My bohemian wedding planning thread

Enjoying reading all the wonderful planning blogs and hoping I can match up with some of our plans!

Two starcrossed lovers

H2B and I met 7 and a half years ago. I almost want to skim over the meeting, as it was in a dingey nightclub in my home town. I was with some girlfriends, he was on the dancefloor, and as I was too shy to go over to him (I still maintain I am punching above my weight). A friend pushed me in to him, and we danced a little. He brought me a drink, and a I sang him Mr Brightside by the Killers. I don't think it was the singing that did it, but we did exchange numbers!

From there we dated a bit, but I was off to Africa to do some travelling. After becoming really close in the spring before I set off, we kept in touch while I was away. I knew this was something pretty special, so when I was given the chance to stay longer in Africa, I chose to come home. A decision I haven't regretted once. I knew I needed to get back to the UK if I was to keep this one! 

I then went to Uni (another relationship hurdle). He came up to visit regularly and soon became closer to my new Uni pals than I was! I would persuade him to stay on an extra night on a Sunday, and he would have to leave at 5am on the Monday to get to work. The gates to my Uni halls would be closed - on occasion he would have to drive across the playing fields to get out and on to the motorway. Wow. This must be love......

We got closer and closer through my Uni years. He even moved up to be with me in the third year. We didn't move in together, he moved in with some of our male friends, but this was another decision that cemented the 'this is the one' thoughts I had already been having. 

When Uni was over (still miss those days!), we moved in together. We’ve had some fantastic times travelling, which is a passion of both of ours. Thailand, Morocco, Italy. These have really provided some special memories for us to share – and cements our relationship. Travelling is best shared with the person you love.

I won't go in to much more detail, as I don't want ya'll to be ill, but I can well and truly say that this man is the most amazing person I have ever met, who brings out the best in me.


 image anyone??


  • The proposal

    So, after 7 years together, and a couple of bridesmaidships (some best friends got married recently), you start to get the "It'll be you next" comments. My Nana playing the wedding march on the piano at one family gathering was a particularly awkward moment! I felt sorry for H2B as the pressure was building unnecessarily. I loved him, and I definitely wanted to get married, but I didn't pester him. It was his call (I sound so calm on this blog, but I was actually desperate for him to propose - I just kept my cool!!).

    I knew something was up when, on our 7 year anniversary, he announced that we were going away. I had to book a day off. That was it. As a lady that has been involved in all of our holidays/trips - I knew something was up. However, I didn't want to get ahead of myself as I just wanted to enjoy the weekend. If I had high expectations, I ran the risk of ruining the trip. 

    We set out on the M6 and started to head towards the Lake District. One of our fave parts of the UK. It had been snowing the week before, so the landscape was idyllic (this actually scuppered initial plans H2B had to climb a mountain - as the snow meant we couldn't get up there!).



    We had a fantastic weekend, walking and visiting as many pubs as physically possible. On the Sat eve I had pushed all thoughts of a proposal out of my head. We had done all the idyllic walks that day - the moment had surely passed??

    And then we went to a restaurant on the edge of a lake. And then the thoughts came back into my head. H2B isn't a showy guy so I knew he wouldn't do it in a restaurant. We had a fantastic meal, with no ring in my Champaign on in dessert. Thoughts gone again.

    And then he suggested we take a walk to the lake. In the snow. While wearing a dress and heels. Hm. 

    We sat on a bench, looked out to the lake and there it was. The knee, the ring and the proposal. Amazing! He really is romantic! 



  • RIght - enough of the soppy stuff. Let's get planning!

    The Venue

    We live near a lovely man made lake, which has some pretty little villages around it. We initially looked at a church ceremony, but neither of us are religious and I hate hymns! So we went back to the drawing board. We also wanted something a little different to a hotel wedding - fussy or what??

    We eventually found this little gem:


     It is a reclaimed church, from a village they flooded to make the lake. It's now a museum that do civil services. We are in love!

    From there we will move to a farmers field on the edge of the lake for the reception. We are hiring bedouin tents which act as marquees. They really set off the bohemian theme! 


    You can have a smokeless fire and everything! They aren't cheap, but we went to an open day and completely fell in love. I am now working every weekend under the sun to pay for them! 

    I must stop now, H2B is vying for my attention (they can be so demanding these boys)! But hope to keep ya'll updated and look forward to reading more from you all! Xxx

  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Hooked already!

    Can't wait to read more image x

  • I echo Jodielou, keep it coming!

  • SadSack83SadSack83 Posts: 1,700

    Love love love the venue!

  • Ah is this at Rutland water?! I've seen photos of this before and really want to see it! What a beautiful place to get married! Xx
  • Thanks guys!

    It's quite addictive! I will try and get more done this evening. So much to tell!

    It's is Rutland Water MrsH! It's gorgeous - well worth a visit. It's called Normanton Church xxx
  • Type quickly pleaseimage Loving this one already

  • Spond25Spond25 Posts: 580

    we live near Rutland water, it's stunning x

  • The theme

    We played around with a few themes. Vintage, Moroccan (homage to one of our favourite places), 1920s art deco blah, blah, blah.

    However, we couldn’t decide on one theme. Does anyone else feel like they could have about 5 different weddings?? A vintage one, one abroad, a luxury one, a DIY one.....But we must settle on one thing! The only word that we both loved in relation to the wedding is bohemian. We are not barefooted hippies that play acoustic guitar around campfires (although this WOULD be our dream existence if we didn’t enjoy spending money so much!), but love that feel. We wanted a relaxed day, inspired by music and film with as little tradition as possible.

    That’s the idea at least!

    Here are a few pictures that are inspiring the decor and feel of the day:







     I haven’t actually pinned down a colour scheme yet, and I’m still having thoughts about the decor. This is why I have signed up to these forums – inspiration! Ideas welcome. 

    The dress 

    Now this one comes quite early on in my planning as I pretty much fell in love with the 1st dress I tried on! I really didn’t want a princess dress – although I can see why people do, they look uh-mezzin! I wanted something more relaxed, and something a bit different. So I tried on some Stephanie Allin styles – and loved them all. However, they ‘aint cheap! There was a dress in the window, which they asked if I wanted to try.

    And then found out it was a sample dress – half price. There is a god!! I don’t have a photo of me in it, as the shop were funny about it, but I do have a picture of the dress itself.


     It doesn’t need an inch of altering! It has a lace-like pattern, but covered in beads. It has a large sash around it (which the shop added separately), which ties into a large bow at the back.

    And now it’s mine! It lives in my Nan’s wardrobe – and I have to wait 11 months to wear it again image.

    Right - now off to enjoy the weekend's sunshine! Have good one peeps xxx

  • Stunning venue and dress! Can't wait to read more of this image
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    Ah Rutland Water - we looked at Normaton Church too, but we couldn't find any local venues we liked.. pity it is lovely and so unsual!

  • Yes I agree, more please!

  • Where is the farmer's field/who owns it? I am also planning a Normanton Church wedding and have been looking for exactly this - a field we can rent for a marquee or tipis! Any tips would be so amazing.

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    I know there's a field called cedar field near market bosworth that you can hire. When we were thinking of getting married in the uk we looked into that! I live really close to Rutland water so I don't know why I don't go there more often it's beautiful! Loving the look of this thread, hope its updated soon! X
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    What an amazing ceremony venue, its stunning! The weekend is over... why have you not returned, we're all hooked here, waiting for more... I may even start drooling in a minute!

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