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The Dress

So the search for my dress started pretty much the instant we got engaged!!

I tried loads and thought I'd found my dress in Ronald Joyce Veni Pink

I kept looking though and have completely gone off the idea of bothe the big dress and getting married in pink!


The dress I've chosen couldnt be more different from this!

I love tight fitting and vintage type styles.

I tried Art Couture AC190 yesterday at a local wedding dress shop and it felt amazing. It's so very simple but the satin and structure of the gown are so luxurious!

Its elegant in that its simple but the small brooch detail is so pretty!

I tried it on with a bridal belt from a Jasmine gown and definately think I want a belt to go with it, this particular one had a flower (much like the brooch on the gown)

I love the shape of the dress it's so slimming but has a lovely bell shape at the bottom, It'll show off my lovely bespoke shoes too image

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