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hi thought i would join all the other people making threads and start my own image hope you like my ideas there will be more added over the next 8 months so here goes..

I am a young bride of 23 will be 24 when we tie the knot..

how we met

We met in 2010 through a friend of mine..her partner works with my h2b, we got talking on her wall on facebook, he was so forward and outspoken of what he thought of me. Me being me was being reserved and shy and with a little boy i knew i had to take things slowly..over the next few weeks we exchanged god knows how many messages, he was eager to meet me but like i said i had a little boy so had to take it slow. after speaking for a few weeks we arranged to meet.. i was soo nervous, i arranged for my son to be looked after by my friend who is also my sons godmother, we met at a local pub where we had a meal and a few drinks. He told me he had shown his mum my pictures and that she had said 'she's too good for you' LOL. We hit it off fro the day we started talking over the internet but we got on so much better face to face, he made me laugh, made me feel comfortable, he was a real charmer and knew just what to say. We decided to make it official and get together.. by this time we had been dating for like 2-3 months, my son who was 1 and a half at this point was staying at my friends house so my h2b came over and we watched a few films and had a laugh and a few drinks, it got late so he stayed over..few hours later i received a call that my son had been sick so i went and collected him but as it was early hours of the morning he wouldnt let me go on my own thats how him and my son met.. my son took to him straight away and he was great with him.

a few months later he was practically living at mine but without realising his stuff seemed to start to mount up at my house so we had a chat that evening and we decided he should move in so he did. a few weeks later we discovered we was pregnant we couldnt have been more happier although we hadnt spoke about babies as we were happy as we were and not thought of it, but we was shocked but majorly happy our little bundle of joy was born in march 2011 little boy image

on christmas day 2011 we woke up early and came down we decided we would exchange gifts before the boys woke up that way we could concentrate on them opening all theres. i started opening my gifts which i loved (he had spoilt me) i then came across a long rectangular box which i assumed was a bracelet..we both sat infront of the fire as i opened it all excited and inside there was the most beautiful ring staring right at me..he took the ring and knelt up on one knee and proposed.. i couldnt help it tears was streaming down my face, i was that shocked it took me a while to answer him (looking back his face was a picture, asif in anticipation wondering what my answer would be) i finally got my words out and obviously said YES!! image our families was all excited for us and couldnt wait for us to set a date.

Wasnt until october 2012 we set the date for 12/04/2014, the day we set the date we had the church booked, the venue, the photographer and dj and the cake LOL! from being little i have always wanted to get married at my local church, then in 2006 my brother was killed in a hit and run and his ashes were buried in my local church with my grandma so since then i have wanted to get married there even more so i feel they are there with us to share it. (some see it as morbid but i see it as comfort)

in december 2012 i couldnt wait to go dress shopping even if it was to just try them on.. i found my dress (pictured below) and just wanted to order it. the lady at the shop told me to wait till the new range came out to see what i thought of them. so i arranged to go back in may this year which i did but not alot of the dresses stood out and my eyes kept going to the dress i had picked in the december.. i tried a few on but they wasnt matching up.. so i had a good walk round the bridal shop and picked my tiara and ordered my gown and paid half (well my mother did) lol..

Wedding Dress.



 iv ordered this in ivory, trying to find a picture of all angles on google is proving difficult so i have got one in another colour to show you all the back part of it..


 this was the 1st dress i picked off the rail but the last to try on and soon as i put it on me and my sister (my MOH) both cried its fit like a glove around my body, made me look taller as im only 5ft, its not too puffy at the bottom and is lightweight. I kept making appointments at the bridal sho just so i could have it on again i fell in love. My mum paid half towards it as a wedding gift. Dress was expensive and will be the most expensive thing i will buy for the wedding but its soo worth every penny! I was luckt to get this dress as it was being discontinued and the shop only had the oyster colour one available (2nd pic) but the lady was lovely and rang the designer and asked if she had enough material to make me another one but in ivory and luckily enough she said yes image i cannot wait to try it on again when its made which should be late oct/nov.



  • Bridal Shoes



     these are the shoes i have now but in ivory and with a little more beading applique on them. i feel there too long on the toe part and thinking now i want round toe shoes. (pic below)



     these are the style of shoe i want and feel they would fit perfectly with my dress as it has abit of a lace panel on the side

  • Bridal Hair


     this is the kind of look i want for my hair, i currently have red hair but with me having royal blue i have to grow out the red and go back to my normal colour mousey brown as the red will clash with the blue but will be nice to be natural on the big day plus in years to come i dont want to look back at our wedding photos and say 'oh my god what was i thinking' lol soon as weddings over i shall be back red i love the tone of red i have on at the moment not bright but lovely. I have a family friend who is a hairdresser so she will be doing mine and the bridesmaids hair and also doing my makeup too so i dont have to pay for that which is good image


    I am having silk flowers for my wedding as i suffer really bad with heyfever and last thing i want to be doing is sneezing whilst saying our vows hehe. The silk flowers i have chosen are calla lilys as they are my favourite flower AND they look and feel totally real i was smazed when the florist came with her samples even my H2B was shocked lol.

    This is my teardrop bouquet which i absolutely adore! i got this pic off google but mine will be the same as this


     These are my bridesmaids bouquets which i think are very pretty and will look lovely against there blue gowns,




  • Corsages for MOB & MOG

    This is a sample picture my florist has sent me for what the corsages will look like (picture doesnt do it any justice)




     Nice simple yet stunning buttonhole for the men image my H2B was worried he would end up with a big blue flower or something haha he sighed a big relief when i shown him lol (he left the flowers to me he said it wasnt his thing haha)

  • Bridesmaid Dresses

    This is the dress the bridesmaids will be wearing



    This is the dress my 3 flower girls will be wearing



     Wedding cake

    This isnt the exact cake but it will be a little similar to this with the butterflies going round



    I wont be having the meal so no need for favors but have bought some butterfly organza bags to go on the tables just trying to decide on what to put in them as a little gift for everyone. The bags were from bay of e they cost me like £5 for 250 of them



  • Table Centerpieces



    i was going to have a cluster of 3 balloons like these on tables on a round mirror and a few little tealights but thinking it will look more like a birthday party than a wedding party so now thinking of tall vases with calla lillies in found a few images on the net








     I love all 3 but 2nd 3rd and 4th stand out more to me than the 1st pic. Think a litte discussion witht the H2B and MOH is in order get a few ideas about etc. Thinking flowers are probably best at the venue to make it more wedding-like

  • LivelifeloveLivelifelove Posts: 1,024 New bride

    Stunning bridesmaid dresses - are they from Dessy?

  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146

    Ooooh we're having royal blue too! The bridesmaid dresses are lovely xx

  • i got that pic off ebay the seller wants £150 for 2 adults and 3 children dresses but from china i wasnt too keen on the idea of getting them from there but my friend ordered off the same seller for her daughters christening and the quality was brilliant. i guess not all dresses etc from china are cheap tat think it just depends on the company or seller. xx

  • My Handmade Invitations

    this is the 1st style i chose as i liked the chequebook style but ended up changing my mind this was just a rough one i did


     this is the one i have chosen as my invitation although this pic is not showing it fully finished




     i added blue card on the insides so the butterfly cut outs loo blue from the front i also put a silver diamonte in the center of each butterfly and then a simple 'wedding invitation' sticker on the front.


  • Lovely thread can't wait to read more when is your big day?

  • DollyBDollyB Posts: 1,762 New bride

    Aww your colour scheme is beautiful! I love your wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses image stunning! Xx

  • aw thanks girlies image nice to hear other peoples opinions other than family xx

    we tie the knot on 12th April still a fair bit to do yet but got enough time. i fell in love with the colour soon as i saw it, at first i was going to have light pink or light blue for bridesmaids but changed it when i saw the royal blue image

    we do you ladies get married? xx

  • Emma2014Emma2014 Posts: 594

    Hi Sarah

    i love your invites - wish I was a bit more handy with computers and paper - I'd have made mine too but I just vista printed them instead. X

  • aww thanks hun took me a while to get them right. i like the handmade look..didnt even know vista print did them? xx

  • Invitations Continued..


     this is the outside..almost finished just need to add the stickers and insert the insides now image


     this is the insides image

  • Emma2014Emma2014 Posts: 594

    Yeah they do 'invites' of a sort.... lol x

  • ahh right never knew that lol learn something new every day hehe. xx

  • Amber3Amber3 Posts: 46

    Ah wow, all your planning is amazing hun!! Love your colours and your dress is stunning!!! image xxx

  • aw thanks babe image the picture of the dress really doesnt do it justice but in person its gorgeous.worth every penny anyway hehe. xx

  • Amber3Amber3 Posts: 46

    You're welcome hun image Awww it's a beautiful dress, you'll look stunning in it hun! image xxx

  • thanks i cant wait till its ready for fittings image it will feel more real then. H2b keeps saying 'its ages away yet' have to keep reminding him that we set the date 10 months ago n look how fast thats gone and this year has flown by already. he still hasnt been suit shopping, its the only thing he needs to do really n he cant even do that lol. men eh! lol xx

  • Hey,

    love the bridesmaid dresses image can you send the ebay link of where you go them please? as you said the quality of them was brilliant this is reassuring when ordering from China

    image xx

  • arrghhh printed all the insides out for invitations and ran out of sticky tape with still another 29 invitations to do. my guillotine has broke so i cant cut the rsvp cards or save the dates image not my weekend atall. feeling really jelous aswel this weekend 2 friends have got married this weekend image just want it to be our big day now. i know it will be here before we know it but i sooo cant wait. the wait will be worth it though i know that. after a stressful weekend im going to pour myself a glass of wine and relax with my H2B and have an early night xx

  • WOW! what a week! just not been our month atall im really hoping september is a better month for us..unexpected bills resulting in us not being able to pay off what we hoped to pay off regards the wedding so have to put extra away next month to make up for this one image

    H2b gets promoted to supervisor end of this month/beginning of sept so im really happy and proud about that considering he didnt want to do it when his main boss kept mithering him to apply for the position.

    I managed to finish my rsvps and save the date using a craft knife and suprisingly they turned out ok image



    these below are all the saves the dates ready to be popped into envelopes and sent EEKK!!


     Then the close up of one


     i have also changed idea on my cake as wanted a 4 tier one n not alot of butterflies so i will be having this one instead but with the odd butterfly and with blue ribbon instead of the one in the photo and flowers on the top to match my chosen wedding flowers


     my sister is paying for our cake too image

    I gave out my 1st save the date last night as i went to stay at my mothers because she had a hospital appointment today..she was made up shes so proud she burst into tears when i handed her the envelope which had the save the date in aswel as a little poem i had done for her.i havent had my father around since i was 7 years old so im having my mum walk me down the isle. we was up til 4.45 this morning talking weddings she is so excited probably alot more than i am at this moment in time you'd think she was the one getting wed lol.

    currently trying to think of new DIY ideas of things to make to make the wedding more personal. my H2B says 'we have enough to sort out for the wedding you dont need the added stress of making things' but i dont find it stressful i find it relaxing and i enjoy it too. so if anyone has any DIY ideas for me feel free to share hehe xxx


  • Oooooo your dress looks lovely!! We are having royal blue too,it's the best wedding colour to have image.

    The diy invites look fantastic too,you've done a great job with them,looking forward to reading more image x

  • Emma2014Emma2014 Posts: 594

    More DIY? Lol- I've a Pinterest board with DIY to do- type in , in Pinterest, wedding diy ideas? 

    Thats where I got mine.... Xx

  • thanks hun

  • Today i have tried to stay clear of wedding stuff but i just cant do it haha! been looking at guestbooks and after seeing a few on youtube iv decided im going to give it a go of doing my own..decided on a wishing tree on canvass where guests stamp there finger and print it on the tree as leaves and sign there name underneath or there wishes to us. my H2B doesnt seem keen on the idea but im sure once iv given it a go (if all turns out right) then he'l get what i mean. want something different and can be put up on show whereas a normal guestbook just gets put away. whereas anyone that visits can see it when they come etc xx

  • Had a nice day today, been and seen a few family members and gave out save the dates. For the past week or so iv been swapping and changing my mind over centerpieces but finally settled on rectangle vases with blue water beads in and white submersible lights after a week of searching all over for decent and big enough vases i have chose some and at a bargain too. Vases from ikea for £1.75 each so 12 of them and water beads and the lights is gunna cost around £34 for 12 centerpieces but BIL works at ikea so he said he will get them for us as he will get discount so even better bargain for us image

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