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15th June 2013 - planning a wedding, being a full time mum and cooking another!

Well I thought I'd get round to starting a planning thread If for nothing else to keep an eye on what we've done and all our ideas! Bear with me it may take me a little bit to get going! Im Lauren, im 21 and I'm a full time Mummy to my 16 month old little boy! My OH is Robert and we met in a night club on Christmas eve in 2009! We moved very quickly buying a house In the summer and a week after that we had the big surprise that I was pregnant, we believe it was all fate happening! Well we moved into our house the following January (it's was a new build so had to be built) and then baby Bobby came along in April, he really is our absolute world! We are now delighted that we have baby number 2 on the way at the end of January so it's a very busy next year for us!

Here is Me, OH and Bobby (new years eve so quite old)

And here's our new little addition that will be joining us before the wedding


  • The Engagement!

    For my 21st birthday this year OH took me to Manchester shopping and for an over night stay! It was the first place we stayed over night together and that was for my birthday 2 years ago! He had booked us into the same posh hotel so i was very excited! We spent the day shopping and I was spoilt rotten! We then went back to the hotel and got ready for the evening, we were planning on going out for something nice to eat and just a few drinks! OH said I could have my presents before we went out which I was excited about as my birthday wasn't actually to the following day! I got ready and once I was ready he told me to go wait in the bathroom, me being me thought him and Bobby had made me a birthday card or sign or something (yes I know I sound stupid now) I then could hear music playing and he told me to come out, the bed was covered in rose petals in a heart with a letter in the middle, again I didn't clock on just thought how nice! He told me to open it so I did, inside was a hand written poem he had done himself and he told me to read it out! I have never told anyone what was in the poem and don't think I ever will, it's that special it was beautiful! As I was reading it out I couldn't stop crying as I clocked on what was happening, I turned around and he was down on one knee asking me to marry him! (gosh I'm welling up now hehe) I of course said yeeesssss!!! He even had the champagne on ice! It was more than I could ever dream of, so thoughtful and personal! He chose the ring himself and its the most beautiful ring, I couldn't have picked better!

  • The Date!

    We were originally going to get married in 2014 as that's how long we would need to save but OHs uncle sadly passed away and left him some money so we thought what better way to use it than to pay for our wedding with it!

    We then wanted to get married on the 13th July 2013 the day before OHs birthday! He'd always wanted to get married on his birthday and this was one way! I also loved the look of the date!

    Sadly when we found our venue the only dates available were the first 3 weeks in June so we went for the 15th! No personal meaning just the latest summer date we could get!

  • The Venue!

    We looked and looked and looked at venues online but everything I seemed to come across that I liked was far too expensive! We then went to view one venue which we fell in love with, it was a very relaxed feel and very about having a chilled day and enjoying it with family and friends! We had our hearts set on it even though quite expensive! I then found the Manor Hotel online and it was ??3000 cheaper than the other venue with everything included where as the other one everything was on top of the price! I went to view it with my Mum as OH was working and I was going with in my head I wouldn't like it because I loved the other one so much! Well I was wrong, I walked into what is there resturant and it was beautiful, a massive long room with its own patio area and at the end of the room where we would say our vows a huge sky light which just melted my heart, that was me sold it was beautiful, I could imagine it all in my head! We then went back with OH and he loved it too so it was booked there and then! They also gave it us at the old brouchure prices which meant we saved another ??1000 to what we thought!

    And a bit naughty of me I've print screened somebody else's picture just to show you the sky light!

  • You venue looks beautiful! And that ring, WOW! image
  • Food and Drink!

    For our wedding breakfast we have decided to have a BBQ which I am so excited about! OH has got to be the fussiest eater ever and I'm quite fussy so this means we get to enjoy the food aswel as everyone else! We get a choice of 3 mains, 3 salads and 1 desert from the options below!


    Cajun Spiced or Plain Chicken Legs

    Pork Rack Ribs

    Ground Steak Burgers

    Cumberland Sausages

    Vegetarian Sausages

    Chicken Kebabs


    Garlic & Rosemary Baked Baby New Potatoes

    Baked Jacket Potatoes

    Tossed Dressed Salad

    Soft Floured Baps

    Corn on the Cob

    Asian Coleslaw

    Grilled Onions


    Fresh Fruit Salad,

    Fresh Cream Home Baked Vanilla Cheesecake

    Chocolate Fudge Cake,

    Fresh Cream Strawberries, Vanilla Sugar, Fresh Cream

    Coffee and Homemade Chocolates

    Then for the evening food we are going to have a pork and jackets buffet which includes -

    Slow Roasted Shoulder of Pork

    Soft Baps

    Sage & Onion Stuffing

    Apple Sauce

    Baked Jacket Potato and Butter


    Drinks we are going to have Pimm/Fruit juice as our welcome drinks

    A glass of red or white wine with the meal

    And a glass of sparkling wine for the toast
  • Me!

    The Dress!

    well as I am pregnant I had to get my dress sorted pretty quickly so I could get measured and get an around about size that I may be! I went to two shops with my Mum and MOH and I fell in love with a dress in each shop! I then went back to the shops again and just tryed on the 2 dresses, this time I went back with my Mum, Auntie, MOH and brothers GF and I chose the dress in the first shop i went to, not only did I just love the dress and it was very me the people in the shop were lovely, very helpful and completely down to earth! So here is the dress (I have no pictures in it) it has an ivory band not brown and it's lower than the picture! Also I had a hoop under so it's more out and you can see the skirt detail much better!


    I'm deffo not one for heels so I knew straight away I wanted flat shoes! I then wanted to be a bit different and after coming across silver glittery toms online I loved them and knew I had to have them!

  • Stationary!

    These are the invites we are having! We have ordered, received and sent out our save the dates, they looked lovely and I can't wait til we sort the invites! I'll add a picture of our save the dates later image

    Evening invites we are just going to get cheap basic ones as most people who will come to the evening will properly just be told e.g. OHs football team etc so I don't see the point wasting the money!

    Name place cards are also coming from eBay! Link to them below!

    We are not having order of service instead we are having order of the days so people know what's going to be happening! This is the sample we received from eBay again and this is what we are going to go for!

  • Oh this looks lovely so far! Can't wait to read more! Love your ring it's beautiful! image
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