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Our Village Fete Themed, DIY Wedding...

So, I'm recently engaged, and doing my planning bit…I have a scrap book full of ideas, but thought I'd start a planning thread on here to look back on everything at a later date! I'm relatively new to posting on here, so let me tell you about my OH and I!

How We Met

My OH and I both work for the police (He's an officer and I'm a civilian). I decided that I wanted to try my hand at being an officer, and emailed lots of police stations in my force asking them if I could go on an attachment for a couple of days with them. Everyone told me no, apart from one. So off I went to that station to be shown the ropes during two shifts in two days. This is where our stories differ, my OH will tell you that he ate half of my sandwich on my first day there, and that we had a conversation in the canteen, I don't remember this bit (although don't doubt for a second that he ate half my sandwich!). My story begins on my second day, where I was out in a car with two ladies. One of the ladies went home sick, so my OH drove her home. I decided I'd had enough of being a pretend police officer, and that I'd just stick with my job, and tried to sneak out to go home. In doing so, I bumped into my OH, who made me go out with him and his colleague in the van for a bit. We spoke non stop (I felt so sorry for the lady that came out with us, she couldn't get a word in edgeways!), but because I was sitting in the back of the van, and it was night time, I didn't actually see what he looked like. I had been single at that time for 3 months (after walking out on my controlling ex six weeks before our wedding), so I wasn't really looking to be attracted to anyone at that time. It was quite nice to just talk and get to know someone so well without caring what they looked like and if i'd find them attractive! At the end of the night, as I was getting out of the van, he asked for my name (we were talking so animatedly for so long that we hadn't even exchanged those!), I noted down his shoulder number and left. I never thought I'd speak to him again. The next day, I had a friend request on Facebook from a name I didn't know. Because of problems with my ex, I automatically declined anyone I didn't recognise. After declining, and getting more from the same person, I decided to look up his name at work…it was him! We spoke non stop, and eventually went out on a date. It lasted about 6 weeks, before it fizzled out. We saw each other on and off occasionally a couple more times after that, but nothing was serious…I certainly didn't see myself engaged to him! After spending a month apart while I swanned off to Australia, we decided that we really liked each other and to make a proper go of things. 6 years later, and a few bumps along the way…here we are!


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    The Proposal

    So, after around 4 years of hassle from me and everyone we know, he finally proposed! As a birthday gift for him, I bought us a trip to Orlando and Miami. I had pretty much given up hope of ever getting a proposal from him, so when everyone kept asking if this was going to be the time, I said no straight away. Whilst in Orlando, we discussed getting engaged, and even looked at rings. I found one that I absolutely adored, and begged him to buy, but he refused. I was so upset. We went to look around the other shops, and whilst I was in Gap, I told him I was thirsty. He insisted on going to Starbucks to get me a drink, so off he went. I finished in the shop I was in, and waited outside for him, as agreed. Half an hour later (!!!), I was getting more and more annoyed at him, and went to look for him at starbucks. There was a huge queue, and after hearing that he'd got all the way to the front, where they told him they were only taking cash, and how he had to try to find an ATM, I started to feel bad for being annoyed (little did I know, it was all a lie, and he'd actually gone and picked up the ring I'd chosen!). The next day, I thought I'd convinced him to go back and buy it (this worked well for him, because he had to get it resized, so had to return to collect it anyway!), so off we went back to the mall. He told me he'd called them beforehand, and that they still had the ring in stock (he'd actually called them and told them not to let me look at any engagement rings!). When we got there, the ring was gone. I was distraught, and the saleslady was insistent that I should look at their earrings instead, only fuelling my upset. I could have killed him for missing out on my dream ring. When I discussed it with him, he said we'd look for something similar in England, and it was left at that. When we made it to Miami a couple of weeks later, he told me he was taking me on a boat trip, that he'd tried to get us on a private boat, but it was very expensive, so he'd got us on a chartered boat ride to see the sky line. On the day we were due to go, the heavens opened up! There was thunder, lightening, and torrential rain. He was so disappointed. We spent the day inside, with him just 'popping to the shops alone for a bit' (going to FaceTime my dad to ask for permission). He was really snappy all day, so you can imagine how much I was looking forward to this boat ride with him! Amazing how nerves make you image So we went to the marina at our allotted time, and were looking at all the boats, when a man approached my OH and shook his hand, and asked if he could take our shoes. I took my shoes off, and was looking around for our large, chartered boat, when he lead us to a 43 foot yacht, with just us and a captain on board! It was so lovely! My favourite champagne was on ice too, I was a happy girl. So we were going around star island, admiring all the celebrities houses, when Tim asked if I'd like to sit on the front of the boat for a bit. We went and laid down, and he asked me 'Miami, or Florida?' (the entire holiday we'd been playing the 'or' game, steak or burger, chips or mash, etc). I said Miami, then he pulled out the ring and said 'yes or no?'. I was so, so happy! Obviously I said yes, then we still had 2 hours left on the boat to celebrate! Then we went home to wake our loved ones up to tell them the good news, and no one slept a wink for the rest of the night….except for my OH, he slept like a baby after being awake and nervous all night and all day! 

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    The Wedding

    I have had set in place exactly what I want for a long time, and fortunately Tim is happy for me to have free reign and do as I please, just dipping his toe in every now and again! So we are marrying at Alpheton Hall Barns in Sudbury on 5th September 2015. We're having a village fete/bunting theme, with BBQ catering, and homemade fete games (wish me luck!). I loved our barns, because they are letting us use the caterers we want, and we have so much more freedom to do as we please! I cannot wait!!If you have any suggestions or ideas, please let me know, input is always welcome!

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    Congrats dpats! I love reading everyone's planning threads and love that you are also a 2015 bride like me!  Not yet started my own planning thread yet but I will do soon. I look forward to reading more x

  • BanariBanari Posts: 1,847

    Wow that proposal story is Amazing! 

    looking forward to reading more about your plans image

  • dpatsdpats Posts: 120

    Thank you!! It's so exciting! Made even more special because he never does anything like that! Bless him! I'm loving easing other threads too!

  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    What a lovely how we met story and fab proposal image 

  • kitten2kitten2 Posts: 2,240

    Oh that proposal is sooo sweet! Love it! Can't wait to read more!

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    I'M SO EXCITED THAT I CAN ONLY TYPE IN CAPITAL LETTERS AND I CAN'T EVER SEE MYSELF CALMING DOWN ENOUGH TO WRITE IN LOWER CASE EVER AGAIN. Very exciting few days for me! On Sunday I took our mums to see our venue and we put down the if that wasn't exciting enough, I booked my florist, photographer, and caterers, and today I FOUND MY DRESS. 


    Whoever said this was stressful must be mad. I'm loving every single second of it! I've started ordering little bits too, and will start making stuff in the next few months.

    I actually feel a little bit sorry for my OH, who has to put up with me being completely normal and relaxed, to getting random bursts of excitement and dancing around on the spot like a mad woman.


  • kitten2kitten2 Posts: 2,240

    YAY for the dress! Pic?

    I don't find the planning stressful, well only when other people stick their oar in. I find it very therapeutic doing it all so glad you love it too!

  • What a lovely thread! Such a great proposal.. I was relieved it went to plan for him after all his planning, and for you that you got your dream ring. Hope you'll show us a photo.

    I too am loving all the thinking, planning, organising...and buying! 

  • dpatsdpats Posts: 120

    Thanks guys!

    I can't work out how to upload photos to this thing! I have tried, it will let me select the picture, but it won't upload it...any tips??

    This is the dress:

    it looks a million times better on a real person than it does in that picture...but I think that about most wedding dresses! 

  • dpatsdpats Posts: 120

    Here's the link to our venue. Can't wait!

  • dpatsdpats Posts: 120

    i've finally managed to put a photo on here!! It doesn't seem to work from my mac, but here is my beautiful ring! Eeeeep!



  • Owly-MeOwly-Me Posts: 134

    What an awesome proposal!  And I love that you get overexcited and your all caps gets stuck on...I relate to thatimage 

    Gorgeous, gorgeous dress!  Love it!  And ARGH I LOVE YOUR VENUE!  I so wanted a barn but there's hardly anything like that round here!  It looks AMAZING.  And gorgeous ring!

    You seem so excited and happy, loving your thread!  

  • dpatsdpats Posts: 120

    Thanks so much! My venue is an hour and 15 mins drive from me, It's dry hire too, so they're letting us have our own caterers, which has saved me thousands!! I can't wait! I'm gonna have a nose at yours now image

  • Owly-MeOwly-Me Posts: 134

    That's amazing - I looked at barns but because we're having a church wedding at my church we have to stay local.  There's either nothing, or there's barns with caterers who charge £72 per head for a hog roast.  SEVENTY-TWO POUNDS.  I mean, really.  Not going to happen.  Yours looks absolutely amazing, and with the theme you've picked as well it's going to look awesome!  

    What are you making?  I want/need to know the plans!

  • dpatsdpats Posts: 120

    Sorry Owly-Me, I've just seen this! I'm making all the village fete themes, all the bunting, a Photo Booth DIY background, name it, I'm making it! I haven't started yet, but I can't wait to! Everything is on pause at the moment, because it's my OH's 30th in April, so any spare money I have is being pumped into getting him a great selection of gifts! Including a surprise bungee jump...I seriously cannot handle my excitement!

    Back on the wedding front...I have ordered my dress!! I have tried it on 3 times now, and I adore it! I always panic in between that I'm not going to like it as much as I thought I did, but i do every single time! I have found my bridesmaids dresses too, and my bridesmaids love them! It's all just so exciting, it takes my breath away.

  • Owly-MeOwly-Me Posts: 134

    Bungee jump!?  WOW!  Are you joining in with that as well?

    Can't wait to see the things you're making!  Is it the dress in the link you posted? It's gorgeous!!

  • Hi dpats! Lovely reading your plans! Are you planning on getting married in the church? Does that mean you have to drive all that way for 6 or so months or do you have a connection? I've found a lovely church 2hrs away but as have no connection, it's going to be difficult getting to it for the next six months! Xx

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    @Owly-Me, no way! I couldn't bungee! I did a sky dive in Australia, and loved it, but the thought of going down, hen bouncing back up and doing it all over again is enough to turn me green! I'm to telling him about it until 5 mins before he does it either! *EVIL LAUGH*

    Yup, that's my dress! I cannot wait! I adore it, and don't want to take it off! Although I have a rather large bust, and very small hips, so the woman in the shop had trouble showing me how the dress will look once it's altered for me...I had a lot of clips on the back of it...attractive!

    Thanks Poppy Rogers! I'm getting married at the venue itself. There's a church that joins onto it, but it's not big enough to seat all of my guests. I'm not having day and evening guests, everyone is coming all day, so I couldn't go to the church. Such a shame, because it's beautiful! Aww, that's such a shame for you! Have you tried speaking to the vicar at all? They might be able to help you?x

  • dpatsdpats Posts: 120

    I have everything booked! Hurrah! Everything has a deposit, everything has a plan, everything that I need to buy for decoration etc I have researched to the death.


    Although now, with 19 months left until my wedding, I seem to be exploring other things to satisfy my wedding planning needs...My latest project is finding a magician...does it ever stop?!

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