Please help I really need some advice!

Hi all




I need advice on how much drinks to get for our reception.  I have used wine calculators and they are all different!  So please help if you can image




Our reception is 4pm - 7.30pm for 92 dinner guests

7.30pm - 11pm we have an additional 70 guests approx.

We have decided on only fruit juices and water for soft drinks, only a few of our guests would drink fizzy drinks.



We already have the following, about 440 glasses of fruit juice I reckon:


tropical juice (1 ltr) x 30


orange juice (1 ltr) x 30


apple juice (1 ltr) x 30


cranberry juice (1 ltr) x 20


water (1.5 ltr) x  60


schloer (750ml) x 4 bottles ( for non alcoholics for toast)




prosecco ( 75cl) x 19 (for toast)


red wine (75cl) x 85


white wine (75cl) x 85


rum punch - not sure how large but it will have 2 bottles of wray and nephew so should be pretty large!


tequila or vodka (70cl) x 3 for a shot table






Is this enough alcohol?




Please help xxx


  • Do you have a bar there also incase anyone fancied beer or lager?

    Our venue doesnt charge corkage, so we're going to provide wine ( a bottle pp but will put it out gradually) and some beer for the meal, and Im hoping the wine will also last in to part of the evening too as some guests wont be drinking, but we do have a bar at our venue also for people to buy drinks if they want something different.

    I love the idea of the shot table image Tequilla could be messy though! haha

  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    Wow that's a lot of drinks!!! Are you having your reception in a venue or is it a marquee wedding? That will probably have an impact on what I'm about to say...

    I think you're planning on providing way too many soft drinks - I would be amazed if anywhere near 440 glasses of juice get drunk! I don't think that many people will want to drink juice alongside their wine - they will just drink water. We had 6 litre jugs of orange juice at our drinks reception and only 2 litres was used. Or are you using the juice for your rum punch? Even if that's the case, I still think it's going to be too much. I don't think you'll need 60 bottles of water either. I'd probably cater for 1/2 a litre per person for during the reception and I wouldn't bother for the evening.

    In respect of alcohol, we had 100 guests for the day and an extra 20 at night.

    We had champagne and bottles of beer for arrival drinks. You get about 6 decent size glasses of champagne out of a bottle, so for 100 guests to have 1 glass each you would need just under 17 bottles. We bought 18 bottles of champagne and provided 50 bottles of beer for the boys. This was more than enough and no one needed to go the bar before we sat down for the meal.

    We calculated1/2 a bottle of wine per person for drinks during the wedding breakfast. We knew that there would be a few people who wouldn't drink wine (older relatives, pregnant friends and children) so we bought 25 bottles of red wine, 25 bottles of white wine and 10 bottles of rose for those who wanted it. The wine lasted well into the evening - some friends were still drinking the wine we'd provided at 11pm so I think we did pretty well.

    We had prosecco for the toast, and as I said above, you get 6 glasses out of a bottle of champagne so we had 18 bottles of prosecco.

    Hope that helps x

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