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OCD Bride In The Making | 2016 Wedding Planning Thread

I know this board is for planning and talking about how you met and how the proposal went and the date and venues you have picked, but I won't be doing that and why is that? Because I'm not engaged yet but I will be next month image and I'm very excited for that.

Every girl dreams of her big day and ring or no ring I'm exactly the same so I never thing it's too early to start planning even if I haven't got the ring yet, I'm just a head start on the competition. Once I get the proposal I will inform everyone on here how it happened but I will mention how I met my H2B.

The Meeting

We met through a mutual friend, I was seeing someone else at the time his friend gave him my number and we started chatting on txts, then skype and then we met up (by this point the guy I had been seeing was out of the picture). The first date was sweet, we had hot chocolate at my local pub and went for a walk in the woods after and we just had a nice relaxing chat and walk.

Next time we met up I was meeting his seven year old daughter, I didnt want to take the relationship step incase she didnt like me so meeting her was important. Thankfully we hit it off (sharing the same name can do that to people) so it was a go. That night he gave me a little letter he'd wrote where he asked me to be his girlfriend, of course I said yes, but came down with a horrible bug that night and had to go home, he came with his little girl the day after I was sick with flowers and chocolates and that's how we came to be happy and totally in love.


  • So myself and H2B want to get married in a Church. Neither of us are religious or even been Christened so we're both wondering how you go about getting married in a Church. We have the Church in mind that we want to get married in image

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