6th July 2013 Brides - What have you left to to!

July Brides i need motivation, with only 2 months to go until my (our) weddings, what do you have left sort, list is my first to do list -

Dress fitting - booked 18th May

MON fitting - booked 13th May

Other bridesmaid fitting - need to sort

table plan - need to sort

purchase candles

suits for boys

confirm everything with suppliers

car route/pick up list

finish favour boxes

baskets cards (for the front) design/print/mount

purchase earings for MOH

print readings for readers

pew ends - not got a bloody clue!

order of service - design/print/staple??

general decorations for drinks reception room at venue

confirm details with reception venue dresser (for main room)

Dose this seem alot? not sure if there is anything i have missed or not


  • Carly57Carly57 Posts: 682

    Hi CMonk2b,

    I'm feeling relatively organised but it's all the little things that mount up!

    I'm hopefully picking up my dress from the seamstress on the 20th but if there are any final bits to tweak it might take a bit longer. 

    Last bits to finish for children's activity bags

    Flowergirls and page boys need shoes but their mums are sorting

    Gifts for pretty much everyone to buy

    More cake stuff to practice

    Signs to reserve seats, for guest book and for photo booth to design and print

    Table runners to cut

    Table plan to design (it's a chalkboard)

    Order of the day to design (also a chalkboard)

    Find pics for photo bunting of those who can't be with us

    Buy ties and pocket squares for men

    ... So still a fair amount then! We have a meeting with the venue coordinator on the 17th so once I finalise details with her, Ill feel like we can get on and finish stuff. Although got a family weekend in centre parcs, my hen, h2bs stag (I'm heading to see the parents that weekend) and my 30th birthday in the next 6 weeks so not that much free time! Eeeek!


  • MrsMnowMrsMnow Posts: 463

    Ekk - childrens bags just added to list 

    cake - need to speak with the lady

    H2b stag party this weekend and im having hen party part 2 at the same time.


  • OMG - I thought I was organised having secured tent, booked caterers, florist, cake, sent out invites .. I still have all this to do! Eeek


  • Carly57Carly57 Posts: 682

    FYI, Wilkos was great for the kids, we've done activity books and I picked up cheap coloured pencils and crayons to go with them as well as bubbles, cheap as chips! 

  • asli eceasli ece Posts: 38

    hiya, how do yo get suits for boy?thanks

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