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I was in two minds about starting a planning thread but I've decided to take the plunge (with a little (A LOT) of persuasion from fox-in-the-flowers!)

I'm a bit worried about being 'outed' and I know I've been found on here already! But I can't be bothered to anonymise everything. So if you know me, or know anyone who knows me, stop reading now or your computer will self destruct in five.... four.... three.... two..... 

To everyone else, hope you enjoy image xxx



  • DrBridezillaDrBridezilla Posts: 1,018

    About Us!

    Sorry Fox, I'm stealing your titles! I think it will help me find stuff image

    Not going to write heaps about us as I don't think it's too exciting!

    We met at school when I was 16 and OH was 17. We had been at the same school since I was 8 but in different circles... I think I probably fancied him because he was in a band image  We have both changed quite a lot since! We will celebrate our 9-year anniversary in May and we have turned into proper grown-ups together image 

    There isn't really a long story of how we got together, it's long-winded and all a bit teenager-y!

    I don't think i have any decent pictures of us when we first got together - lost that camera many moons ago. Here is one from fairly early on:


    and one more recently with some friends...




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    Dr Bridezilla!  You are doing a planning htread - yippee!  I am looking forward to reading it! x

  • image image image image image image image image image image KEEEEEEEEEEEEP WRITING!!!!!!!! image. You are such a gorgeous couple, and feel free to steal away image xxx

  • Ps. Was it the Puss In Boots eyes? image xxx

  • DrBridezillaDrBridezilla Posts: 1,018

    The Proposal

    Having been together such a long time, we had talked about getting married lots. I'd always been in two minds about marriage as my own parents are divorced but I gradually came round to the idea! 

    OH had always said he would need to save up money for a shiny ring for me before he asked image 

    Once he had been working a while, quite a few of my friends had become engaged and I did start to wonder if t might be my turn soon! We were going to Barbados in a few months and I had a suspicion he might ask me then... But OH had other ideas!

    On an utterly random weekend we announced we were going out for the day and that we had talked about it before. I was a bit baffled but to save face agreed that I remembered the conversation. In fact OH had completely made it up image

    He said I could choose where we went as I hadn't chosen a trip for us for a while so I chose here: 

    which is an awesome medical curios museum - highly recommended. 

    He said we could go anywhere I wanted for lunch. Being completely unaware of the gravity of the situation, I insisted we went to Paul lol. OH tried to persuade me to go somewhere a bit more special but I was adamant... Luckiliy there were no seats so we settled on Cafe Rouge - not the swanky location OH had in mind but lovely all the same! We shared a bottle of wine and explored the Wellome collection somewhat tipsily! 



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    oh yes!!!!!

  • DrBridezillaDrBridezilla Posts: 1,018

    The Proposal Part II

    When we got home, OH set about cooking us a lovely dinner. Usually we immediately change into our slouchies but OH oddly didn't so I stayed smart too image 

    I kept trying to help but OH insisted I'd had a very busy week so should take it easy with my feet up - not true, but I wasn't going to argue! 

    I'd like to add here that I am a really suspicious person and the fact that I didn't rumble something was up is still slightly annoying! 

    So OH cooked me a delicious steak with a fabulous bottle of wine... And then it was time for dessert... I'd already cooked brownies that we'd decided to have but OH said he'd smuggled in something to eat so I had to close my eyes... 

    I assumed he'd bought something to go with the brownies! I knew we already had ice cream and he doesn't like cream. So, to be honest, I was expecting custard! I kept making a fuss as I though it might be something cold and /or wet lol. 

    Then he put something in my hands and told me I could open my eyes... I opened them to find that it wasn't custard, it was a beautiful ring image OH said some lovely things which sadly I was too excited to take in! And asked if I would marrry him.

    After lots of happy tears and quite a few 'are you sure? really?? really?'s I said yes image

    He then produced a lovely bottle of champagne: 


    which embarrassingly he had smuggled into the house in the week and hidden in the vegetable drawer of the fridge so I wouldn't find it image 



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    Oh this looks like it could be my type of planning thread image

  • DrBridezillaDrBridezilla Posts: 1,018

    Thanks lovelies, yes Fox, it was the puss-in-boots eyes! I just couldn't resist!

    It's been a nice distraction from the in-laws who I'm with today - although FIL has asked what essay I'm writing lol, might have to have a rest! 


  • Thirdthing2Thirdthing2 Posts: 1,288

    Ring picture please! image


  • I LOVE your proposal, the museum sounds amazing too!!! I am such a suspicious person and I didn't twig Mr F was going to propose either! image. Glad to hear they eyes helped image. Noooooooooo please don't rest before ring pictures!!!!! image xxx

  • DrBridezillaDrBridezilla Posts: 1,018

    The Rings

    Yes, The ringS! I'm at the in-laws atm so will have to edit this to put pics in when I'm home on Tuesday. 

    But... OH proposed with a beautiful gold edwardian ring. 

    Kind of like this in style  - I will replace with a real pic later!

    But he said this was just an inbetweenie ring as he knew I would want to choose my own. He said he knew I'd always fancied a Tiffany & Co ring so had made sure he's saved enough money for one image 

    We went to have a look there and although they were gorgeous, it just didn't feel right and I decided I would like to get one made.

    The one I would've got...


    My lovely OH came with my to an obscene number of jewelley shops including every single one in bluewater! Without a word of compaint! 

    My favourite was this Ernest Jones number, although I saw a beautiful one in Fraser Hart too: 

    And here's the beautiful ring I am the lucky owner of:

    *imagine beautiful shiny ring until I post a pic!*





  • BuddletBuddlet Posts: 1,289
    DrB has a thread wooooo!! Xxx
  • Yay you're doing a planning thread!!!!! I love that your OH hid the fizz in the vegetable drawer image
  • DrBridezillaDrBridezilla Posts: 1,018

    The Venue

    The choice of ceremony venue was never up for question really. I was Christened in our local Church; St Nicholas. My mum got married there 5 years ago and until recently my step-dad was church warden - although he's not esecially religious! 

    OH and I both went to a Cathedral school and would not have felt right having a civil ceremony.

    The vicar is now a family friend and he's excited that we are the first couple he has married where he also married on of their parents! Admittedly not the parents together but that's just a minor detail! He came to 'vicaring' late in life so we may be the only ones!

    Here are some pics of our Church, it's not the prettiest ever but lovely in it's own way and special to OH and I image

     and the inside.. 



  • DreambrideDreambride Posts: 394

    Ooh loving your thread more please (and THE ring picture too!) x

  • cherrydropcherrydrop Posts: 904
    The church is gorgeous! I'm looking forward to finding out where your reception will be!
  • Oooooh the ring pictures are gorgeous!!!! I love your church too - they inside looks like it has a really happy glow if that makes sense, the way the light bounces around inside image xxx

  • DrBridezillaDrBridezilla Posts: 1,018

    Thanks Dreambride image

    The bottom pic is actually very similar to my actual ring. I had another look after I'd posted and realised the one I posted wasn't available when we were looking and it was another one we looked at - very similar but without the channel-set diamonds... 

    I was going to edit the post to change it round but the editing option isn't working! 


  • DrBridezillaDrBridezilla Posts: 1,018

    Whatgraciedid, Im MORTIFIED that he hid it there and that I didn't find it!! 

    Thanks fox and cherrydrop - I'm hoping it's a lovely sunnt day as the stained glass really lights up the church in the sun image xx

  • Suzibear76Suzibear76 Posts: 333
    Yay DrB you're doing a thread image You, Fox and I can count down the days together!!

    You're church is really pretty and very picturesque and so lovely that there is a family tie to it too image

    Can't wait to read some more so get writing........
  • DrBridezillaDrBridezilla Posts: 1,018
    image demanding, much?! Maybe I'll sneak in some reception venue pics before bed image xx
  • DrBridezillaDrBridezilla Posts: 1,018

    Whatgraciedid, Im MORTIFIED that he hid it there and that I didn't find it!! 

    Thanks fox and cherrydrop - I'm hoping it's a lovely sunnt day as the stained glass really lights up the church in the sun image xx

  • DrBridezillaDrBridezilla Posts: 1,018

    Reception Venue

    Ever since I was about twelve, my Step-dad, who LOVES trees, has kept a big patch of lawn in my Mum's garden clear of plants! It's been a bit of a running joke that it was a space for a marquee for my wedding. So now it is!! 

    My Mum has a gorgeous Tudor cottage just a few minutes walk from the Church and I'm really excited to be having our reception there.

    Having a reception at home has come with it's own problems but more of that later! The only really tricky area was with my Dad - it used to be his home too and I didn't want him to feel uncomfortable. I spoke to him about it and he immediately offered his own garden which was a little awkward... And he wanted to make sure I wasn't only doing it because my Mum liked the idea. But I think he's all OK with it :S Although he's as flabbergasted as we are about how much it's costing. We thought it would be cheaper compared to a venue - sadly not!!

    I only have a few pictures of the house from when it was being restored but you get the idea... 


     There's the cottage. It's really pretty and PINK now image


     And here's the spot for the marquee! Can't believe I happen to have a view from the roof! The stables have since blown over in a storm and been replaced with much more attractive wooden ones. Although you won't be able to see them with the marquee in front anyway. 

    And that's all folks!!! For tonight anyway image 

    See you all tomorrow! xxx

  • KattiannaKattianna Posts: 272

    Yay! Excited to read your planning thread image Love the cottage it's so pretty. For some reason I have visions of you with your camera climbing the roof of your mum's cottage for a pic of the garden  image

  • DrB, the marque is going to look gorgeous! The cottage and garden are so beautiful image xxx

  • You say it will cost more than a venue, why is that?

    How much is the marquee?

    Are you doing the catering yourself?

  • DrBridezillaDrBridezilla Posts: 1,018

    hehe thanks ladies! Kattianna it was when we had scaffolding up, a long time ago now! Was a bit scary up there tbh. Fox, it's much prettier than the pic now, I'm not going to my mums for a while but next time I'm there I'll take some more pics for you image

    Alison, we're having a large, fully lined marquee with hardwood floor, luxury toilets etc so it's a lot!! 

    And we are getting in a caterer who comes highly recommended by lots of people we know and trust. But he does know how to charge! 


  • Hooray for more pictures image image image. It costs a heck of a lot to have a marquee if you get a nice one with floors and all (like you're having), my MOH had a marquee wedding and it was amazing!!! It will look so gorgeous on the day though and will be worth it image. I think it's always best to go with suppliers you know and trust image xxx

  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    i hope youve got a lot more to show us tomo!!

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