Our August wedding with a Moroccan twist

Hi Ladies, so I've been umming and arhhing about writing a planning thread for the last week; mainly because I'm procrastinating (so much work to do for school!) so here it goes....


So I met my gorgeous h2b during our first week at uni back in 2006, we had been given our first research assignment to do so found myself in the library hoping I'd bump into someone else from my course. Now the next part causes some debate between us! Haha! He was sitting on the other side of the room with another guy from our course and I recognised them both. The task was impossibly hard and we were all clealy struggling. Now my h2b seems to think i went over to him and started to chat him up, but it was most definitely to find out what the hell I was supposed to be doing!   He was funny and gorgeous and maybe I flirted a little. image 

We exchanged numbers and I invited him to a freshers event I was going to with a few others that night which was brilliant and he offered me a lift home. I asked him if he didn't mind drinking which he told me he didn't drink because he was Muslim. At the the time I was a little surprised but didn't really think anything of it.

We went on a few dates, met up sociably through uni and mutual friends and eventually he asked me to a fireworks display near where we both live and we officially became a couple that night in front of the bonfire and the fireworks. Very sweet and definitely so he doesn't forget the date of our anniversary! haha! So that's it, but unfortunately not a s simple as they may have seemd...

 A picture of us from our Holiday in Turkey with some friends.




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    OK so as I mentioned above my h2b is Muslim and I didn't realise how much this would effect our reltionship. We have been together 6 years this year and in that time we have grown up together. We finished uni with good degrees, completed our PGCE's, qualified as teachers and got our first teaching jobs. We also went on a few lovely holidays and talked about buying a house together. Only there was one little issue... He wasn't supposed to have a girlfriend as it was against his religion and because of this his parents did not know about us the whole time. Often people say to me "wow that must have been exciting having a secret relationship!" and maybe at first yes, but as time went on I felt terrible that he was lieing to his parents to be with me. It was also horrible that as he is such a family man that I couldn't be part of that with him.

    Saying that, there have been some funny stories to come out of it all... I once hid in his parents garage when they came home early from work and I was sitting in the lounge. Blooming scary at the time but funny thinking back on it!

    Anyways, he finally told them about us in January this year. We had just bought our house just in case they freaked and kicked him out. He moved most of the essentials in and then went to tell them whilst I waited at home. We were both petrified of what might happen. He didn't know if they would be OK with it or if they wouldn't want to speak to him again. Luckily it went OK, not perfect, but OK and we moved in together. Yay! image

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    Ah a lovely story so far! We got together on fireworks night too! Was also the night he proposed so definitely a date to remember hehe. I'm also a teacher so feeling the procrastinating pressure lol. Look forward to hearing more! x

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    The proposal...

    OK so on Valentines day this year we decided not to get each other presents, just a card because owning a new house was a shock to the system and my poor purse! We went out to dinner which was lovely but I was kind of hoping something more would happen.

    When we got home I put the thought to the back of my mind; I wasn't annoyed but a part of me was a little disappointed. We went up to bed and when I put my hand underneath my pillow there was a white envelope! (I got a little bit more excited!) I opened it up and there was a date (6th April) and 3 clues: the Kent Invicta horse, Frank Sinatra and a Virgin Cola sign. At first I was very confused, what could it be? I had to wait and see I guess.

    The 6th April rolled around and to my excitment (although I'd already guessed) we were up at the crack of dawn and on our way to a local country park for a hot air balloon flight!! The weather was amazing! Still really cold but glorious sunshine, perfect. Now I really did think he might propose!

    We went up in the balloon, squeezed into our section of the basket with two other people. We really did feel like sardines! It was so tranquil up in the balloon and the view was amazing. Speaking to my h2b about it after he realised how scared of heights he was when we got up there! haha! Not a great time to realise this!

    The flight landed in quite dramatic fashion, and again I was feeling slightly disappointed that there was no proposal! Oh well... brilliant Valentines suprise though!

     The view from the balloon and the lake.

    We took the mini bus back to the park and he decided he would like to go for a walk around the lovely lakes. This I was surprised about, he hates walking! We sat down next to the lake, and that's when it happened. Down on one knee, holding out my Great Aunt's ring he asked me to marry him! Best morning of my life!

     My gorgeous ring!

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    On with the planning!! (Yay!)

    So as soon as we became engaged we started with the planning! I still can't believe  am being trusted to plan such a massive day!

    We went a looked at a few really lovely venues around where we live. The first we looked at was The Barnyard in Upchurch, Kent. Beutiful venue, but just wasn't us.

    The next place we visited was Cooling Castle Barn, kent. Amazing venue! Really lovely but completly booked up all next year! If you are getting married in Kent, definately go and see this place!

     Inside the barn.

     The Castle

    So we put it to the back of our minds anyway, there was no way no how we would be able to get married there...but we still had one more to see!

    The venue was the Old Kent Barn just outside Canterbury. As soon as we walked in we were blown away! It was absolutely amazing! All the staff were so friendly and Hilary the co-ordinator couldn't so enough to help us decide what was best for us etc!

    So that was it! Done deal! We booked the Old Kent Barn for 12th August 2013!!

     The gorgeous gazeebo where we will get married!


     Inside the beautiful barn!

     And outside in the gardens.

    Can't wait to get married here!!






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    Next came the photographer... Lukily for me I used to work with a guy called Tom who had started up his own photography company with his girlfriend a few years ago. They came round and showed us some of their stuff! It's really really good! Booked on the spot! Done


    Colour theme

    Originally I went to a wedding fair with my MOH and fell in love with having an electric blue colour scheme. She was also happy to wear this colour dress so this definately helped!

     Something like this.

    I went home and showed my h2b all the goodies I had got and he didn't like the colour! Damn!

    Now my h2b is English Moroccan and very proud of it to. He therefore suggested either red or green (colours on the Moroccan flag). I'm not keen on green, so red it is!

    Bridesmaids dresses we are considering:


     Really tiny! oops! It's a jane norman dress

    What do you girls think? Or have you seen any long chiffon red dresses? We can't really afford dessy etc so we're looking to the highstreet and there are a few lovely dresses out there!

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    Now normally I don't really like when weddings have themes- obviously underlying hearts, butterflys, vintage etc is fine and looks lovely, but hate it when people have full on THEMED wedding! Like the type you sometimes see on programmes like Don't tell the bride.

    However becuase of the Moroccan influence which is staring us straight in the face we have decided to give with it and hope for the best!

    So my first purchase... moroccan lanterns to go on the tables. Got these from ebay.


    A table arrangment like this is what we are going to go for.

     I am going to try and make these table numbers

     Also small tea light candles and holders with sand in the bottom

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    Other things I have bought...

    So far I have also bought a few other bits including:

     I've started to by these tea light holder from Wilkinsons. The lady in the shop said they will stock them for ages yet so got plenty of time to stock up!


     4 of these Maroccan lanterns to go outside on the tables


     This photo holder to either go next to the guest book or the cake. Not sure yet. We will either put photos of us in it, or old wedding pictues of our parents, grandparents etc.


     We've bought this photo frame for our table plan. Not sure if it will be too small or not yet. Need to try it. It will be used in the house after though so it doesn't matter too much!


     We also got these Mr and Mrs signs from Ebay which we will paint white.

    I am also collecting as many jam jars as I can, all shapes and sizes! I am slightly addicted to sights like pintrest and wedding chicks and love all the mason jar ideas!

     I'm thinking of putting sand in the bottom of them and clustering them together either up the path to the barn or around the doors.

    Our venue doesn't allow us to use candles after the wedding breakfast which is a massive shame as I love them! Will need to get lots of LED ones instead.

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    Save the dates

    Next thing to think about were save the dates. Our wedding is on a Monday so we knew we had to give people plently of notice so people could get time off work.

    I couldn't believe how much cheaper it was to get married on a Monday rather than a Saturday or even a Friday! We saved £2000 so it was a no brainer really!


     These are our save the dates! I love them!

    We sent these out about a month ago and I think this was the right thing to do.

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    The dress!

    So last Tuesday I finally got to go dress shopping with my Mum and MOH!! O M Ghee! If someone told me I could go shopping every day trying on as many pretty dresses as I want, I would!

    I don't want to put my dress on here just in case someone I know sees, (but like every bride) it is the most beautiful dress I have ever seen! It's Mori Lee and completely not what I was looking for! Can't wait to wear it for real!

    The flowers

    On Monday we had a meeting with a florist form www.thelittleflowerstudio.co.uk

    She was really lovely and came up with some really nice ideas as I haven't got a clue about flowers! All I knew is we wanted reds, oranges and yellows!

    The flowers we have chosen are:


     Different types of roses


     Billy Balls

    Hopefully it will look something like this but in our colours:

     We haven't got a massive buget for flowers so are saving money by having the bridesmaids bouquets on the top table. 

     We are also going to have an arrangement on the tables to go with the lanterns and candles. Something like this but a bit smaller.



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    So we can't afford a Photobooth, boooo! So instead we have decided to do our own version! We have ordered a selection of Fezzes and mustaches on sticks to put next to the guest book with a digital camera and one of the Polaroid pogo printers.


     We will put a sign next to the guest book, so when people take thier picture they can stick it next to the comment in the book.


    We are also looking for a traditional Moroccan band to play during the drinks reception and whilst the photos are being taken. Just got to try and find one now!


    This is almost sorted... I have a friend who is willing to do it for free but this needs to be confirned yet.

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    All looks great! I really like the way you've worked the Moroccan fretwork into the look with the lanterns and the stationery. Beautiful venue too.
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    Thanks MrsKGtoB! I'm trying to get as many little details in as I can!

    The cake

    So today we've been thinking about the cake... I really wanted our cake to tie into the Moroccan theme and found some really lovely example on Pintrest!


    Boh of which I really love but it will cost soooo much to get an intricate bespoke cake made! I pursued regardless and did a bit of a search on google and BINGO! We've managed to find and Asian cake maker in South London, so not too far from us and she has some beautiful henna design cakes!

    Henna is used both in Asian and Arabian weddings so will fit perfectly! We've got a meeting in September so fingers crossed!

     I adore this cake but think it will be a bit pricey.

     This is the other gorgeous cake. Hopefully we can get something like this!

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    Wow that's one heck of a ring! Your planning thread is lovely, i really like the idea of clustering all the candles together along the edge of the path, that will look beautiful! Can't wait for more...

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    We've also been thinking about confetti today. I'm definitely going to be making my own confetti cones out of doyles! They look so cute and will hopefully save some pennies.

     I feel an ebay purchase coming on! haha!

    We really want natural confetti! But it's so expensive! And I can't really work out how much I would have to buy!

    Has anyone bought any which is reasonably priced?

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    Love all your plans and your ring is AMAZING!

    The cakes look fabulous too.  Just a thought- if they do work out really expensive (due to the pipework) could you go for a plain cake with your red, orange and yellow flowers and just add a gorgeous ribbon trim to each tier, something like this:




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    Thanks SP2013! It's very precious and I've got to try my best to look after it! Hopefully it will be a ring that I can pass down to my sons or daughters!

    And JodielouW- that's a really good idea! Tbh we are struggling to find Moroccany wedding things which aren't ivory/cream so I hadn't thought of looking for ribbon! I'm going to get on this now, might use some on reserved labels for seating etc! Thanks!

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    No problem image

    A few rolls of brightly coloured ribbon or some fabric even (used somehow, maybe draped over some tables?!) would make a big impact I reckon and look great against your cream lanterns etc.  You wouldn't need loads, it would be really effective and shouldn't cost much at all.  H2B says I'm full of grand ideas but not so good at implementing them unfortunately! image

  • Hi what a lovely story, your wedding sounds really well planned.  I was directed to this thread as a fellow bride said you might be needing some more moroccan lanterns!! as luck would have it i have 12 for sale exactly the same as the ivory ones you are collecting!! How many do you still need?? xxxxxxx

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    Hey maisiecupcake! Thanks hun, how much are you selling them for? We only need a few more x

  • cherrydropcherrydrop Posts: 904

    Cake Topper

    I've just been looking on Etsy at caketoppers and have found this! So cute and they customise it to look like the bride and groom! Will definitely be putting in an order for these cuties!


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    Your planning looks fab! My sister got married in Cooling Castle!! It is really beautiful, her wedding was fantastic, as I'm sure yours will be. image

  • Well i bought them for £4.99 each but will undercut Wilkos!!! ha ha  image

    How much are they there ? xxx

  • cherrydropcherrydrop Posts: 904

    I bought mine at the time for £2.50 (must admit a bit of a bargin!) Have you got a picture?

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    Chair covers

    So from speaking to our venue yesterday I found out that we had to use their in house chair cover provider! My initial thought was that this meant it was going to be expensive!

    They do deliver, fit and undress the chairs as part of the price. They also provide the organza ribbon to decorate the outside chairs for free too so I suppose this is one less thing to worry about on the day but it is a bit annoying that if we want them we don't have a choice.

    They do also look good quality as we saw them set up for a wedding before but I just wish I could look for a cheaper alternative! Never mind, I'll guess I'll book it then...


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    Bridesmaid Dresses

    I've been searching for affordable bridesmaids dresses for a while now. I went and had a look at one in Jane Norman on Monday which I found on the Internet and I really didn't like it!

    I noticed a thread on here this morning and MrsBrown2be2013 informed me of a site in the US called Fabulous You. I've found to gorgeous dresses, so if anyone has used this site before, please let me know how you got on!

     The first is this dress. I really love it but would be worried that because of the sweetheart neckline it might be slightly revealing if the sizing is slightly out.

     The second is this one... It would be a good choice as we could have longer ones for the older bridemaids and the shorter version for the 2 other girls (11 & 12).

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    Saw these in Tesco earlier and thought of you!

    £11 each I think, which I realise isn't cheap but the coloured glass looked fab and I know you were worried about having too much cream...............x

  • Wow amazing planning thread so far...we went on holiday to Morocco last year and its such a beautiful country. Your wedding is going to look so colourful and exotic image

    Loving the lanterns (particuarly the onesJodielouW posted above).

    We have been looking for almost identical bridesmaid dresses and have the same price issue as you...I ordered the jane norman ones (exactly the same as the picture you posted) but in bright pink not red and although I wasnt impressed when they arrived, my BMs still tried them on and they actually looked stunning on. Almost identical in style to the first picture you posted from the Fabulous You website.

    Keep up the planning fellow teacher image

  • I have packed the lanterns and it would cost would start from £8.00 depending on where they are to be sent to thats for the delivery of all 12 sorry it took so long to sort out the postage costs for you x

  • Thanks JodielouW that's really helpful hun!

    Chrissyroxanne: Hey thanks, I love Morocco too, it really is one of my favourite places!

    And I think I saw the dresses you've ordered! They are gorgeous and I would love those dresses but they seem to do every colour but don't have red!

    Maisiecupcake... do you have a picture of what they look like?


    I got very excited this morning when our invites and a few other goodies turned up!! Yay!

    We decided we didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on invites so found some on vistaprint. They are nice, but need something extra to make them look a bit more wedding-y. So I took a trip to the range! haha! I bought some card and some ribbon and did a bit of DIY.

     This is before.


     And this not finished but with a little bit or modification so far. Need to find how to tie a nice bow!

    After ordering these, I got a email through from Vistaprint with offers on and we also managed to get the inserts below, a personalised guestbook pen and a massive "wedding this way" banner for FREE! All we paid was £3 for p&p! Bargin!


     I also managed to pick up :

     An alphabet stamp and some ink. I'm hoping to use this on "reserved" luggage lables on seat and maybe on the place cards.

  • Favours

    We've spent quite a lot of time thinking about favours... It can't be something too pricey, we want it to be linked to our theme and we also want it to be soemthing people will take with them rather than just leaving on the table.

    I initially thought about asking my h2b's mum for a recipe for Moroccan bicuits, and then baking them myself. I love baking, but the thought of making enough so that everyone has 2 is slightly daunting when we have 80 guests!

    We are now thinking of giving guests a do it yourself tea bag! haha! Sounds like a very bad idea, but I really like it! In Morocco they drink lots of Mint tea, it's gorgeous and sweet and could be something lots of people haven't had before.

    I found these where people have given ingredients for cookies as wedding favours, with a thankyou/ recipe card.

     And I have also found where someone made their own tea and gave this as a favour.

     Our ingredients:

    Loose green tea leaves

    Loose jasmin tea leaves


    Sugar cubes

    Maybe we could te them in polythene or even in muslin cloth like a tea bag. Not sure.


     Like this so you can see the ingredients.

    I also found this really cute personalised ribbon on another brides thread. Am thinking of getting some of this to tie the top along with a plain ribbon.



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