Going over the top with farm theme?

I've been reading quite a few of these threads and you have encouraged me to want to write my own and tell you about what has been going on with my wedding planning so far. With just over a year to go till mine 

Right the story so far.

Last September (2012) I was lucky enough to get a wonderful proposal from H2B on our farm. He fooled me into thinking we were just taking our two dogs (Labradors) for a walk and checking on some of the planted crops. When we take out doggies for a walk on the land we always tend to swing by one of our lakes/ponds (depends on when you class a pond size becoming a lake size and to which you'd class it as) as it is beautiful down there and the doggies love to go for a swim in there. As I was walking to go round to one side of the lake and towards our planted field H2B calls my name and I turn round to find him down on his knees holding a little box open to me (I should explain my H2B plays a fair bit of rugby and after playing it the day before had come away with a couple of little injuries as they do and therefore had a few twinges in his back and legs and therefore instead of being able to go down on one knee comfortably had to go down on two) I was the happiest I could have ever imagined that day. Although unfortunately H2B was a little concerned about telling his Dad so for a little while we just kept it to us and my parents until H2B found the courage to tell his Dad which he did a couple of weeks later and went a lot smoother than he thought it would.

We started umming and arring about the date next as we have to fit it in within the farming calendar. Oh yeah maybe should have mentioned earlier we live on a working dairy farm, H2B being main worker and soon to take over milking duties from the herdsman who is retiring after nearly 50years. We also grow crops as well.

We originally thought that we could maybe have an early September wedding and have it after combining, however with the date of combining being so uncertain and it being so late last year due to weather and then planting needing to be done straight away after combining we thought this could mean it would be too tight and risky. So we have decided on a Spring wedding at the beginning of May before we do first cut silage so we can hopefully at least have a weekend after the wedding before having to be straight back at the farm as H2B brother and his best man will be able to cover milking duties for a weekend for us.

We booked an appointment with the vicar to see if the church would be available on this date as we are getting married in our local church which is just a field away from our farm. He seemed very pleased about us using the church and having the wedding there although he kept on trying to insist on us bring the wedding forward as we were booking in for 2014 and he was like what not 2013 and we kindly explained to him that we needed the extra time to save up funds and also what's the harm in being engaged for a little while. He kept rabbiting on about weddings don't have to be expensive and bla bla either way on the 10th November 2012 we confirmed our date 3rd May 2014 exciting! (I'm one of those people that like to try and confirm things as soon as possible and then know what you're working towards knowing that x y and z is all sorted)


 So our lovely parish church is where the ceremony will happen. 


Now as you can imagine with having a bit of land around the farm we thought it would be nice to have a marquee and just use our land for putting it on and thought this would also help with the cost of the wedding. Boy were we wrong, ok yes I can understand for some people especially if there are a fair few people involved and the type of thing they are after this would be a brilliant idea, however for what w



  • Oh seemed to lost some of the thread there...... Just add it in 


    Now as you can imagine with having a bit of land around the farm we thought it would be nice to have a marquee and just use our land for putting it on and thought this would also help with the cost of the wedding. Boy were we wrong, ok yes I can understand for some people especially if there are a fair few people involved and the type of thing they are after this would be a brilliant idea, however for what we would need it was just ridiculous the sort of prices we were being quotes for the marquees and then also for all the extras that would have for go with it (insurance for instance you have to get insurance on it so if anything happened you were covered this never crossed my mind but call my naive and then how much cover they were saying you would have to get to cover the items you were hiring omg). I went to several different companies in the areas for quotes and well they were just well out of our price range as what we were being quotes just for the marquee obviously not including the catering, entertainment etc was pretty much the whole of the budget for what we were planning on using for everything. So we had to knock it on the head and look for other options.

    We were rather limited in where to look next as with my side of the family especially they are dotted all over the place and therefore some would be travelling quiet a distance whereas H2B family are all very local. Our church is quiet out in the countryside and there aren't any venues immediately close so we figured we'd work of a radius of 10miles from the church was a fair distance to ask people to travel onto. We started looking around and there was only really one place where we thought hit all the boxes for what we’re looking for and once H2B heard there was a room included for us to stay in for the night he was sold and just excited about having that. So just after New Year we confirmed with the venue and have booked The Abbey Hotel



     Also one of the best parts about confirming the venue when we did was that they will let us have it at 2013 pricings and so we don’t have to pay any more if it goes up again in 2014 like it has been doing previous years BOOM! We also confirmed the entertainment in using their resident DJ and we have a meeting with them to speak about songs we would like playing during the evening and also of course for our first dance song.

    Then it’s been onto sorting all the other bits……..

  • Ok onto some of the other bits the fun bits and back to the original question can you have too much farm theme?

    As I said we live on a working dairy farm and so therefore I really wanted to link this into the theme of the wedding.

    First of all (as said earlier like to be organised) colour theme I’ve tried to follow like the rustic/country/farm sort of colours and so for my bridesmaid dresses, we’ve gone with a colour called celery. Although I’m sure this conjures up imagines of like a lime green sort of colour and eww so to put this at ease. Here is the colour of the dresses but not the style we have gone with:



     As said though this is merely to show you an example of the colour. Although this is a lovely design not the one we have picked.

    So that was the colour theme sorted.


    I think the centre pieces start to show the true reflection of the farm theme. To begin with I sourced some cow shaped creamers:



     I thought these would be nice to put in the centrepieces and place some herbs in them and make them. I thought these would put a smile on people’s faces and just a nice touch to have the herbs inside them.

    Next step to the centrepieces Milk Bottles, yes I figured what would go with a cow creamer milk bottles so I went hunting on the web (god knows what I would do without the internet) and I found a website where collectors and people who are looking to sell or buy milk bottles have a sell/wanted/swap sight. I placed an advert on their requesting the amount I thought I would need to be able to have a couple of bottles on each table and then place some stemmed flowers in to add touches of colours here or there. I originally wanted to put wildflowers in them however was advised by several people that unfortunately wildflowers might not stay straight for very long as they tend to drop quiet quickly after being cut so could mean possibly by the time we got to the venue they would all be dropping over. I am still hoping to put cow parsley them though with some other stronger stemmed flowers to accompany this. I managed to source 49 milk bottles in the end for a really reasonable price was soo grateful to the gentleman and I went a picked them up on  Sunday morning with my MOH along with me for the drive so with the spare bottles from the tables I’m hoping I will be able to display some up around the church with flowers in to add to the decorations in there. 

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    Glad to hear I am not the only one working around the farming calendar! Not my OH but my Dad, all my uncles and most of the family friends are farmers! We got some raised eyebrows by sending Save the Date cards (oh so modern apparently?!) but thought they might need to know so they can move their calving times accordingly! You have to laugh! xx

  • Toad Bride yes I know exactly what you mean about the save the dates, we decided against them in the end, I was pushing for them but H2B said there shouldn't be the need. We have a lot of farmers in H2B side too his Gran, and Cousins all farm but he said they have known for a long time, they managed to get cover for another Cousin getting married the other year and I should stop worrying about it (he says I'm a worrier) Yeah having to time stuff for which may or may not having hense the whole thing with the combining I mean we usually do ours in Ausgust so thought we'd be save with September but H2B was like we just can't risk it! x

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    We had two reasons really - both the farming one and the fact that my H2B's family are having to travel quite a long way so wanted to give them plenty of time to get accommodation sorted etc. We've gone for July because surely all the animals will be outdoors meaning that there is no concerns over feeding them - my Dad is easy going enough that he can hack missing a day working on the land but if there had been animals indoors he wouldn't have had any option but go home to feed them! And no real chance of cover as anyone he would trust is invited to the wedding - heehee! image

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of your plans! xx

  • Another item I thought would be really nice to include in the decoration of the wedding was milk churns. To begin with we have one of the small 5 gallon churns on the farm which I thought would be really nice to use as the ‘post box’ and on this same table would be the guest book or puzzle I haven’t decided yet which I would like to go with. As a book is very original but I like the idea of a guest book puzzle which we can put together afterwards and then place in a frame and put it up on the wall, and we guest books I feel the well wishes towards your marriage just get placed on a shelf and not looked at very often whereas it’s something which we can put up on the wall would be a daily reminder of an amazing day and a marriage together. I can also get this done in the shape of a cow, (too much?)

    I started looking around for milk churns and they seem to be becoming more and more limited these days I guess farms originally sold them back to the milk processor and these days with their money value. I was looking around for a while and some people had some but were just asking way too much for what we could afford. I was e-mailing a few different places and found a couple of reclamation sites which had some, one did two very reasonably priced but would need a fair bit of work doing them and then the other place which we ended getting them from they were in very good condition and we did a bit of haggling on the price so ended up getting 4 which is perfect. I’m considering using one on the corner of the road with a bit of a sign on saying wedding with an arrow pointing towards the church a bit like this:



    As our church is set back off the road behind a few places and a field, so thought I might help people be guided down the right road. We’ll see though just one of many ideas floating round in my head. With the other milk churns I’m hoping to use them as part of the floral decorations, I’ve had marguerite daisy standard



     recommend to me and thought these might site nicely in the milk churns and could have one either side of the church entrance or by the alter or where we sign the register oh  don’t know but I think they are rather nice and could work well with the theme.   

  • Right I am currently debating about getting the free standing letters. I found a really good seller on ebay who does them very reasonably and I’m just really trying to work out what to get. I was thinking of getting MR  & MRS and then it’s just whether I get the surname to go with it as well and also whether to get POST lettering to decorate and then have by the milk churn or whether to just put some blackboard on the front of the milk churn and write post on it? I also have the Initials of our names for decorating to hang on either side of the church opening, and rather than going with flowers for decorating I was going to use bale twine as we usually have lots of cut off from the bales we have used during winter around this time of year so though I could rap this around the lettering to decorate it, link it into the theme and use things up around the farm which we can’t reuse for it’s purpose.  

    Which do you think I should go with, just the MR & MRS or MR & MRS ROPER and the post as well? I'm not sure but I want to get on with it as feel I need to keep my hands busy with stuff for the wedding until I can really do the next stages of the process......the invites.

  • So yesterday managed to check another thing off the list of things to do although there was no rush to do it and (I’m a natural worrier it’s what I do) I’m not sure if I’ll change my mind by the time we get to the wedding but I got the gifts for the bridesmaids which will also double up for the day as well.

    I’m hoping they will like them. My best friend was with me when I got them and she really liked them so that was a good sign. (Unfortunately she can’t be one of my bridesmaids as she is going off travelling for the year in a couple of days so arrives back just before the wedding so it was too complicated for dresses, etc) Just going to have a look for some gift boxes to pop them in and then job done BOOM!

  • Following earlier post I would show you what they are but I'm not sure if any of my bridesmaids have found this thread. For instance MOH got engaged this year so I showed her this website and it's completel amazing-ness so don't want to post up a pic incase she sees but if you would like to see them feel free to message and I can show you in that.

  • Right as I referred to earlier I have been very organised in some respects. As I’m not getting married until next year, but as stated have sorted bridesmaid dresses out. And well I have also actually sorted out my dress on the same day image therefore considering most people love the whole wedding dress part I thought it was best to share my dress.


    I originally tried it on in one shop and I completely loved it but was wayyy out of my budget area. But then I tried it on in another shop and it was on offer (steal) and I couldn’t not get it, so confirmed it there and then and woohoo my dress is sorted and the one I wanted and I didn’t have to compromise.

    Soo after all that build up here is the dress I have go but for obvious reasons not me in it, it’s the advertisement shots for it image





  • Yay!!! Another Worcestershire bride!!!! image I looked at your venue during our venue hunt, its gorgeous image

    Love the farm theme image

  • Yeah a lot of other brides seem to be from up'orf. Yeah we're really pleased with it as for the booknig we've done there we get use of the gardens so we can use it for pictures image fingers crossed the wedding will hold out at the time and be nice and sunny.


    Thank you there will be more to follow with the farm theme and all the stuff I'm hoping or thinking of doing with it. 

  • Just ordered the fabric for the bunting; so exciting. I got 8 different designs in the end which I think I will match up with a pale mint green fabric in between the patterned ones. I think if I’ve calculated correctly I will hopefully have more than enough to be able to do 30feet worth. I just have to wait for them to arrive now to start making.

    But here’s where it comes in with whether I’m starting to go a bit over the top with the farm theme, farm fabric isn’t too much is it…I think it will be a nice touch and help disguise the brown banisters either side of the stairs  image Some of the fabric's I bought below.


  • image


  • Having a bit of a dilemma with the H2B and whether to buy or hire the suits. as H2B and his best man are so tall we don't want the traditional morning long tailed suit we just want a normal length jacket but don't know whether to hirer or buy. Is anyone else hiring? And if so what cost and we're trying to work out whether hiring would cost so much anyway whether we should just by? 

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    We are buying h2b suit he doesn't want tails just a really nice tailored suit so we will buy his then ha wear it again and as he doesn't have to wear a suit for work he won't feel like any other day! 

    I like the bunting material think it will fit in nicely! Are the creamers from wilkos? 

  • Yeah that's what we were thinking about the suit but just trying to work out what are our best options in relation to budget and stuff. Thank you so excited about the fabric arriving I'm hoping some might arrive today although that is probably just wishful thinking I just want to get on and make some.

    No they are from House of Fraser they were their linea range I think it is not sure if they do them anymore but Marks and Spencer's do ones that look really similar not whit quiet as much muscle definition but yeah still nice.

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    Topman, asos and next do good suits at a good price can have normal or slim fit that's where h2b has been looking and good selection in styles aswell! 

  • Thanks will have to get H2B to have a look the only issue we usually have is length seeing he and his BM are both 6'4 will get them on it to have a look.

    Yay some of the fabric has arrived know what I'm going to be doing today and tomorrow haha 

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    My h2b is 6'2 aHavant his had before have fitted fine but all have good return policy anyway. Yay your fabric has arrived looking forward to seeing some updates about it I love bunting but out venue is grade 2 listed so can't really put anything on ceiling or walls image 

  • Oh sorry to hear you don't have as much freedom with your venue. I'm sure you'll still be able to give it loads of personal touches and make the day fantastic!


    Well I have just book H2B and myself in to go and try our wedding breakfast meal ooo so exciting. They advised us to book it in around the same time of the wedding this year so that it's all the seasonal veg etc which we would then have on the day of the wedding which does make sense. So e-mailed through our options earlier and we go and try on Monday oooo sooooo excited. I just hope it's tasty

  • I get married exactly a year today! ! Soo excited i can finally say I get married in a year 

  • MrsB2B:)MrsB2B:) Posts: 244

    Oh wow it will fly by! We agreed on a date lady August and it's 3 months tomorrow. 

  • Well last night me and H2B went and tried our wedding breakfast. H2B had been a bit concerned the last couple of weeks as with our package with the venue we don’t really give our guest an option with the food just whether they are veggie or meat. He had been thinking that this wasn’t really fair and really would have liked to have given the guest an option on the day like we had had at a previous wedding. I did try to explain to him that this is common practise for the guests to not really have a choice other than either meat or veg and to stop worrying.

    Well I think the food yesterday evening spoke for itself and put his mind at rest. We had three soup flavours to choose from so went with vegetable and tomato and oh they were lush (if not a little stingy with the rolls) overall in the end we thought the vegetable would go down well on the day and the tomato might have been an acquired taste. But we really enjoyed the soup.

    Next for the mains H2B tried the meat option and me the veg, we were supposed to be swapping half way through but H2B didn’t quite get the idea of this and ended up eating most of everything haha but I don’t blame him he’d had a long day on a tractor run and hadn’t had any lunch so will let him off but again we were really pleased with the food.  The meat dish was yummy and the veg dish was very nice not quite what I was expecting but very tasty, hopefully people will be very happy with it on the day.

    Doing all that has put me back into wedding mode again and I want to get remaining bits done haha I would like to try and make start on the invites. Need to contact the florist and tell her about a couple of bits I would like included and then it’s just the suits.

  • We're going for a mock up with our florist in a few weeks’ time which is very exciting. She makes up my bouquet and everything so I can see what it will look like and whether I’m happy with it and then can change or keep the same depending on what I think. Which I think is brilliant because we don’t have to pay any extra for this she does this to make sure we’re happy for everything ready for the day. So I’ve decided I would like a rununculus bouquet with some eucalyptus green-ary in there and this way we can have the eucalyptus in the buttonhole as well which will be teamed up in with a freesia as this is H2B gran’s favourite flower and I thought this was a nice touch and also looks really nice and works in with the theme. I can’t wait to see what the bouquet looks like and how it feels I never thought I would be looking forward to flowers considering I have hayfever, but I will just suck it up for the day. 

  • Aim of today and the weekend is to get the design on the invites decided and sizing sorted. I’ve decided to do the invites myself as figured this would be the cheapest option and that way have no one to blame but myself about them haha.

    I’d ordered some different colour pocketfold cards from PDACARDANDCRAFTS as they seemed to be the most reasonable place to get the card from, it comes pre-scored so all you have to do is fold and stick down the one pocket section. I’ve decided that I’ll have the main bit of the invite on the main back and then different insets within the pocket telling people about the menu options (having all the pre-decided before the day so we can let the venue know how many veggies or special dietary requirements beforehand. Also have the information about directions as I figured I would show the route between the church and the venue and then also information on where to stay. Our venue does offer a discount for those who choose to stay at the hotel and so figured I will pop this and the code to quote on there but also some other local options if they chose they didn’t want to stay there, although I can just imagine people just traveling home the same day which would be a shame considering we’re having the wedding on a bank holiday weekend. I was still debating on whether to include an rsvp card for people to fill in and send back I’m not sure yet, or whether to create an e-mail address for people to have the option to reply back to, not really sure at this moment.

    Here is the example of what the middle page will look like in the invite when you open it up.



     I think we’re going to put it on an off yellow or cream coloured sort of card and try and carry the pattern through with all sections of the invites.

  • Well yesterday I started my search for hair and make-up for the big day. Am I just being over keen again I have no idea when you’re supposed to have these things organised for. I guess I’m just one of those people who likes to get things booked and confirmed and don’t have to worry about it anymore. Other than saving up the money to pay for it haha.

    So I did what any normal person would do and I GOOGLED there were a few which came up and a couple that looked worth contacting. So I filled in the contact forms on their websites and I got a reply back from hair stylist person last night and she’s free on the date of the wedding. Have also confirmed a date and time for the trial so that’s being done on 8th June exciting! I’m thinking if she does what I was thinking of having for me and one of the bridesmaids then this should give us a good idea of whether it would work and then from this confirm her for THE day haha.

    Unfortunately haven’t had any luck with make-up the main person I contacted who had done a friend’s wedding the other month is already booked on the day of our wedding so back to the drawing board with make-up. Open to suggestions if anyone has any preferably west midlands area.

  • Hello Mrs R - I had to catch up with your thread as I miss our planning sessions! Guess who?image

    I wasn't going to have a make up person but I'm having a bit of a meltdown about it as I don't want to look a mess on the day. Might go for a free make up counter trial and see how I feel after...

    The invites look really cute! What was your veggie option? We booked a videographer last week after loads of indecision.

    So many questions to catch up on!


  • Hello Mrs-O image I know I don’t know how I’m managing without our planning sessions chats. I need my sounding board back to steer me in the right direction.

    Yeah see what was my concern about having hair and make-up done, I thought about just going and having trails (lessons) and maybe booking in with the make-up brand I use and going and having it done on the morning of. But with this I thought it might be cutting it a bit too close as I’m thinking the morning might be a mad dash depending on whether we can get access to the room the night before or not. So figured it was just easier to go with someone else doing my hair and then make-up. I’m really looking forward to having my hair trial and just waiting to hear back from a woman about having a make-up trial.

    Glad you like the invites I’ve got to work out the sizing for the inserts and get those mocked up and give them a try in the pocketfold.

    Our veggie option is Mediterranean vegetables potato roti with a spicy cream sauce accompanied by some salad, it was actually a really generous size portion. Was very tasty although for me it tasted like it had more Indian influences because of the spices in it rather than Mediterranean.

    OOOO videographer, you’re braver than me. We decided against it as when we watched his Aunts video last year (they were celebrating 25years) it was sooo cringe that I knew I would never what that for people to look back on and laugh at and mock haha. So we’re just going with a photographer. I nearly bought an album ready the other night at the range but I resisted haha.

     Yes sooo many things to catch up on. What did you decide about cakes in the end? Urgh miss having you hear!


  • Well Tom was set on having one and then I looked at the guy's site and cried at a video of two complete strangers so that was that! I don't think I can post the link here but I'll email it to you. Its cheesy but I love it! 

    The roti sounds delish! What are you having for dessert? 

    I bought yet another cake stand the other day in the sale so am definitely going for a cake table with different cakes on and that will double as dessert. I still haven't quite settled on the 'main' cake though, I want something really cool but don't want to mess it up and stress myself out! 

    Have you tried any suits yet? We have bought some more but I'm a bit unsure still. Feel like there are so many millions of little things left to sort out!

    How is the bunting?

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