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Snowflakes, lace and candlelight

Hi ladies! 

I've only just got into reading planning threads and I'm loving them, so I thought I'd join in and write my own. I'm not really sure where to start, as I am a bit of a rambler.. so I'll try to keep succinct. 


My h2b and I have actually known each other for about 17 years in total, but for lots of those, we were living separate lives. H2B is my big sisters husbands best friend (Long winded!). I always had a crush on him when I was younger, but he was 8 years older than me and at the time it seemed really old, and he had a girlfriend and I many different boyfriends coming and going over the years. In 2010, life was carrying on for us both: I was separating from my long term boyfriend of 8 years, moving out of our newly bought and renovated house, and moving back to my parents. Unbeknownst to me, my now h2b was separating from his now wife, of 4 years in Australia and coming back to England, and our lives were to change forever........


  • H2b and I re-connected at a party for my brother in laws parents. It was a black tie do, and I was struck at how handsome and tanned he looked. We danced and flirted, and had the most fun. I went home, and 2 days later had a friend request on Facebook from him. We exchanged some messages, all very friendly and fun, and then arranged a date night. 


    I nearly cancelled our date night as I had just had my hair cut and coloured and wasn't keen (so vain) but something told me to i did and we went out in Birmingham for cocktails. we talked and talked and talked and without wishing to sound corny, I knew he was the man I was going to call my husband one day. 


    In a whirl wind we spent everyday and night together, sharing love of food, wine, music, film, walking dogs, family, EVERYTHING! We moved in after 3 months, and then got our little terrier Ozzy 2 weeks later! I'd never been so happy. In April 2012 we found out I was expecting our little boy! We were both over the moon, even though he was a little surprise! our Teddy was born in november 2012, and we are blessed with the most beautifully happy little boy.



  • Our engagement:

    On Christmas Eve, we were all (dog too) were snuggled by the fire, Michael buble (cheesy but great!) Xmas cd playing, and h2b asked me if I wanted to open a present each! I was really excited too as I'm a massive kid, so I picked his to open, and he selected his..... 

    I opened quite a big, but very light box, and inside was a note saying "what is the last thing you expect this to be?" And I was dumbfounded (and sleep deprived) and when I looked up at him, he was knelt next to me with the ring in hand. I cried and cried and cried and obviously said yes!

  • The ring:


    h2b picked the ring all on his own, having once heard me comment on a friends engagement ring- it's a pear cut diamond on a platinum band channel set diamonds on the shoulders. I loved it, and it was extra special because he picked it himself. 

  • The venue:

    On the night we got engaged, we spoke about when we would get married and both agreed we would love a christmas/winter wedding. So we set our sights on either 14th or 21st December 2013. We knew it didn't leave long to plan, or save but we didn't want a long engagement. 

    As it turned out, when we told my parents, they had already discussed it when h2b had asked for my hand in marriage that they wanted to pay for the wedding as they had done the same for my sister. It took my h2b some getting used to as he's quite a proud sort, but they were insistent, and we were overwhelmed and so so grateful. 

    We looked for venues and both liked the look of exclusive use venues as I didn't like the idea of people we didn't know being there. 

    We looked at loads online including Sandon hall (too small for our numbers), Weston hall, Packington moor, and Mythe barn.

    h2b and I really like the look of a place called Alrewas Hayes, an exclusive use venue in the midlands not far from where we live. We went to have a look together as my parents were busy, and we fell in love! We had booked to see Mythe barn also, and went with my parents but we decided it wasn't for us (Although my parents loved it). We made another appoint,ent to see Alrewas Hayes but this time with my parents- need less to say, they soon saw why we loved it, ad. We signed on the dotted line for 14th December 2013!

  • The dress: 


    i absolutely LOVE clothes, so I was really looking forward finding my dress. I was only 2 months after having a baby, so my body wasn't quite my own yet, but I knew if I wanted something that needed making I didn't have ages.

    We went to a shop by us which stocks Jenny Packham because I had seen Dentelle on a website and loved the lace detail on the back, and the romantic floaty detail, but when I tried it on it looked awful because I had massive boobs with feeding my baby and it looked gross. I felt so deflated, and thought I'd never have the WOW moment. I tried on about 10, but there were 2 others in the first shop, as well as Dentelle which I thought were ok (I'll try to upload photos....)




  • image

     This is Pronovias Dagen- I thought this was quite pretty, but it felt massive and I realised I wasn't a big dress type bride,

  • I


     This was my 2nd favourite dress, but I didn't LOVE it! And it seems like more of a summer destination dress than a winter one. It did feel amazing on though with the silk lining. I nearly died at the cost, as it felt so crass to spend so much but I intend to sell my dress after the wedding and donate to charity whatever I get.

  • There as an intermediary shop that we went to but it was too awful an experience to bother talking about :-/ lots of the dresses were ripped, the lady was so rude, and It was freezing in there. 

    We went to a gorgeous shop next in a market town in derbyshire. I had seen my now dress on the website and loved the lace detail on the back. We went along and spent 3 hours there! I tried my dress first and fell in love, but it was over budget image I was gutted but carried on looking. My second favourite was this:




  • I realise everything was my second favourite...ooops! I mean 2nd fav in that particular shop! 

    Anyway, I loved the belt on the Stewart parvin on, and after some thinking,mew upped the dress budget and decided to save money on the brides maids dresses... The lovely shop owner said I could buy the Stewart Parvin belt to go with my dress and she'd stitch it on and that made my mind up, so here she is....


     Suzanne Nevile Captivating. I love it so much! X

  • image

     That's the front image xx

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    Ooooh beautiful! It's a really lovely dress! What a lovely story as well!

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    Yay another theead to read! Have I read it right that you're getting married this December??? Xx

  • Ooh i'm next month too! What date did you go for in the end? Beautiful dress btw image

  • I get married 2 weeks tomorrow eeeeeeep! I can't quite believe it. I tried my dress on for the final time today with my veil, earrings and shoes. I couldn't quite believe it was all for me! I had a real tummy flip moment. 

  • 14th little_l_83. When's yours?

  • Bridesmaids:

    So, given that Id massively blown the budget on use dress, I was on a search for bridesmaids dresses in a budget. I nipped into Monsoon and found what I thought were the perfect dresses for my girls. I snapped them up for just £40 each (four bridesmaids) and was on my way. I can't find a pic, but they were a Royal ish blue silk shift dress. I kept looking at them, and the more I didn't I realised they just weren't right. I really tried to convince myself that they were, but it was a lost cause and so I swapped for the BHS twist and wrap dress in Sapphire



  • One of my bridesmaids had a baby in October, and the other three are skinny Minnie's but the dresses work for all of them. One of the girls lives in South Africa so the won't be able to try on until the day before the wedding, but the other 3 have all tried theirs on and picked the styles they like. I was so pleased with the dresses! They look way more expensive than they were. And I decided that the colour scheme would be shades of blues, mainly navy and grey/blues. Their accessories are chandelier earrings which I still need to order from Next, and matching snowflake hair pins which we got off eBay. My maid of honour has a snowflake hair comb and I have some snowflake pins also for my hair (Which I'll post pics of later)


     Those are for the bridesmaids, and I'll have clusters of differing size pins in my hair too. I can't find a pic of the MOH's, but it's like that but with 2 smaller snowflakes besides the large one.

  • Flowers: 

    after months of trailing pintrest I found my bouquet


     Bridesmaid bouquets 


     simple bridesmaid bouquets

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    Wow, not long to go to single figures!!

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