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It'll be alright on the night

I've spent the last two months or so reading about the plans of lots of lucky ladies and marvelled at how advanced their wedding plans were despite their fears to the contrary and with months still months to go before the big day


My turn to spill ...

Not for the feint-hearted this could either calm frazzled nerves or totally shred them to pieces ...

Until he proposed and the great big wedding wheel was set in motion I hadn't really appreciated how organised H2B could be. Although in hindsight there were signs ...

To think, I'd been labouring under the misapprehension that we were pretty similar in our laid back, lets not make too big a fuss approach to life. Turns out that's just me! 

Eyes across a crowded room

I met H2B in a bar in Nottingham last century!  He claims to have had his eye on me from the moment I walked in and phase one of his plan was successfully completed when he left with my number that night.  Phase two didn’t go quite to plan however.  His intentions of a one night stand were well and truly foiled OR it's been a hell of a long night!

Three months in we had to face up to the fact we were boy/girlfriend, neither could really understand how that had happened.

We've both been married before, both have kids, neither wanted any more kids and neither expected to marry again. That was all on track for almost 13 years!

There's a theme to how we operate, we're pretty slow off the mark but once we make a decision its full steam ahead.



 The Happy Couple

As time goes by

We dated happily for 3 years til one day out of the blue H2B said we should sell our houses and move in together – that was some commitment seeing as my package included a (by then) 6 year old.  BUT H2B was definitely up for it.  No sooner said than done - he'd already lined up houses for us to go and look at. (Early warning signs of organisation - missed.)  Almost straight away we found a house he loved and I trusting his judgement (he was right) we bought it.  We’d both sold our respective homes really quickly with the sales completing just two weeks apart.  H2B had the luxury of two weeks in "our" home on his own before the chaos of my life descended.   He’s definitely the romantic in our relationship – the first thing he did was to carry me over threshold before treating me to fish, chips and champagne on our first official night of living together. 

Plus one

A year later we bought a dog which truly sealed the union – once again a snap decision acted upon and fulfilled pronto.  Thistle was the best first dog anyone could hope for; even people frightened of dogs took to her – maybe it was her smile! 



 Thistle dog



  • And another

    One year on we doubled the dog quota with Holly.  


    These dogs have played a really big part in all our lives.  Ultimately we both gave up our jobs and started a business together working from home. 

    Not sure I’d recommend living and working together all in the same place; opposite characteristics might complement each other and ensure all bases are covered making for a strong business but driving each other mad most days and surviving  is pretty hard work.  And try leaving work behind when you live and work in the same space.


    Itchy feet

    No sooner had we got the house and garden just how we wanted it H2B found another house he fell in love with; a thatched cottage on a great road.  A move was in the offing.  We put our house on the market with the specific brief that if we didn’t sell at a good price within 8 weeks we’d take it back off the market – some ask!  What do you know – we sold.  But we didn’t buy the thatched cottage we bought a house at the other end of the road with plans to develop it.  Once finished we’d finally be able to separate work from home and leave work behind at the end of each day … Sounds like a dream.


    Building a future

    Yet again think it and before you realise it we're doing it.  We lived on a building site for almost three years – worth it in the end but again at times quite a trial; frequently more a nightmare than a dream. 

    What became clear is that H2B is the ideas man – he looks at the big picture then points me in the general direction to sort out the details.  Then when I’ve narrowed down the options in he swoops to negotiate a great deal.  He honed his skills very well over many many months of spending which has certainly been very useful over these past few months.


    The house build presented a whole new range of tests for the relationship – not least for nine months three of us and two big dogs lived and worked in the new (two room) office whilst the house was gutted and redone.  It was certainly an adventure. 





     But worth it in the end

    We’ve certainly tested our relationship over the years but we’ve survived it all with barely a scratch I’m very pleased to say. Not taking anything too seriously and always asking what’s the worst that can happen definitely helps. 

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    wow im so jealous of your life! love the little monkeys! give us more image

  • Life turned upside down

    So far so good.  For 11+ years everything was great.

    Then out of the blue Thistle fell ill. She was diagnosed with an inoperable tumour in her spine and within two weeks of first showing symptoms she passed away.  It was such a shock and totally devastating.  We were torn apart.

    For the first time ever, albeit briefly, the thought of getting married was mentioned; we both felt losing Thistle made us wish we were married.  Then, life carried on and the moment passed.

    We were going to wait before getting another dog but that didn’t last.  The hole Thistle left was immense; so we filled it.  Welcome Daisy.



    Busy, busy, busy

    Once again balance was restored.  Business was great.  Life was full.  Holidays few and far between.  For a variety of reasons last year we missed out on holidays totally so when H2B suggested in October that we book a holiday in the Maldives over my birthday I thought nothing more than Hallelujah sun and sea in the winter, bring it on.  On reflection there were some signs that I could have picked up on that suggested something was in the offing.


    Utter subterfuge

    In the run up to the holiday H2B had decided he would propose whilst we were away. 

    The lengths he went to are amazing but caused him so much stress.  Particularly as he couldn’t ask me to help with the things I’m good at and always deal with for him – the research and details. 

    He sourced and bought a diamond which he then had set and which he then roped my mum in to collect for him.  That meant she also had a secret she couldn’t share with me. The day before we went on holiday I spent with my Mum at a spa for my birthday – unknown to me what was meant to be a wholly relaxing experience was torture for my Mum who was dying to tell me what was going on. 

    Oblivious to everything my focus was on the holiday.  I didn’t even notice H2B’s slip which he told me later led him to believe I’d rumbled him.  On the way over to pick my Mum up to take her to the spa I’d passed a lay-by full of camper vans.  That evening I’d been telling H2B about this and couldn’t recall what they were called – he volunteered camper vans which had I thought it through would have let on that he’d been out to my Mum’s and why would he do that?  Was I suspicious? Not in the slightest and when I asked how he knew that I believed him totally when he said they were always there – despite the fact I’d never seen them before I figured I must’ve just missed them before.

    H2B’s guilty conscience at hiding his sneaking around from me was taking its toll – he was convinced I’d sussed him at various stages.  When I’d taken a bag from his wardrobe to go to the spa he thought I must have seen the box – nope, I was looking for the bag found the bag and didn’t even look at anything else.

    H2B definitely needed a holiday!!


    Fine tuning the plan

    When we finally arrived could he relax?  No.  He had to persuade the manager to take responsibility for the ring until he needed it, he had to find the ideal spot for his big question and then decide when he’d do it.  And still I was oblivious – in hindsight he needn’t have worried anything like as much as he did that I’d catch on.


  • Our life is great nats2013 but we don't really get much chance to make the most of it - we only have the life we do as a result of the intensely long hours we put into running a business BUT we do so at a cost - the business runs and fills our life.  But I do have to say that sitting down and taking the time to reflect on our life story is also giving me the oportunity to appreciate just what we've got too.

  • A man with a Plan

    And then the day dawned.  As it happens St Andrew’s day – appropriate from a Scot.  During dinner H2B disappeared – again in his mind I’d be suspicious, in my mind … not a second thought!  As we walked down the jetty that balmy night to the appointed spot I was enjoying a lovely relaxing holiday with my lovely boyfriend.  Ten minutes later I was speechless.  Literally.  Possibly for the first time ever.  Sitting on the end of the jetty in paradise with tropical fish swimming in the light under the jetty he’d asked me to marry him.  After being together for 12 years and 362 days where did that come from?

    The ring he’d created is amazing. I didn’t realise just how amazing until other people saw it and put it into context.  Wow – this guys definitely a keeper!!


    I spent the rest of the holiday with a huge smile on my face.  I didn’t think I was bothered about getting married.  How wrong I was.  H2B’s proposal moved everything to a totally different level, for both of us.  It is truly amazing.  Even now I can’t believe I’m going to be his wife.


    When, where …

    At various stages through the rest of the holiday our thoughts turned to the wedding.  Typical us, having taken the first step the next would not be too far behind.  My first suggestions were Gretna or Vegas.  H2B wanted something more traditional.

    Ideas changed quite a bit in the very early days.  What we did agree on was that we’d not be waiting another 13 years before the wedding!


    Diaries checked

    Once we returned from holiday we set about checking availability of the important invitees.  Combining school holidays and H2B’s middle son’s return from tour of duty overseas would ultimately be the determining factors.  So the date was set.  12th April 2013.  133 days after the proposal – our kind of challenge.  And by then we’d “wasted” three weeks in reaching the decision!!

    Bring it on...

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    Ooo loving this!!!! imageimageimage
  • The countdown begins

    Mindful of the timeframes we’d set our aim over the Christmas break was to find and book a venue before we returned to work on 2nd January. 

    We’re both very private people and neither relished the prospect of being the centre of attention so a very small affair for just immediate family followed by a party at home the following weekend seemed the obvious choice.  With this in mind we began a search online for possible venues on the internet. 

    Then H2B confessed he didn’t really want a big party.  So we sat down and drew up a list of the people we’d really want to share our day.  We had a list of almost 40 and based on this began the search again with the focus on a venue which we could take over. 

    With the parameters set H2B took over the search.  He presented me with his final two and we compared our first and second choices.  There was no contest.  Decision reached he made the calls and booked the venue.

    Take a look around - the man is a genius ...


    Pentillie Castle, Cornwall


    The Castle itself and ...



    ... the Bathing House where our civil ceremony will take place.


     The Bathing House


     The Dining Room


    The Bridal Suite

  • Gulp – I was going to have to buy a dress

    For the record, I HATE clothes shopping.  I can’t shop for clothes with other people; opinions from other people make me want to cut and run. I’m an in-and-out-shopper - I prefer to head into town knowing precisely what I want and where I can get it.  I didn’t think that would be an option on this occasion.


    Project Wedding Dress

    Having read on YAYW how many shops and how many dresses B2Bs try before even coming close to finding the dress of their dreams I envisaged the road ahead to be long and winding.  Although I’ve done it once before I have absolutely no recollection of the experience; could it be it’s like childbirth, so traumatic your brain wipes the slate once the experience is over??? 

    Come on, I’ve built a house – I know how to approach a project.  Planning and research is everything …

    What a blessing the internet is to those of us averse to spending too long in real shops! Research was going pretty well.  I created a pretty hefty virtual album and when reviewing began to see a pattern.  It seems I knew what I was after.   And then I came across an advert for a wedding dress sale in Nottingham.  Throwing caution to the wind I registered for an appointment.

    I only went to have a look and fearing I'd get sucked into the abyss only paid and displayed for 2 hours - enforcing a time limit to prevent any over enthusiastic assistant getting their claws into me for too long.  

    It seems I was way too harsh a critic of the bridalwear professionals. 

    I wobbled briefly as I entered the showroom - the choice was pretty overwhelming.  BUT I bravely ventured forth ... "pick out as many as you'd like to try on" said Carla, the very helpful assistant.  So I did.  

    HOW MANY???!!!  I managed to select soooo many …

    It transpires the internet is no substitute for seeing dresses, feeling dresses, trying on dresses.  Those elements I thought I wanted it turned out I didn’t when I tried on dresses like those I’d chosen virtually.

    Five dresses in I was flagging and maybe Carla could see that at any moment I was going to make a dash for the door.  However, she had clearly been paying attention when I'd voiced what I liked and, more often, what I didn't like about each of the dresses I'd tried on.

    Suddenly the up-until-then-very-attentive Carla disappeared.  When she returned she had another dress in her arms - weren't the 15 I'd already chosen to try on enough?  

    It turns out they were more than enough; forget my 15 - the ONE Carla picked was "THE ONE".  It matched what I'd liked in the dresses I tried on and save in one respect (which Carla assured me was essential - and in hindsight I had to agree) had none of the elements that I didn't like.  


    Against my better judgement Carla had me walk across the shop to see it in a different light - really? - to see it on front of other people I think she meant!  I think the other bride to be was a little taken aback to hear this was the first shop I'd been to and that I had found the dress I was going to wear.  

    Apparently bursting into tears in front of a stranger reinforces that the decision is being the right one!  So it is clearly the right one!!

    It turns out I'm a rarity - Carla hadn't previously encountered anyone quite so decisive. Knowing what I didn't want made it easier for her to work out what I did want.  

    Then I had to break it to everyone who may have thought they’d be involved in the dresscapade that it was done and dusted!  I think not taking anyone with me 

    helped; with no opinions on how any of the dresses looked on me (and to be honest they all looked great they just weren't what I was after) to take into account I could just get on with it.  And I did.  


    It took me 1 hour 15mins to choose the most important dress of my life. And it remains a secret.  Nobody invited to the wedding is going to see it until the wedding.  I quite like that in view of how small the event is going to be.


    However, ladies, I don’t imagine anyone reading this via YAYW is invited to my wedding so here it is (albeit worn by another bride on her special day).







     And here it is playing the starring role in someone else's wedding.  

  • The boutique had a wall full of photos of brides on their wedding day in an unimaginable array of dresses.  Everyone without exception looked amazing.  And you know what I determined as I browsed the wall?  Every single one would have looked just as amazing dressed in any other of those dresses on the wonder wall.  

    That must be why however far from the dream dress of the bride on DTTB the H2B manages to stray she still looks beautiful on her wedding day.

  • Finding the right balance for a second-time-round wedding

    We have a minor problem here – H2B is very traditional and wanted a “proper” wedding.  I’m not big on matchy-matchy which is how H2B envisages tradition and had misgivings early on about the level of formality - this being a second wedding and both of us being mid-40s.  I got over it figuring what harm is there in giving H2B his dream wedding and there was bound to be some way of lightening the formality.  

    So, upping the ante, I asked my sister if my nieces would like to be mini bridesmaids.  Daft question but you have to ask (I don’t think they’d have got over it if I hadn’t asked although they were somewhat taken aback that uncle A and auntie K weren’t actually married already.  My 7-year old niece was horrified!!!)  They definitely wanted to be bridesmaids – NOT flower girls.  Cue sister in tears.  This was the second time, the first time was when I broke the news of the engagement although that may just have been shock.  This time pure emotion.  And then when I came to my sense about three weeks later and asked her to be MOH (need someone to organise everything, fasten me into my dress and keep mini BMs in check) she burst into tears AGAIN.  It's starting to remind me of our childhood!!!  Bless her!     

    Three BMs it is then.  But, still labouring, albeit to a lesser extend, under those earlier concerns of overdoing things at a second wedding I decided by not matching outfits the overall effect would be more informal.


    Settling on a colour scheme

    The initial idea for a colour scheme was a muted palette of spring colours – pales blues, pinks, yellows … pretty and traditional.  BUT not really me I’m afraid.  As quiet and retiring as I am in personality I can more than make up for it (since turning 40) in my choice of colours clothingwise; whilst I’m most at ease in jeans and brown the alternative is pretty vibrant. 

    I blame the advent of in-your-face colour on exercise.  A couple of years ago I agreed to do the London Moonwalk which meant getting out and doing a lot of walking – in order to be seen in early morning and fading afternoon light I opted for neon kit and found myself wondered why it had taken me so long to try out these colours!!!  Before long I'd translated the bright pinks, oranges etc into non-training kit too.   

    So, on the basis your wedding should be a reflection of “you” - out went muted in came bright.  And not just one but three brights.


     The colour scheme and the effect I'm hoping to achieve


    H2B is struggling to get his head round the fact I want my MOH and 2 mini maids all in a different colour dresses – that does not sit well with his idea of a wedding.  His sense of tradition is struggling.  In order to lessen the impact of three BMs I want each to stand out in their own right. I want vibrancy and if things clash all the better.

    The flowers will tie the theme together.



  • Dressing the boys

    It occurs to me that the boys’ team will be as mismatched as the girls’ – maybe I need to point this out to H2B and suggest that’s the co-ordination he’s craving!

    H2B has said all along that he’d be wearing his kilt.  He’s a true Scot in that regard - any opportunity and it’s on.  It has a thin gold line through it so will look great with a yellow tie – that co-ordinates (with one bridesmaid anyway).


    Best man, H2B’s middle son, will wear RAF dress uniform (including a ceremonial sword - cake cutting opportunity I wonder?).  H2B’s eldest (26) decided as he’s half Scottish he’d surprise his dad and also wear a kilt.  A couple of weeks later H2B ruined that surprise by suggesting that both our two boys (men) should be ushers – it was inevitable that we’d forget something – ushers – D’oh!  Not only has he appointed ushers but he decided he’d like them to wear kilts.  I didn’t expect that to be an easy sell for me to make to my 16-year old!  I was surprised - I think he figures his ‘big bro’ has got his back - if they look daft they’ll look daft together.  We’re adding to the line up - also going to hire a kilt for my 6-year old nephew (twin to one of the mini maids) so he’s part of it all along with his sisters - not sure yet what his job will be - directing everyone where to stand for photos, minding the dogs … 

    Looking at a modern take on the highand outfit for the boys ...


     Not sure our boys will look quite this comfortable - maybe they'll need to wear it round the house to practice.  

  • Took a trip with boys (16 and 26) yesterday to try on kilts.  They both really surprised me.  The 26-year old is wondering whether he couldn't start a craze locally for kilts on nights out clubbing.  Perlease - calm down love.  One step at a time.

    They're even happy with cravatt colours.  They argued in jest over who would have the shocking pink one initially - both favouring it over orange until they saw a photo of the bright orange against a black shirt then they both wanted that one.  It's looking like 26 who bagged the pink too soon is stuck with it whilst 16-year old will wear orange - subject to a spot of bribery that may go on behind the scenes in the intervening period!

    H2B in yellow - 6-year old yet to be consulted.  Progress made.

  • Checking out the goods

    Having only seen the actual wedding venue online we decided to take a trip down to Cornwall to check it out for ourselves with 14 weeks to go.  Also made visits to the caterers to taste the wedding menu and the florist to decide what we wanted.

    It transpires in every respect H2B has triumphed:

    Pentillie Castle is beautiful with plenty of photo opportunities whether we’re blessed with sunshine or not.  The dogs, although not allowed in the castle proper will have a home in the boot room and may even be joined by the owners labs during the daytime - lucky girls.  They'll be present for the wedding - decked out in specially crafted collars to match the flowers. 

    The caterers have won a number of awards including for the past 4 years being named the West Country Wedding Caterer of the Year.  The tasting menu was to die for.  I have never tasted such exquisite lamb - our guests will be very impressed.

    The florist was full of ideas having been given a palette and range of flowers we’d like to incorporate.  Pentillie doesn’t need much by way of florification (sorry made up word but seems to fit the bill) and we’re very much of the view more is less; we’re hoping by April the garden at Pentillie will provide a display of its own.  The flowers will be bright pink, orange, yellow and lime (roses, germinis, freesias and kermit chrysanthemums) with a thistle in my bouquet and H2B’s button hole in memory of the big dog who’s no longer around to share our day.  She'd have made a perfect bridesmate - not so sure about these two.  Have visions of chaos - will have to recommence some at home dog training in preparation.  Will not be terribly amused (although resigned would cover it) if we lose one dog into the river only to be rewarded with a big wet hug very soon afterwards (definitely not out of the question).

  • LL1810LL1810 Posts: 417

    Amazing venue! I'm also marrying a Scot so enjoying this!

  • Dogs' "outfits" sorted:


     And modelled by Daisy - as divalike as ever bored by the photo sesion



  • Here's one I made earlier - keeping the day job

    A second foray into DIY is the prototype (pretty poor) for the place cards.  I bought a job lot of large antique keys from France via Ebay.  We’ll take photos on the day of the each guest in their finery and print them off on a Polaroid Pogo.  The ribbon colours relate to the meal options which will enable the caterers to serve the relevant guests the meal they’ve selected without having to ask what they're having.



  • Roles in the planning and prep for everyone who wanted to contribute

    We're planning and paying for the wedding ourselves which meant declining a range of offers of assistance from the outset.  However, as a means of avoiding upsetting various family members we've tried to find ways for them to get involved without impacting on the (non-negotiable) aspects we want full control over.

    MOB is making the cake.  I'm not a fan of icing and heavy cake so we're after a naked chocolate cake - not the first attempt which was covered in frosting, not the second attempt which was layered with thick buttercream.  The third attempt would have been great if the cake hadn't been a fat free sponge.  So with a "real" sponge the cake is on track to meet expectations:


    I've also arranged for a cake topper to be made which should look like the two of us and the dogs.  A bit naff but H2B saw one and was really taken with it.  Not sure how it's going to turn out - fingers crossed.  Hopefully it'll be along these lines ...



  • BIL is our photographer.  

    Neices are making favours - this is what they are using for inspiration - how close they'll match is anyone's guess!!




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    Really like this thread already! You have a lovely writing style, fault hooked already!

    Love the dogs colours and of course the kilts! X
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    Oh I'm having bright colours too so jp keen to see more of your ideas!!! X
  • Preparing to eat, drink and make merry

    Pentillie is a standalone venue which means we've had to arrange food, drink, service and entertainment ourselves.

    As the plans have developed so has the composition of the day.  What was going to be very low key and quiet affair has spiralled (not quite out of control yet ...) - and as it has we've realised how much we've improved on the day; this is a day we are going to remember fondly forever, and hopefully so will those most important to us.

    H2B's dreams for a string quartet accompanying his wedding are to be realised.  Notwithstanding reading an article (welll starting it then boring very quickly!) advising the most "overused wedding ceremony pieces of music everyone ought to avoid" (WHATEVER) we've gone for wholly traditional entry and exit music - I must confess that even my hard and unromantic heart was turned to mush just listening to Pachelbel’s Canon in D and Wagners Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin - what's not to love I ask you?

    The quartet will then provide the ambiance for the drinks and canapes between the ceremony and dinner.

    This interlude will also be the stage for the caricaturist.  Again, one of those things that H2B has always been drawn to - and until now I've always managed to avoid.  I hate having my photo taken let alone asking someone to emphasise those aspects of how I look that I have issues with ... And on my wedding day - that's true love I can tell you.  Every guest will have a picture drawn and after the event we'll get a copy of each to put together a collage as part of our wedding album.

    We'll be cutting the cake before dinner so the caterers can then prepare it as part of the dessert - no pressure mum!

    Dinner - Mmmmmmm.

    This I am already really looking forward to - for me that is saying something.


    Hot smoked pigeon breast, celeriac remoulade, pickled apple


    Wild mushroom & mascarpone risotto (v)


    Main Course

    Slow roast shoulder & seared loin of Lamb, white onion puree, roast baby beetroot, dauphinoise potatoes, thyme gravy


    Gilt head bream, clam chowder sauce


    Spinach & three cheese tart, warm potato & mixed bean salad (v)



    Mum's naked chocolate wedding cake with masticated berries, homemade vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce


    Breakfast over speeches followed by a live band - no idea how this happened - again H2B decided to throw the plans for quiet and understated out of the window - good on him.


    All that's left is drink then.  Our garage is like a bonded warehouse at the moment.  H2B has been stocking up.  The slightest whiff of a supermarket with an offer on champagne and he's been rounding up the usual suspects to head on down and clean the shelves.  We've Bellini and Bucks Fizz for before the ceremony, regular and pink champagne for after the ceremony and for toasting (and actually for the rest of the wedding too given the quantity) and wine for the wedding breakfast.  If you don't drink we seem to have overlooked you!

    That's most of the senses catered for.

  • Unsteady on my feet

    If the volume of alcohol doesn't leave me unsteady on my feet my shoes definitely will.  I have taken steps to try and avoid the former  - the caterers have noted "bride's a lightweight - gets p'd easily - DO NOT keep refilling glass".  The shoes though ....


     I never wear high heels.  I rarely wear shoes at all since we work from home.  So what possessed me to buy ridiculously vertiginous shoes for my wedding day?  I'm trying to wean myself onto heels but don't have anything that compares.  Chances to wear in both the shoes and my feet are few and far between as H2B is always here.  I'll be just shy of 6' - hope the wedding dress can carry this.  Trying it on early in March - and if I'm honest I'm almost hoping it won't be long enough for the shoes - they're murder.

    MOH is looking at green Jimmy Choos - I'm starting to wonder if we shouldn't all have green shoes to tie in the whole colour scheme ...


  • Naked wedding cake that's nothing, at this rate it'll be naked BMs!

    So far the BMs colour scheme is still just a plan.  Haven't yet found dresses.  BUT all is not yet lost.  Off to London to meet up with BMs tomorrow.  Will have a good chat with neices tomorrow evening to canvas their views before heading off on Saturday to the National Wedding Show in the morning and Oxford St etc on Saturday afternoon with sister (MOH).  We willnot be leaving until we have three dresses in the bag. 

    Watch this space!

  • Loving this. We have a similar colour scheme bright ad bold colours an definitely the way forward image
  • Still 6+ weeks to go and apart from some perishables (and wine) to buy and tinkering I do believe we're done. At least in terms of essentials. Famous last words! Feels a bit unnerving. I'm not comfortable with advance planning. It's like packing a suitcase a week before a holiday instead of on the day of travel. Things change. With so much time left who knows what might happen ...


    BMs all have dresses. And shoes.

    I have head wear - a beautiful couture "hat" with birdcage veil which solves the question of what to do about hair.

    I even have underwear.

    Dress fitting booked for 12.03.13 - a month before the big day.

    Haircut and 'practise' with head wear booked - 29.03.13 - 2 weeks before

    What will I do then???

    I'll be blinging some trainers to take over from the shoes and ensure MOH and I are fit for dancing come the evening. And then I'll be finding a range of non-essential faffing to do!
  • What can I say ...


     ... makes it all feel a little more real.  Out of all the secret planning I've done this is the purchase I most want to tell H2B about (but can't)!

  • becca54becca54 Posts: 78

    it all sounds soo amazing! 

    where did you get your cake topper from, absolutely love it!

  • Ooops - I appear to have overlooked stationery - orders of service, place settings, menus ... Consequently many hours have been spent today preparing templates for the printers.












    Poor attempt at key fob place settings



  • I found the "cake topper lady" on Etsy - 

    Her name is Tracy - email: [email protected]

  • MissLMissL Posts: 427
    Just wanted to say congratulations and everything looks wonderful! We've both done everything in the same time frame and we are date twins imageimage 40 days to go!!! Xx
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