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Our Cretian June 2013 Wedding

I've been toying with creating a planning thread for a little while, but given the inspiration I have taken from a lot of your lovely threads I thought I would attempt it. Also, it would be good to have something to show for all the hours I spend on here every day image

Quick bit of background. I am from Ireland and H2B is Scottish. We met in Dublin back in 2009 (where I lived) one weekend when he was over visiting his cousin (who I used to work with). He was dressed as a Nun, I had drank copious amounts of Vodka and his cousin had warned me off him....well that was enough of an incentive and the rest as they say is history.

We did the long distance thing for a year, seeing each other every 2nd weekend until finally we got fed up of leaving each other all the time, so I moved here in July 2010. A year later on July 28th he proposed in the garden of his parents house surrounded by outdoor tealights, we moved into our beautiful house and got our gorgeous baby.....A Golden Retriever called Riley.




 Straight away we started planning our wedding with a view to having it in Ireland Decemember 2013. We booked to go home at the end of August for our Irish engagement party and to look at a number of venues. Very quickly I realised that getting married in Ireland was going to be very expensive, mostly due to my expensive tastes and the fact that we had to have a weekend wedding with people coming from all over. After lots of discussions and almost booking a venue in Ireland, we decided that getting married abroad was exactly what we wanted.


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    So, next we needed to choose where to get married. Cyprus seemed like the obvious choice and again we (I) jumped into researching straight away, in fact we even found our venue - Vasilias Nikoklis - but something wasnt clicking for me. It was an amazing venue and it would have been very easy for eveyone to get to Cyprus, but I knew too many people who got married there and I never like to do what everyone else does - so that was out the window.

    At the back of my mind my dream location had always been the village of Elounda in Crete where friends of mine got married a few years previously, but I didn't want to step on their tows and take their idea's and it is not a common location at all. On the spur of the moment I dropped them a text to see if they would mind if I looked into getting married there. Their response was to definitly get married there as there was no better location - Bingo, exactly what I wanted to hear. Finally our location was picked, Elounda, Crete !!! YIPPEE

    We quickly booked a trip for May 2012 to go and see venues and also found a brilliant wedding planner Rue Niemi online who agreed to meet with us and help us find our dream venue - not an easy job as I change my mind every 5 minutes about what I want. I have to recommend Ruth as she is definitly the best wedding planner in the world. She has done everything I could possibly think of asking her.

    She showed us around a few venues when we were there and we booked our venue for June 2013 while we were there. Of course, we didnt stay with that venue as 1 - our number of guests shot up and 2 - I changed my mind. We also didnt stick with the initial date because again I changed my mind on this. Finally we agreed on June 28th 2013 in a beautiful taverna in Plaka.

    Ok, so now that I have done all the boring background and thank you if you have stuck with me until here  - here are lots of photos of the venue










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    This is the view from slightly up the mountain of where we will be getting married and show off the bay beautifully. We will go up here for photo's by ourselves.



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    The Dress

    Dress 1

    I started looking for the dress about 5 months ago and visited a number of shops in Glasgow. In the first shop I went to, I thought I had found the dress. It was a beautiful Stephanie Allan dress and I loved everything about it.....except the price tag of £2790


    I had my heart set on the dress and nothing was coming close to it. Shorly after we went out to Crete to visit the venues and as soon as we got there and looked over all the venues, I knew that this dress wasn't going to fit in. Thank God for that, otherwise a large chunk of our budget was going on our dress.

    Dress 2

    Having been to a few more shops and realised that a lace dress was the way I wanted to go, I then decided that this was the dress for me. I had seen it in so many magazines and as soon as I tried it on, I loved it.

    I wanted to put a deposit on the dress, however I had an appointment at a shop a few days later where they had ordered me in dresses. It was my favourite shop and I loved the owners and the experience I got there the 1st time, so I decided to keep the appointment to be polite........Thank god I did.

    Dress 3 and My Actual Dress. 

    So a couple of days later myself and my BM headed off to this beautiful boutique (Ivory Pinks in Bothwell for any Scottish Brides). Kirsty the owner had 2 new dresses that I also wanted to try on, before I tried the dress she had ordered in for me. They were beautiful and really elegant, but still not as perfect as Dress 2. Finally we tried on the dress she had ordered in for me and we didnt even have it on properly when I jumped up and down with glee. This was my dress, I couldn't believe it as I never thought I would have the moment and I completly did. I was so delighed and paid my deposit no questions asked. So here is my dress (hope I don't change my mind again!!)



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    Love your dress it's stunning xx looking forward to hearing more

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    Thanks so much Spond25 - More next week = super busy at work image

  • I've been looking at different signs for our venue and came across these awesome initial signs - which I think I will order for our reception. May also get a Mr and Mrs sign made image

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