographers, so David will be doing certain shots and the other photographer who works for him will be doing other angled shots.

    The wedding album is another 1000 but that is because we want the leather bound large album. There are cheaper ones. He has different ways and styles he can set them out in. Hes really good. Well worth looking into.



  •                             Hi


    My name is Andy and I have just relocated back in England after spending 12 years in New York.
    I am a photographer who has been published in the NY Times and Homes and Gardens Magazine, as well as a regular contributor to Getty Images.
    My style is very candid and photojournalistic. I have shot many New York and Brooklyn weddings, all have been hip and cool, with the couples personalities taking center stage.
    I am shooting a vintage wedding in Bath next week that will be covered by rock 'n' roll brides ,
    Here is a link to my website so please feel free to take a look.
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