Our intimate romantic July 2013 wedding

After spending weeks reading everyone else's planning threads, and stealing some of your ideas, I have decided to do my own, hopefully you will find it interesting image How We Met On the 31st July 2004 I was on another night out with my then best friend, I has been getting followed all night by a guy I used to go to school with and just wasn't interested. At the end if the night he asked if we wanted to share a taxi home with him, I had had enought of him by then and decided I was going to walk home, my friend reluctantly followed. Walking past a church a lad shouted to us, I turned round and can't remember much as other than we kissed. He had asked me to go home with him which I refused and offered to give him my number, he don't have any paper so started knocking on a police cars door to ask them for some, not impressed lol. In the end I decided even if I did give him my number he wouldn't ring and felt he was too good to let get away so went home with him. The next morning he dropped me off at my mums and I knew I would never see him again, however I did memorise his phone number and plucked up the courage to call him and ask him if he wanted to do something that night, something which I never had ever done, he agreed and that was 8 years ago and still with him today, I'm so glad I got the conifdence to ring him otherwise I wouldn't be with him now image


  • The proposal

    We moved in together in August 2005, in 2007 it was coming up to us being together for 3 years, after having a few drinks one night h2b mentioned that he wanted to go and look at rings the next morning. In the morning I didn't question him incase he had changed his mind, luckily he didn't and we went shopping for a ring, I picked the one I liked which h2b ordered, I just didn't know when he was going to ask me. In my kind there were 2 options, either our 3 year anniversary or my 21st birthday.

    The mining if our 3 year anniversary I was off work but h2b was self employed as a builder and had to go to work, we were still in bed when he got up, came back into the room got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, I just about managed to say yes through the tears.

    The ring (sorry about the picture will upload a better one later)

  • gorgeous ring! image

  • We knew we weren't in a position to get married straight away, I had just dropped out of university wherer I was training to be a nurse as it wasn't for me and was still deciding what I wanted to do with my life. So a long engagement suited us.

    In 2009 we began looking at wedding venues and set our hearts in wynyard hall

    We provisionally booked the wedding for the 13th march 2010 as we were going to pay the deposit, we changed our mind. The wedding we wanted was going to cost around ??18,000 and we decided we didn't want to spend that much on a wedding, we wanted another house (we had sold first house and moved in to h2bs mum and dads bed and breakfast to run it for them, however we didn't like it there and wanted our own place) we decided the ,only would be better off spent on a new house. In 2010 we moved into our new house and have spent the last 2 years getting it the way we wanted it.
  • Thank you, h2b keeps my he is going to get me a better one, but I love this one, I tried loads and none of them looked any good on my hands, I have very boney fingers lol x
  • Now that our house is done we have decided it is the right time to get married. We looked at September 2013, but h2b really wanted to get married on the day we met. We thought about 2014 as it will be a Thursday but I'm currently at university studying law and will have just qualified then and looking to go into employment so didn't really want to put that on hold. We decided on 2013, h2b likes that the date will be 31/7/13, and I also had to work it around my brother as he is in the raf and will be in Afghanistan from January to June(his first tour) so next year seemed perfect.
  • We started looking at venues again, the night I met h2b we were near a church

    and a hall

    in our town centre, so naturally these would have been our first choice. However, the church is a tourist information centre and cannot be used anymore for weddings and the hall is a derelict building so out of the question as well.
  • We went to view the grand hotel

    And loved it, at this point it fitted perfectly within our budget, we were going to have 100 for a wedding breakfast and then a few more for a small evening reception. However, it just didn't real right we felt like we were spending our money on a lot of our family who we didn't speak to or weren't interested in us. So after some more thinking we decided to go back and look at wynyard hall again. We both once again fell in love with it when we seen it and knew we wanted to get married there. It was cheaper ith the wedding being on a week day but still to invite everyone there was out of our budget.

    We decided to go through our guest list and choose people who we really would like at the wedding and others we weren't to bothered about, we narrowed the list down to 28 people and decided we would love a really relaxed intimate wedding with our closest family and this way we can also have the venue we wanted.

    I got on the phone to wynyard hall and have provisionally booked our date for 31st July 2013.
  • Next was the church, we both knew straight away the church we wanted. The church which is in the village were we bought our first house together. Plus our new house although on the other side of the dual carriageway is still classed as being in hat church's parish. So we have a meeting tomorrow with the vicar to get all the paperwork we need to book the wedding.

  • We will have exclusive use of wynyard hall and have 2 room to choose from for our wedding breakfast, we haven't yet decided which one we like best. We are taking our family there on Monday to view the hall and hopefully will come to a decision when we see it again.

    The statute gallery for our drinks reception

    Choice of two rooms

  • This is me and h2b, however it was 4 years ago don't have many recent ones.

  • Colours and themes

    For our actual wedding day, we are going for a intimate wedding breakfast about 4pm to finish for about 6pm and then just inviting people to sit in the bar relax and leave as and when they wish. We are not doing the whole party thing in the evening we are doing this in the Friday after our wedding.

    I am thinking of going with 2 different themes to suit the different type of days we are having.

    So for the wedding I want a vintage romance feel with ivory, champange, golds and hint of blush pink, with pearl detailing.

    For the party we want more of a fun theme, as we will have had our special day a few days earlier now we just want everyone to have fun. I want to put games such as kerplunk, screwball scramble, operation on the tables instead of centrepieces, h2b is still thinking about it but everyone else loves the idea. And have balloons, party poppers maybe a photobooth on, just things for everyone to enjoy themselves.
  • I'll upload some photos of my inspiration when I get in the iPad, can't seem to do it off my iPhone x
  • Well been to the church today to confirm date it's vicar, and he's now told us that he can't do a wedding on a weekday, only a Saturday. So having to change plans and look at e possibility of a civil ceremony x
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    Hey image

    Your venue looks beautiful- I'm in love with the gold room!  Stunning!

    Think your idea for centrepieces is fab- Operation & Kerplunk are the games of my childhood!

    I'm so sorry your meeting with the Vicar didn't go to plan image  How do you feel about having a civil ceremony?  We're having one and they've come a long way in the last few years; there's so much you can do to personalise them and make them more meaningful.  If you really want a religious aspect, is there another church near the venue?  Even if the Vicar is reluctant to marry you a blessing could be an option? x

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    ooooh cant wait to see all your ideas come together! ive just started to freak out a bit today as i realise its 11 months to go and it doesnt seem very long anymore and nothings really feeling finalised-how about you??

  • H2b is refusing to have civil ceremony as he wants the day to be broke up a bit rather than all in the same place. Also he won't go to registry office as it isn't very nice in our home town. Only other option is to ring round other church's and see if they do a weekday wedding, however the vicar told me that it will be hard to find a church that will do it on a weekday image x
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    we're having a civil ceremony but not at the same place out reception is. have a look on your districts website as they will have a list of all the other buildings registered for ceremonies. you might something interesting

  • Had a breakthrough - h2b has agreed to civil ceremony in the same venue image

    So wedding ceremony will be in te mirror room

    And wedding breakfast will be in the Londonderry room

    And drinks reception etc will be on the terrace

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    Oh, that's great news! image

    At least you have a different room for the ceremony and the wedding breakfast, so that will change it up a bit- that's our one bugbear with our venue, as we'll be in the same room (changed round obvs) all day..........

  • Yeah that's what I thought, we actually have four rooms to choose from but these two are smaller, the other rooms are quite big and with us only having a small wedding it wouldn't look right in such a big room.
  • Or the colour scheme I am using these pictures as my inspiration

    Then was going to add in some subtle colour just o lift it a bit but unsure as to go with sage green

    Or blush pink

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    Hi, I love this thread and your venue is amazingly gorgeous! Can't wait to read more! I'm so glad your H2B gave in and said yes to a civil ceremony, and at least your day will be broken up by moving room to room, it all sounds lovely!image

     Edited to say I didn't see your colour scheme when I posted, what lovely colours, it will be such a soft, pretty, relaxed day, I love that colour green!

  • Ordered a sample of this invitation but with champagne hearts

    Was thinking of incorporation the entwined hearts into our theme some how but think I might have too much going on. H2b wants to get a matching tattoo with our wedding date on after our wedding and the design he liked was the entwined hearts, so though it would be nice to put hints of this into our day and then get the tattoo after the wedding. Not sure now as don't think it ll go with the vintage theme I'm going for, will have to have a look for other invitations x
  • Other possible invitations

    Think I like the third ones the best, going to make them myself and hand them out after Christmas, don't need many for the actual wedding day so should be pretty easy to do
  • Some games I'm hoping to have at wedding reception party.

    Depends what I can get my hands on at carboot sales, and second hand shops.

    Going to have different invitations for the party not sure what yet want something fun, as the formal bit will have been done on the actual wedding day

  • More inspiration photos

  • Went to view wynyard hall with family today, everyone loved it thank god, want into chapel again and must say I didn't like it as much as I could remember it. Looked at mirror room set out for wedding ceremony and its perfect, other room was also set up for a small intimate wedding reception so that was great as well. Never want to come home when I'm there I love it image x x
  • I love is tread exactly what I want for my wedding. I love the pink/gold invited wouldn't have a clue how to make them myself though
  • Nicoladarcy70 wrote (see)
    I love is tread exactly what I want for my wedding. I love the pink/gold invited wouldn't have a clue how to make them myself though

    Thanks, was a bit unsure whether to do one didn't think anyone would be interested x

    Don't think the invitations would be too hard to make, when ive done my invitations ill post them on here x

  • So after some discussion with h2b we have decided to go with a simple elegant gold, champagne and ivory scheme, it will suit both rooms we are going to be using in wynyard hall and it just feels more elegant. Have received a few samples from formally yours of different colour cravats and spent ages playing around with them to come up with a colour scheme but kept going back to gold, champagne and ivory x
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