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Young Love Planning - 6/9/13

Well I have really enjoyed reading all of your planning threads - so I thought I would start my own - May take me a while tho.

Will and I have been together for just over 7 years - we met just after my 18th Birthday Party. Will worked at the same place as my mum and was badgering my mum for ages to see if she knew any girls he could go out with - my mum at the time said no! She didn't think Will would be interested in me. Anyway after my birthday party, Will found out that most of my friends he atually knew so dragged a mutual friend around my mum and dad's house to meet me! How nice! I was busy getting ready with another friend to go out on the town. Will kindly gave us both a lift. I never thought anything of it until he knocked on my mum and dad's door the next day to take me out!

Then things went from there - we have a house together (been living there for just over 3 years) and Will proposed to me in October 2008. I didn't have a clue. We had home made lasgane and before we ever started our meal Will got down on one knee. I cried eating my dinner.

We had our engagement party in the November and invited lots of family and friends - from how many turned up (approx 200) we knew we were going to have a rather large wedding.

We concentrated on getting a house the following year and didn't really talk much about the wedding until last summer.

Here is a picture of myself and Will


 This was taken at a family wedding a few years back.




  • Once we had decided that we were going to get married we roughly said we would like to get married in September. I had the 27th in my mind but unfortunately the venue we had chosen didn't have that date available so we settled on the 6th.

    Will and I are quite traditional when it comes to weddings so we have decided to get married in the local church in the village where we now live.

    Here is a picture of the church


     This is big enough for approx 150 people to be seated inside and has a lovely bit of grass outside for a few photos.

    Next was the venue - We instantly fell in love with Dunchurch Park - although we couldn't have it due to it being too expensive.

    We looked at a few more venues - some lovely but again out of budget until we found The Royal Court Hotel in Coventry - this is a large Brittania Hotel which offered a brilliant wedding package (and of course more discount because we are getting married on a Friday)

    Here is a few pics for you




     It has beautiful grounds for pictures and I love the little white stone 'band stand'

    Our wedding package includes:

    Day time meal including wine

    Evening buffet

    All table linen and cutlery

    All table flower decorations including long and low display for top table

    Cake stand and knife (although we are going to supply our own stand)

    Place cards and table seating plan (Will's auntie has been great, she is hand making all of our stationary - and to keep in line she is making our table plan)

    Bridal Suite


  • As you girls proberly know - men find it hard to be interested with wedding things so has left alot of it to me - which I prefer and i get to spend time with my mum and bridesmaids.

    We then chose a colour scheme - cadbury purple, ivory and silver. And lots and lots of butterflies!

    Will's auntie is a dab at crafts and art so she is hand making all of the stationary including save the dates, invites, favour boxes and the table seating plan - all with cut out butterflies on! Will try and upload a pic once i have took one!

    Save the dates are going out end of this year (Nov/Dec time) Invites are then going out March/April time next year)

    We went to may different wedding fayres locally aswell as the one at the NEC. Recommended if you haven't been!

    We have managed to find our cake lady and my dress from the local wedding fayres.

    Here is a pic of the cake we are going to have (2 tier and lots of cupcakes)




     Again lots of butterflies and purple!

    We have booked our wedding photographer and videographer - they live next door to my auntie and come as a package - bargain price for all day - from the moment i wake up to the moment we go to bed! No limit on how many photos taken or how many hours etc.

    Will and the men have chosen their suits and deposits have been paid - they are dark grey tail coats with a ivory waistcoat and lilac cravat. These are from a local suit shop in Hinckley. Will put a pic up once i get hold of one!

    We have decided to have 4 bridesmaids - 2 adults and 2 children (8 yr olds). Will's sister is our chief bridesmaid as I dont have any sisters (only twin brothers). The adults will be in long purple dresses - not got these yet - going shopping this weekend - so excited!

    The little ones have ivory dresses from Debenhams - had to buy them as they were half price at £37 each! Brought a bigger size so they have a little growing room. My auntie picked up the ivory furry shrugs for them to wear if it gets chilly!

    I have brought 2 pairs of shoes for myself - an ivory pair for the ceremony and pictures and then some purple ones for the evening.

    I'm lucky to have size 4 feet so have brought my ivory pair from Monsoon in the children's section!


     My purple ones are from Clarks!

    Next was dress shopping! I was so excited about this part of the planning.

    I tried lots of dresses on at the NEC wedding fayre but nothing stood out. I went along to Berketex Bride in Birmingham - tried quite a few on in there but again nothing that I really thought 'WOW' and was disapointed that they didnt have any dresses bigger than a size 16!

    I then found a shop in Hinckley called Liney's Brides - OMG they are amazing and I found my dress! Not the one I thought I may go for! All of my perceptions and ideas were thrown out of the window.

    I didn't want a train - this dress has a tiny little one

    I didn't want any netting showing on the top - this dress has netting

    I didn't want strapless - this dress is strapless

    I didn't want a veil - I have a veil (its my mum's and i'm having her tiara) it makes you look so much more like a bride&nbs

  • image

    My Dress




  • image

    These are the sort of flowers we have chosen. We have gone with the same florist that is doing the reception flowers in our package at the venue so they can all be the same.


     This is the car we are having - took me ages to find a traditional vintage car that didn't cost the earth - lucky we found a local company only a few miles from us and my mum's house - it will take my mum, auntie and the bridesmaids to the church, myself and my dad to the church and then me and Will to the reception image The car is called Ellie.

  • I always wanted a sweetie buffet - so me and my mum nipped into a few local charity shops and picked up some cheap glass vases and bowls.

    I did find one in TK MAXX tho which was a little pricey but its amazing!

    Will's dad has offered to build us a sweetie cart from scratch which is really cool and we are so grateful - we are going to decorate it with purple voil and some hanging wooden items.

    We're going to go Macro nearer the time to buy the sweets - bags have been purchased from ebay.




  • Hi Batgirl

    I love the purple and thought it would be lovely for an autumn wedding

    Awww how much have you planned? x

  • We have also found 2 live singers to come and entertain us during the evening as well as a disco. Have been told by many people that the evening entertainment is what makes a wedding and the thing that people remember!

    I think the big things have been booked/organised or we know what we want.

    Just all the little bits and bobs to get sorted image

    Not bad when we have a year left to go - We will be able to relax (i doubt that though!)


  • Good Idea Batgirl! Well that's what i'm hoping for too but im sure there is something we're bound to forget

    I keep doing lists after lists after lists lol


  • I purchased the thank you gifts for the dad's - hip flasks!





  • I think your cake is really lovely!

  • Thank you thirdthing - i found it off google images whilst exploring and fell in love with it

    Its atually a 3 tier cake (i've just cropped the photo)

    Our cake lady loves it too but she's going to do it slightly differently as she doesn't like the fact you or someone else has the same cake lol

    Its going to be fruit on the bottom and sponge on the top! and lots of cupcakes image


  • Sounds lovely. Are you finding writing a planning thread theraputic?  I am writing a thread too and it is helping me feel more organised and less stressed!

    Keep going!

  • What a beautiful dress, I love it! Who's it by? Great to hear of someone local, Hinckley is not too far from me. We are also having purple!
  • Yea its quite nice writing about your wedding in all the detail - and letting other people know what your having and their opinions without telling the whole of your family.

    I do feel quite organised considering we have 1 year to go image

    Its a Mori Lee dress Glitter - I fell in love with it before i even turned around to look in the mirror - my mum and auntie we're nearly in tears image it just felt so right

    Its lovely to hear that there are a few of us nearby

    Purple - i love it although not chose to name my tables after cadbury's chocolates lol


  • It's a gorgeous dress. I like purple, pink's my fave but I didnt want to do that as that's what everyone would expect me to do haha. I am also not going too Cadbury themed, although I do love Cadbury's!

    Some of the venues round here are so expensive, we're getting married at Dovecliff Hall near Burton on trent. I cant wait!!
  • Went shopping yesterday and found our beautiful adult bridesmaid dresses! Bargin price too image



  • Here are pictures of our stationary with purple butterflies

    Wedding day and evening invites are going to be the same but different heading and info inside.

    Menus and order of service are again going to be the same but slighty taller






  • Groom and Best Man trying on their suits image


     And our little bridesmaids image



  • My cousin is a photographer so I have asked her to do me a boudior shoot - just looking at props etc to buy image

    Getting excited already - although rather nervous (not exactly body confident)

  • Well heres an update:

    Off to see the live singers for a chat and to pay the deposit on Sunday afternoon (The Allstars)

    Going to Will's cousins' Saturday evening to take over the save the day cards and envelopes so she can get writing - going to hand deliver nearly all of them mid November

    H Samuel in Nuneaton are having a wedding fayre thingy on Saturday day time - may pop down there with Mum as may by my adult bridesmaid's a necklace as a thank you gift.

    Off to Will's sister's tonight to listen to her recording of 'What a Wonderful World' as we have had the go ahead from the vicar for it to be played in church (as long as we provide our own CD player) and to also talk about readings - and which ones we like image

    All in all - planning is coming along nicely.

  • Hey MrsGibson2b2013

    The adult bridesmaid dresses are from Quiz Clothing - they have a shop in Coventry (not sure if they have anywhere else) and also online  - £65 each

    The little bridesmaid dress are from Debenhams - half price for £37 each and shrugs are from BHS £20 ish each


  • Well the invites and save the dates went to Will's cousin's house last night so she can write on the envelopes ready for handing out in November image can't wait

    I also brought my adult bridesmaids a necklace each to wear on the wedding morning - and as a thank you gift. I had orginially got them a pearl necklace but thought these ones would go better as they have quite alot of silver on their dresses image


     From H Samuel

  • Do you have a link to the necklace at H Samuels?! I had a search but couldn't find it! (Would match my bridesmaid dresses perfectly - and coincidently they're dark purple too!) Thanks image

  • BuddletBuddlet Posts: 1,289

    I reallly like your dress. Keep writing x

  • Hi KatieLouise

    Link for necklaces - hope it works image

    I absolutely love them - the pearl is atually more creamy than on the picture.

    Thank you Buddlet - can't wait to wear it image


    Well deposit been paid for the singers - lovely people. Just emailed the disco guy so hopefully can go and meet him and pay the deposit.

    Wow can't believe that most of the 'big' things are booked and deposits have been paid - so excited image xx




  • Update:

    Seeing the Disco Man tomorrow evening for a chat and to pay the deposit.

    Going to purchase a 7 tier cake stand and then book our 2nd appointment with the cake lady to pay a deposit and she can work out a final draft for our cake and cupcakes.

    Off to see the Best Man and Bridesmaid this weekend - may get the lads to sit down and work out a Stag Do list - people that Will wants to invite so Best Man can get cracking image My list has already been done and passed onto the bridesmaids (God Help Me!)


  • image



    Disco is now booked and deposit has been paid.

    Cupcake stand has been purchased - not arrived yet. can't wait to get it and build it up to see what it looks like.

    Father in Law has been rather crafty and made the candy cart. Just needs painting and decorating


     I have also purchased two silver stoles for my adult bridesmaids from Debenhams


  • MrsH2013MrsH2013 Posts: 842

    Wow what a great FIL making that for you, looks amazing!! x

  • Snowy xSnowy x Posts: 1,100

    That Candy cart is amazing!!! your FIL should be making those to sell!!! I love your plans, your day is going to be gorgeous, and your so organised! looking forward to seeing more plans!

    I hadnt even considered silver wraps for my bm's, ive been struggling to find pure white ones, defo gonna have a look around for silver now, thanks.x

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