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My big fat blue (and red) 2014 chinese and west indian music infused wedding

So where do i start - if you are reading this please let me know what i am missing. 

"that's the story of, that's the glory of .. love"

We met at uni - (don't get too excited) he was a year below me although he is two years older than me (he took a gap year) and i am a young one in the year and he is an older one. We hung around the same group and i knew he fancied me but i was NOT interested. At the time he was the typical drunken loutish bloke who would drag themselves home most Monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday nights and thinking back on it i thought i could do much better. but there was always something. 

Once i left uni We saw each other once evey now and again at uni reunions but spoke via text a bit more regulaly than that! and the texts were always a bit flirty. fast forward  7 years a good friend of mine was getting married and he was invited -  so i called or text him so talk about the wedding the arrangements etc and he said he was coming to london so we should meet up.  

Little did i know he was going to bring a wing man along image so the early part of the date/meet up (i still protest it was a date - he disagrees) was slightly akward, so i proceeded to drink my akwardness away!image whoops - so as you guessed it by the end of the evening i was blotto! he was the perfect gent although i very agressivly propositioned him - he got me on the train home and then made his way home and called me once he got home to check i was ok. 

Convinced i had embarrased myself beyond reprehension - i dragged my self into work the next day.  and thought no more of it 

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