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Traditional Yorkshire wedding Favours

Hi Everybody.

I wondered if anyone could help.

Does anyone know of something traditionally yorkshire that could be given as a wedding favour?

My H2B is welsh so we are thinking of having Lovespoons, i wanted something traditional Yorkshire aswell though.

Many Thanks


  • What about heather off the moors wrapped with hessian  and placed at the bottom of the wine glass?

  • We are having henderson's relish! And maybe bottles of local ale. image Not exactly romantic favours, but hey! 

  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146
    Had to comment as my H2B is from Yorkshire and I'm welsh and we are trying to infuse both places into our day! Xx
  • Poppins- You must then be having Lamb with  Leeks and Yorkshire pudding?

  • PollyPolly Posts: 463 New bride

    Hi, Im a Yorkshire bride and we are having personalised mugs made with Yorkshire tea and Chocolate Hob Nobs (My H2B's favourites) image

  • How about Pontefract cakes (as in the liquorice sweets)?
  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146
    Actually beef with Yorkshire pud! Having welsh cakes for canap??s and lots of slate! Xx
  • MrsJCMrsJC Posts: 2,204
    How about little squares of Parkin?
  • Hi Poppins,

    How about chutneys or jams from chatsworth, or even home-made?

    I love the Hendersons idea, that is cracking!

    I think we may end up going down the personalised love hearts route, but may change my mind as yet, I have 50 weeks to go!

  • I love the parkin idea! Little squares of parkin (or welsh cakes) wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbon would be so cute image

  • What about the small waxed wrapped Wensleydale cheeses.
  • Chatsworth is Derbyshire!

  • Yeah sorry I live right on the boundary! But they do gorgeous stuff.
  • janiejujujaniejuju Posts: 212

    What about Yorkshire Mixtures sweets?
    They're boiled sweets that come in a variety of different flavours and colours.

    Staying on the sweet theme, Quality Street are made in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Mackintosh now Nestle started there.


  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146
    Haribo are from Pontefract too aren't they?? Xx
  • dawndawn Posts: 6

    Thanks everyone!! You have all given me some good ideas x

  • Snowy xSnowy x Posts: 1,100

    I like the Yorkshire Tea Idea, lol would go well with the spoon too, although wouldnt actualy recommend using a wooden spoon for making tea, ha ha, I love that you are trying to combine the two tho, Im also a welsh bride marrying an englishman ( although mine is a somersettian! ha ha )


    Perhaps a little expensive for wedding favours for all guests? These lapels are made in Sheffield, and they do charms and earrings too. There from


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