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Planning My Dream Wedding.. Eeeekk!!

Hi, everyone! image I've looked through loads of posts on here now & done a few myself (in some kind of jumbled mess I might add). So I just thought I'd start a new thread & start from scratch with all the details of the planning & preparations for our big day so far. But first here's a bit about myself...

My name is Gemma & I'm 26 (27 next month). I've been with Aaron who is 23 (My toy boy.. Lol) image just over 4 years & engaged 4 years this Christmas. Our life together was exactly what I expected. It's been one hell of a rollercoaster but I wouldn't change him for the world. We're like two peas in a pod. We have a crazy dog called Kenzie ( He's my baby) image & a beautiful little boy Dafydd (19 months). My own little family & they mean absolutely everything to me. Anyway, that's us! image

SETTING A DATE - We haven't actually set a date yet but we're looking at July 2015. I do have a specific date in mind, fingers crossed it's available. I've got to phone the vicar back tomorrow to arrange a meeting.

THE CHURCH - The first church I viewed was a big let down. It was entirely surrounded by graves so there was nowhere for outside photos. I was very disappointed as you can imagine. image

My dad then took me to view another church. I fell in love with it immediately. Unlike the first church we looked at the grounds outside are ideal for photos. I literally pictured myself standing there in my wedding dress on a beautiful summer day. My heart just melted. I knew it was the church for us. image Xx


  • THE RECEPTION VENUE - We've chosen the same venue my cousin had for her wedding. It's very spacious so there's plenty of room for all our guests. There's a car park for guests who will be driving & a smoking area for those who smoke. They also have their own bar. They're reasonably priced & it looks amazing with all the lovely decorations. image

    CATERING - We're having a nice sit down meal for our day guests. This includes bucks fizz & pastry parcels as we go in, a cheese board after our meal as well as after dinner mints with tea & coffee. They also supply the linen cloths & napkins for the tables.

    ..& for the evening we're having a buffet which will include the usual, sandwiches, pastries, cheese & pickles, etc..

    We will supply our own wine for the tables & goody bags for the kids. image Xx

  • COLOUR SCHEME - At first I wanted burgandy, gold & cream. Then I had a look online & found something I liked & fell in love with almost instantly so now I've chosen blue with a hint of silverimage

    DECORATIONS - We're going to do all our own decorations with the help of the wedding party of course. I'm open to any & all ideas & suggestions at the moment. We're looking around for bits & pieces that will help make it special. image

    FLOWERS / INVITATIONS - A close family friend is doing our flowers & invitations as a wedding present. We just have to buy all the bits & pieces she needs to make them. Xx

  • THEME - As we're so close & such a passionate couple (not in public view of course), I wanted something to represent our love. A heart theme was the only idea that came to mind. It's simple but perfect. image

    WEDDING PARTY - My younger sister & Aaron's two younger sisters were the perfect candidates for bridesmaids. I can't think of anyone I'd rather have for the job. They're young & beautiful. They're family. Need I say more ??

    ..& Aaron had his mind made up from the very beginning about who he was going to ask to be his best man. I assumed he would ask his best mate but he wanted his dad. I thought it was a lovely idea & that's exactly why I'm marrying him. He's such a sweet guy, he's perfect. image Xx

  • That's basically as far as we've got at the moment. We're still in the early stages so it's just a matter of looking around for ideas & researching everything before we book anything. But I welcome any help & advice. It would be great to hear from other brides to see how they're getting on with their preparations, etc.. image Xx

  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146

    Aww we are having blue with a sort of heart theme running through our day! 

  • I've had a quick look at your planning thread, I've only gotten so far & already my eyes are all teary. That's such a lovely story, a bit like our story actually because we met online as well. But Aaron wasn't my type at all. I'd had a few bad relationships & one in particular ended very badly. Anyway, I always went for bad boys, guys who knew how to take charge (I found it very sexy). image But Aaron's the complete opposite. He's so sweet & innocent (He's got a baby face.. Lol). image He's the nicest guy I've ever met. He's knows how to make me laugh & that's key to any relationship in my opinion. He's just so warm & caring. image I wasn't used to nice, decent guys so I really didn't see it going anywhere. But after meeting up a few times I was really starting to like him. image

    I introduced him to my parents but all hell broke loose because I had met him online. image I fell out with my mum & ended up staying with Aaron & his parents for a week or two.His parents were very warm & welcoming. image Slowly but surely my mum came around to the idea of us being together & over time she became very fond of Aaron.

    After being together 6 months Aaron popped the question. It was our first Christmas together & he turned up on my mum's doorstep in a santa suit would you believe. I couldn't help laughing at him. image

    The rest is history. We're like one big happy family now. I'm like another daughter to Aaron's parents & vice versa. My parents love Aaron to bits & like me, they wouldn't change him for the world. It just goes to show that things really do happen for a reason. It was obviously meant to be! image Xx

  • Aww what a lovely story! Obviously meant to be as you said!

    I'm also having a cheeseboard - but it's a surprise for the oh! Think I'm just getting mine from Marks and Sparks though xx
  • I am loving your story so far. Looking forward to reading more as you make more plans x

  • Thanks ladies! image


    I've now emailed 2 photographers as well. Still waiting for one of them to get back to me. The other one's prices range from £595 to £1895 depending on the package.


    I spent most of last night looking online. I think I saw maybe 1, possibly 2 dresses I liked. I wasn't very impressed with the selection to be honest. I'm looking forward to when I eventually start dress shopping but I pity my mum & mum-in-law (they'll be coming with me) because I'm so fussy.. Lol imageimage


    Today's task has been to research different wines. I'm probably going to buy cases rather than single bottles because it works out cheaper. I'm not really a wine person though & neither is my other half (we don't drink wine). image So this task will fall on my mum & mum-in-law! image Xx

  • Meeting with the vicar Thursday.. YAY!! As you can see, I just can't contain my excitement.. Lol!! image Xx

  • image

    My colour scheme (Blue). There will be hints of (Silver) as well.. & I've changed my mind about the flowers! Xx

  • image

     Some invitations I found online that I liked (mine will be blue).

  • image

     More invitations I like. Again, mine will be (Blue). My favourite so far is the one with the ribbon down the side (sorry it's a bit blurred)image Xx

  • image

     The wedding cake I found online that I instantly fell in love with (blends in with my heart theme perfectly)image Xx

  • We've finally set the date & we were lucky enough to get the date we wanted.. YAY!! image Xx

  • Just a little update on our planning & preparations! image

    We've booked our reception venue. The church deposit has been paid.. & we're currently looking through quotes from DJs & photographers.

    It's all coming together slowly! image Xx

  • Your cake inspiration pic is lovely. You sound very organised and everything seems to be coming together well.

  • Thank you! image Xx

  • Awwww how exciting!! Blue and silver is definately a good colour choiceimage (ours is the same hehe) and I love your cake!! Looking forward to reading more image xx

  • Thanks! image

    ..& believe it or not blue & silver wasn't my colour of choice to begin with. I was going to have burgandy, cream & gold but then I saw blue & silver together online & I loved it. It's the only thing I've really changed my mind about so far.

    As for the cake, I had no idea what style or anything I wanted so I typed blue heart cakes into google & looked through the different images until I found something I liked. It's the only one that caught my eye & it matches in with my heart theme so perfectly, I just knew I had to have it! image Xx

  • ChazzytChazzyt Posts: 918

    Awwww cute story! Congratulation on getting the date you want! The blue & hearts go well! Love the cake pic xx

  • Thanks Chazzyt! image

    I'm starting to get a little stressed now if I'm honest. I'm trying to book all the really important stuff out of the way because I know things get booked up early. It's been going great up until now.

    I've got the DJ sorted, we're meeting 23 November to discuss details. image 

    I thought I had the photographer sorted as well. A girl I went to college with mentioned that her dad does photography so I checked out his website. I was so impressed by his work & he's reasonably priced, I contacted him straight away. He seemed very friendly & arranged to call back. Unfortunately, I haven't heard from him & it's left me feeling very annoyed & a little crestfallen. image

    Since I started all the planning & preparations for my big day I've been very emotional, the least little thing seems to start me off. I feel like an emotional wreck. image The last time I felt like this I was pregnant with my beautiful little boy. I don't know why I'm letting everything get to me. image

    Anyway, looks like we've got to search for a new photographer now. I feel really let down to be honest.. & I consider the photography to be one of the most important aspects of the wedding. After all, a bride wants fabulous photos to remember her big day. image Xx

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