All-a-fluster planning for 05.01.2013

Hello ladies!

I've recently started using this site after panic setting in about our fast-approaching wedding day.  We're getting married at Ripley Castle on 05.01.2013 and am quite behind in the planning due to various life events as of late, so I'm making this thread to make me feel better about what's been organised!

A little background first ... Tom and I have been together just over 8 years.  We met when I was 18 and he was 20 whilst I was on a gap year between college and Uni.  We have been through a lot together, and I feel that we are able to get through anything life can throw at us.  We shared a single bed in a tiny box room for three years whilst I was doing my degree, we moved to a new city together away from all of our friends and family, we had some family deaths and break-ups, and we had a baby who was born premature and poorly.  Phew!  After a hard time, our wonderful son is a fit and healthy 1-year old now, and we've made a great circle of friends here.  We are living in a lovely house with loads of room, and are both doing well in our jobs.  Life is finally being kind to us and we're planning our wedding to complete our relationship and to show to the world that we intend to stay together and support each other through thick and thin.

So, here come the pictures of what's been planned so far:

The ceremony - Ripley church

 The reception - Ripley Castle



 The dress - a one-off designer sample by Phil Colins (they're making me a jacket too):

 The accessories:


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  • Lord knows why it's posted twice!


    I've got to nip out - more pictures to follow x

  • Shrugs for me and BMs




     Cake - chocolate, jam and buttercream and lemon drizzle tiers in choc and ivory icing

     Table bird cages

     Wishing tree like this

     Tags like this


     Going to DIY calla lilly bouquets like this

     Each bouquet will have a unique silk scarf which will be the BMs gifts

     Pew ends

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