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  • I’m proud to say that I’ve been rather organised lately. Despite the fact I am insanely busy with work and house decoration (we’ve extended our kitchen, and it looks fab but I still need to paint the new walls… unless there’s a trend for bare plaster that I haven’t been told about) I have still managed to tick quite a few things off the wedding list. Well, we did pass the ‘six months to go’ milestone – things have to get serious at six months, don’t they?

    Things I'm wearing

    Last week I had a very exciting phone call from my dress shop to say that it’s in! Yes, my dress has arrived, and although I can leave the fittings for a month or two, I get to try it on next Saturday. I can’t wait to see it when it actually fits me – plus it will be the first time I’ve worn a wedding dress that hasn’t needed to be pinned and clamped!

    Aside from the dress, the rest of my general look has taken shape. My hair accessory arrived from Hermione Harbutt a few weeks ago; it is incredible, and I keep trying it on just to remind myself of its loveliness. Hermione did such a perfect job and I can’t wait to wear it. I’ve discussed how I want to have my hair with my talented hairdressing bridesmaid, and I’ve chosen a veil which I’m going to order in the next week or so.

    I’ve also decided on my jewellery. I have three piercings in each ear, so I’ve bought two pairs of white gold stud earrings, and I’m borrowing a third pair from my Mum as my ‘something borrowed’. One of the pairs I bought has clear stones, and the other pair is blue – it seemed like a subtle way to take care of the ‘something blue’ part of the tradition, and I always wear my great-grandmother’s ring on my right thumb, so that’s my ‘something old’ sorted, too. I’m also going to wear a delicate white gold bracelet, which was the first gift J ever bought for me.

    I bought my wedding day underwear too, but nobody really needs to see that. (It's not very exciting!)

  • Chairs

    I'm not a massive fan of chair covers, so I’ve been looking at hiring some more attractive seating that won’t need to be completely covered with white cotton. I found some silver banquet chairs with red seating pads which are lovely, and even better, they were cheaper than the quotes for covers that we'd received.


    They are reserved, but I’m having a few issues with the supplier so I’m not getting too attached in case I need to pull out. It amazes me that people don’t take their business seriously – it doesn’t take long to reply to an email, so why am I still waiting?

  • Table runners

    Another issue has been my beloved table runners. I spotted some beautiful red sequin table runners in the H&M sale shortly after Christmas, and immediately went into magpie mode. They were half price and gorgeous, so obviously I ordered them before checking the size of the tables with the venue. I had visions of sparkly red over crisp white table cloths – but I learnt later that they are about 20cm too short. Of course.

    My heart broke a little bit, but I was unwilling to give up on my beautiful sequins so I decided not to return them. Instead I have added another DIY job to my ever-growing list in an attempt to make them work. Time to get out the sewing machine and hope for the best…

    LED dancefloor / curtain

    In slightly easier news, I have booked a twinkly LED white dancefloor, and a fairy light draped curtain for behind the top table. The curtain was a necessity to hide the fire exits; the dancefloor was just because I got a bit swept up in the idea of dancing on sparkles. I am such a child.

  • DIY projects

    Aside from the table runners mentioned above, I have a rather long list of things I need to make, which includes (but is possibly not limited to): Day and evening invitations; Order of Service; menus; table numbers; place name tags (to be tied onto the favours); table plan; card box; guestbook postcards and something to put them in; signs for the guestbook table and candy cart; photo collage; crystal tree centrepieces; and decoration for our ‘N & J’ letters. Oh, and maybe confetti. I also found a little heart-shaped wooden box in Hobbycraft, which was a bargain at just £1.99 and perfect for J’s brother to carry our rings down the aisle – but also needs decorating.

    Our centrepieces will be the biggest job so I’m determined to start them soon – for those that don’t remember, I’m aiming for little crystals hanging from some pretty white branches, and I’ve recently decided to add a few silk flowers too. I bought silver buckets for the branches to stand in (see the photo above) and a tub of silvery-white sand to cover the expanding foam (which is how you get the branches to stand in the bucket – thank goodness for online tutorials) and they will either look great… or a complete disaster. Fingers crossed it’s the former, or I’ll need to come up with a new plan.

  • Guest list / Save the Dates

    Oh, the guest list. We did the day list quite a while ago, but the evening had been hanging over our heads like a grey cloud of doom. I don’t think you realise how many people you know until you actually start writing them down – and we knew this list was going to be a big, scary number. We were right. It’s huge. But at least it’s done, and I now have no excuse not to start making the invitations…

    I did manage to get my Save the Dates out eventually, though it was a bit later than planned - they were delivered with Christmas cards to save on postage. I wanted to keep them quite simple, so they turned out to be small postcards with magnetic strips on the back, so that guests can stick them to the fridge.

  • Wow you tiara is beautiful image it will look stunning with your dress.

    Love the chairs to, you wouldn't think they would work out cheaper than chair covers, hope you get sorted with the company soon and they get their arse into gear image

    The tablecloths are stunning it's a shame they don't fit but can't wait to see what you do with them, and all our other diy projects image xxx
  • Thanks! image I do hope I can sort the table runners as I really love them.

    I was so pleased when I found the chairs too, as they were slightly less per chair than the covers we'd been quoted - there will be a delivery fee, but I still felt really happy about them as I think they'll fit in really well. It's just a shame the company are taking so long to get back to me with an invoice!

  • MrsWifeyMrsWifey Posts: 457

    Wow I'm loving this planning thread and I'm only on page one!!  I'll read to the end and comment again xx

  • MrsWifeyMrsWifey Posts: 457

    It's lovely!  Love the hearts theme, your dog, the table decorations, save the dates, everything.  Will be watching this one. xx

  • Aww, thank you Wifey2b. I will hopefully have more to share very soon - need to stay motivated!

  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    yeah for a million hearts! can i ask how much the sparkly dance floor was? you kind of selling it to me (but i bet its mega expensive image


    cant wait to see more and more! july 27th is going to be te best day everimage

  • We booked both the dancefloor and the fairy light curtain through our DJ, so it worked out a bit cheaper than the other quotes we'd received as we'd already booked his services for the music - we paid £400 for the dancefloor.

  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    more than we have spair.... good bye sparkly dance floor dreams hehe. you know this means we need lots of pictures of you boogying away! image

  • Your tiara is gorgeous!!! I'm sure you will get all your jobs done easily!!! Not long now though 6 months!!! A sparkly dance floor sounds amazing, we will definitely need pics now!!! x

  • A couple of months ago I organised my To Do list into more of a timescale. I thought this would do a better job of keeping me organised – smaller, manageable deadlines have to be better than one scary list, don’t they? Unfortunately I’ve fallen behind. I really don’t know how that happened. Looks like it’s time to set aside a full weekend to wedding DIY… but here are some updates in the meantime.


    Yes, I finally made our invitations! We’re just tracking down the last few addresses, and then they will be in the hands of our guests within the next few days. In hindsight I would change a few things, but it was so hard to find the time to make them, I’m really just glad they’re out of the way…

    For the day invitations, I made a shimmery red pocketfold with a screen-printed little red heart, and silver ribbon. We decided on three inserts: one with the most important information (transport, accommodation and a note about children), a second explaining that further details can be found at our wedding website, and an RSVP card. We’ve also given the option to RSVP online, so I’m hoping I won’t have to chase too many late responses – wishful thinking?

    The evening invitations were two postcards tied together with a silver bow. The front postcard had all the main details, and the back included a note about our website and a detachable RSVP section.

  • Flowers

    Last weekend I met with my florist to discuss the details of what we’re having. In the space of an hour my ideas completely changed, but that’s mainly because I needed a professional to tell me what works and what doesn’t. I thought I wanted a mix of flowers and colours, as I like bouquets that have a lot of texture. In my head I was thinking a mix of reds, pinks and creams – but once we started talking and the florist started showing me examples, I began to think maybe the red doesn’t work so well against the lighter colours. The florist pointed out that against an ivory dress, the red flowers may stand out too much and make the bouquet look ‘bitty’… so we made a new plan.

    So, we’re still having a mix of flowers and texture, but my bouquet will be all different shades of red – made up of various roses, germini and hypericum berries. The bridesmaids will have exactly the same flowers, but in shades of ivory (to stand out against their red dresses) and the men will have red roses. We’re also having two pillars and a top table decoration, which will be used in both the church and the reception venue, as the florist will transport them after the ceremony.

    These bouquets are kind of similar to what I’m having, although the colours aren’t quite right as I’ll be having a lots of shades of reds (and no orange!). Also the bouquet on the right has full size gerbera, whereas I’m only having the little mini ones… but they give an idea, at least.

  • Bridesmaid Shoes

    OK, I’m a bit jealous of these shoes – I’d quite like a pair myself! I found these in Dorothy Perkins and fell in love with the sparkly heels. I suppose that’s all there really is to say; I can’t resist a bit of glitter, and luckily all the bridesmaids loved them. Still tempted to buy some for myself, though.

  • amy-lou-22amy-lou-22 Posts: 1,259

    Invites look great! The bridemaids shoes are so nice, love the heel. Did you buy them for your maids? I wasn't sure If I should or not...

  • Yeah, I bought them - but I had a real bargain with their dresses, so I was utilising the rest of the budget! If they'd had more expensive dresses then I may have suggested they find their own shoes.

  • MrsE2be2014MrsE2be2014 Posts: 1,458

    Aww love your thread...we have a mental pup too Beagle X Pug absolutely crazy but you can't imagine life without them now!

    Love you theme and your hairband I'm looking at something like that! Can't wait to see more

  • Thanks MrsE! Aww, you should post a picture of your pup - I love doggy pics. image

  • MrsE2be2014MrsE2be2014 Posts: 1,458

    As requested lol....our not so little anymore trouble Eddie!!!





  • Aww! I can definitely see the pug in him. Great name too. image

  • MrsE2be2014MrsE2be2014 Posts: 1,458
    littlelovenotes wrote (see)

    Aww! I can definitely see the pug in him. Great name too. image

    haha thanks....its the h2b's family nickname so very fitting for our pup!! Dont let him fool you though he is alot of trouble even with weekly training!

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    Well jel of your TWINKLEY led dance floor and drape curtain!!!!!! Xx
  • LivelifeloveLivelifelove Posts: 1,024 New bride
    Lovely thread and I love the glitter table runners! Hope you get them to work image
  • Think it's time for an update - I'm a bit lazy with my thread!

    Bridesmaid accessories

    The girls are pretty much sorted now – I just need to find their hair accessories (which would have been done if certain eBay sellers weren’t useless, but I won’t go into that…)

    If you saw my bridesmaids' shoes on the previous page, you'll remember they were lovely sparkly ones from Dorothy Perkins. I had posted a photo of them on my blog, and someone on Twitter contacted me to say that DP were now selling a matching clutch bag. So obviously they had to have that too! It’s quite big so will have plenty of room for all their bits and bobs, and it adds a bit more glitter to my day. (I occasionally wonder whether my guests will think a glitter factory has just exploded all over my wedding, but this sort of sounds like my dream so I don’t think it matters.)

    I also bought their necklaces - they are by Jon Richard at Debenhams, and had gone down to half price in the sale which was a nice surprise! This will form part of their gift so I haven't shown them yet.



  • DIY stuff

    I have finally managed to tick a couple of things off my list of DIY projects, which form the biggest part of my ‘still To Do’ list. First, my cardboard letters - I spent a day covered in spray-paint and glitter, but I’m so pleased with how they turned out. I’m not sure where we’ll put this yet (possibly near the card box and guestbook?) but the sparkles make me happy either way.


    I also decorated the box which J’s little brother will use to carry our rings down the aisle. This was just a plain wooden box that I found in Hobbycraft, so I spray-painted it red and then stuck some padding and fabric on the inside.



    Both of these projects were quite quick to do, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for my table runners. For those that don’t remember, I bought some gorgeous sequin runners from H&M in the January sale… but I’d already fallen in love with them by the time I realised they were a few inches too short for the tables in our venue. Refusing to give up, I have spent far too many hours adding extensions of fabric to the end of each runner (pinning the hems takes forever) but I hope it will all be worth it by the time they’re finished. Because I’ll cry if it’s not. Seriously.

  • Cake

    One of the very first things we decided about the wedding was that cake wasn’t very important to us. We had planned to buy plain Marks and Spencer cake tiers and decorate them ourselves as an affordable option, but I was starting to wonder whether this might be a little too stressful in the days leading up to the wedding. I have never put a cake together before, so what if it goes wrong?

    Sensing the potential for disaster, my Mum suggested I talk to the sister of her colleague, who makes very impressive cakes. So we arranged a meeting, and she’s now making our cake for only slightly more money than our original plan. Yay!

    I showed her these pictures as examples of cakes that I like (“just something simple, I suppose?”) but since we don’t really mind how it looks, I was happy to give her freedom. A few sketches later, we decided it will be three tiers (Madeira cake for the bottom tier, double chocolate in the middle, and white chocolate on top) with icing roses and my heart cake topper. There will be silver ribbon around each tier, and edible glitter scattered over the icing. I can’t wait to see it!

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    Ahh this is so cute.  Love the little hearts everywhere.

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