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Paper flowers and a science twist!

I've only got 6 weeks to go and I have been meaning to start a planning thread for ages but I've decided to go for it now. Most of it is all done and dusted just a few last minute things but thought I would share as we have done it pretty quickly and on a not massive budget.


We met at work. We had worked together for years without a hint of flirtation or anything like that in fact we often didn't really speak (we did a team building day and we were both on the same team but when we discussed it after we got together we had both forgotten about the other, we could name everyone else on our team but I seriously have no recollection of him being part of it!). I was in a relationship with the father of my little boy and it wasn't the best. So one day I left and moved back in with my parents for a couple of weeks while I sorted myself somewhere out. On a staff night out I got a bit drunk and made a pass. And the rest is history! Only a couple of people at work knew about it to start with and loved being in on the secret but after a couple of months we came out in the open and told everyone. My little boy adores him and has done since day 1 which was very lucky.

The ProposalNovember 15th 2012 was a horrible night for us and due to my ex being very nasty after the split and some other issues we nearly split up. However after hours of talking we got over it and sorted things out. Fast forward a year to November 15th 2013 and we were at home in our PJs having worn them to work for Children in Need. I left to go and get a drink and came back to find him on one knee. My first response was 'What are you doing?' followed by screaming, saying 'oh shit, no way' screaming some more running out of the room, bursting into tears and then finally saying yes. Not the most romantic but definitely funny.

The planning startsI'm not the most patient of people  so I didn't want to be engaged for years. We looked at our money and worked out that if we cut back on things (dresses and shoes for me, computer games and DVDs for him, takeaways for us both) we could save £600 a month. So we worked out that by August we could save nearly £6000 which coupled with a small amount of money we had saved would mean we could afford to get married summer 2014. So we started the venue hunt...


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    Yay! Can't wait to read more. I think planning threads are sometimes more exciting the closer they are to the wedding cos there's more to see! 

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    I did wonder why I had never seen one of these for you! Keep it coming missy!  image

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    I'm just shocking at getting round things Lea and I spend far too much time reading everyone elses amazing planning threads to have time for mine. Quiet at work today so trying to fit it in while I can. Lunch time now so will do the venue hunt...

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    The venue

    This was actually pretty easy. We did a quick search of local venues online and soon had a shortlist. We wanted to stay near to where we live as my boy will only be 5 and I didn't want him to have to travel a long way plus my parents are going to have him on the wedding night and so we needed to be near enough for them to get home (they have a dog and so can't stop over as the only people the dog will stop with are also going to be at the wedding). We also wanted to do everything in the same place so we didn't have to worry about transport between ceremony and reception etc (saving us some money). We had a list of 3 hotels and the local golf club who all looked like they would be in budget and had dates available in August. We had already decided on wanting it to be a Friday to keep costs down a bit and we were aiming for the 15th.

    Venue number 1

    This was a hotel just down the road from us. Very popular for weddings etc and we had heard lots of good things about it. They had Friday 8th August available which was near enough our ideal for us to be happy. We went and visited after work. The wedding coordinator was really lovely and really enthusiastic. They have 2 functions rooms a small one with big windows looking onto a courtyard area and then a large one which was internal and so no windows but it has a lovely lounge area attached. They had the most gorgeous luxury rooms with baths to die for and with it being a Friday wedding they would include the night before the wedding for me for free. The rooms looked a bit 'meh' when we saw them as they weren't set up for anything and a bit empty and dull feeling so I wasn't very enthusiastic.

    But the reception area to the hotel is gorgeous and the girl showed me some pics that looked good. We didn't want the standard wedding breakfast but afternoon tea instead so the girl said she would put together a bespoke quote for us and email it. She also got really excited about my chosen colours (purple and teal/turquoise) as the lest wedding fair she had done they were the colours she used.

    So we left and I was in love with the wedding coordinator, the hotel reception area and the smaller of the function rooms but not the larger room which is what we would need for our reception. Hubby to be was however totally smitten with the place and wanted to book it there and then.

    Venue number 2

    This was the local golf club. Gorgeous building set in gorgeous grounds. It was a sunny but windy afternoon when we visited and it looked stunning on the drive up. We got there and were left stood in the reception hall for 25 minutes waiting for the wedding coordinator (not a good start as we had booked an appt). She then showed us the room. It was very old fashioned with lots of dark wood panelling and it didn't seem overly large even though she said it would comfortably fit 100 for a sit down meal (we only want 60) and up to 150 for an evening do we couldn't see how without being very squashed. After the ceremony we would have to wait 2 hours before we could have the reception while they turned the room around and during that time the only place to go was the bar which obviously had golfers in it so I didn't fancy that. For the evening do the buffet is served on a corridor out the back of the room which didn't seem very good. The final nail in the coffin was when the wedding coordinator asked me if I had picked colours and I said yes purple and teal. To which she replied 'ooo teal is that a browny colour?' No dear it's a greeny blue colour and Idon't fancy leaving you in charge of my wedding decorations if you don't know.

    So we left here feeling rather deflated.


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    Venue 3

    H2b was totally smitten with venue 1 still but I wanted to view some others. There is an amazing art deco hotel on the sea just 5 miles from us (tacky sea side resort see if you can work it out!). The company that owns it also owns venue number 1. We didn't do an official viewing here but we went to a wedding fair to see what it was like. The reception area is stunning/ There is the most amazing staircase ever I absolutely adore it and the pictures you could have would be amazing. However the function room wasn't for me at all (although it has turquoise paint work which did excite me as it matched my colour scheme) It is very long and thin and 'L' shaped. SO you have a top table at one end then the other tables down the long thin room so some people are miles away then the bottom of the L is where the dancefloor etc is for the night do. This was a big no for me as we didn't want a top table and instead wanted a round table in the centre surrounded by the other tables so no one was a long way away (an idea suggested by the lovely planner at venue 1). This would be impossible here and so I had to say no despite it being the most stunning building ever with the potential for gorgeous pictures by the sea on a sunny day.

    This left us with 2 more on our short list but one was quickly removed as it turned out they only had the very last Friday in August left which was too late for us. Then the other venue was taken off as we decided it was too far out of the town and didn't have onsite accommodation so we would need to book and pay for a room somewhere else and have transport costs.

    This took us back to venue 1...

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    The theme

    This was decided pretty easily as h2b is pretty easy going and was happy to go with what I wanted. We had already decided that we wanted afternoon tea rather than a sit down meal of many courses as it was more 'us'. That therefore led to a vintage theme to go with the afternoon tea (my dress ideas also lean heavily towards vintage).

    We have a running joke about me being obsessed with bird print (I bought a few items of clothing with bird print on and h2b made a lot of comments) so birds became part of the theme. Which took us to bird cage centre pieces and the tables being named after birds.

    My favourite colours are purple and teal/turquoise and I spent ages debating which one to pick before Pinterest showed me that they looked fab together so decision made.

    As we were trying to do it on a budget we were looking at ways to cut costs. Neither of us are massive flower fans and whilst spending lots of time on Pinterest I discovered paper flowers. So I decided to get in touch with my creative side and make the flowers for the wedding. So the bouquets, buttonholes, centrepieces and all other decorations are going to made by me out of paper.

    The science twist is a very recent addition to the theme. I'm a science teacher and a bit of a geek so decided to try and get a bit of science into the day. As part of the centrepieces we are having test tube racks (wooden ones that I am going to add ribbon to) with test tubes of coloured water (alternating purple and turquoise) and then a single flower in each one. It looks really lovely and is so simple. I am also thinking of using beakers and/or Bunsen burners too. I have made periodic table bunting spelling out our names using atomic symbols that I am going to hang somewhere.

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    Some really cool ideas so far, can't wait to read/see more! xx

  • MissP4nowMissP4now Posts: 166

    Thank you. It's all a bit random really but then we are quite a random couple so it works for us

  • MissP4nowMissP4now Posts: 166




     These are the button holes for some of the groomsmen



     The round flat flowers are to decorate music stands with.


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    Actually in love with your theme and ideas completely!!!!

  • MissP4nowMissP4now Posts: 166

    Aw thank you so much. I had a worry that it was a bit naff but decided as long as me and H2B like it then it doesn't matter. I'm loving all your DIY bits, if I had more time I would be stealing some of your ideas.

  • LeaMarieLeaMarie Posts: 723

    I think it sounds fab! I wish I had some of your creativity/originality! x

  • MissP4nowMissP4now Posts: 166

    I'm not usually the most creative of people but the desire to save money has brought it out of me! I am loving making the flowers it's really relaxing I don't know what I am going to do when the wedding is over and I don't have anything to do

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    The Bridal Party

    Originally I wasn't going to have any bridesmaids but I decided I couldn't not ask my best friend of 20 years so I am just having a Maid of Honour. I have a little boy who will have just turned 5 by the wedding and my best friend has a boy who will be 20 months so they are going to be page boys. I am very lucky to have 3 nephews aged 15, 13 and 10 who play cello so they are playing the music for the ceremony. They are working really hard practising lots and the middle one has rewritten pieces of music to add in a simple 3rd part for the youngest one.

    On H2B side he has asked his step dad to be his best man (gets around any top table issues too as his dad hasn't remarried so it keeps it nice and even). He has 3 brothers and they are going to be our ushers.

  • ooooh those flowers image they are AMAZING you clever bean. And what gorgeous, fun colours!
    As for the Test tube idea - this is so cool...I can't wait to see more xx

  • MissP4nowMissP4now Posts: 166

    Thank you. I can make the flowers in super quick time now, I will find some pics of the bouquets and post them later.



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    The Dress

    I am very lucky in that one of my very good friends from work is actually a trained dressmaker and has worked for bridal companies making and designing wedding dresses before. Before we had even got engaged she offered to make my wedding dress for me for just the cost of the material, her time is her wedding gift to me. So I am having a bespoke handmade dress for a very tiny amount of money.

    I've always had quite a set idea on what I wanted my wedding dress to be like (as an adult with the potential to be getting married soon not a childhood dream!). I have always been a fan of fifties style dresses and they really suit me as I have a small waist. So I always said I wanted a tea length dress and so this is what my friend set about designing for me. I did however think that I needed to visit a dress shop and try some on just to make sure. I visited a local wedding dress shop that stocks Alan Hannah as I had already spied a tea length Alan Hannah dress that I loved so I wanted to try it. Knowing that I wouldn't be buying a dress meant that I didn't need to worry on cost so I could try on any dress I wanted. I tried on loads in various styles and other than a stunning Jenny Packham dress which felt like I was naked it was that light and floaty I quickly decided that full length most certainly wasn't for me.

     I tried on a lovely fifties styles Alan Hannah dress and a Charlotte Balbier one that both looked fab. I also tried on one of the most elegant dresses ever by Alan Hannah (I have a pic of me in it which I will post when I can). I did really fall in love with it and it made me feel amazing, had I been buying it would have been the one. It was full length but the lady in the shop rang and spoke to Alan Hannah's wife who said they could do it ballerina or tea length for me if I preferred. I loved the dress but I think as a shorter one it would have looked a bit too day time from the front so if I had been buying I would have gone full length (despite it annoying me in the shop and meaning that people wouldn't see my shoes)



  • MissP4nowMissP4now Posts: 166


     The Jenny Packham dress I loved


     Alan Hannah Evita from behind


    Evita the dress that would have been The One!


  • MissP4nowMissP4now Posts: 166

    The Jenny Packham dress is rather low cut and I am quite chesty so I did feel I little bit inappropriate in it. I'm happy to wear a low cut dress for a night out but I didn't feel that as I bride I should be showing that much boob!

    Evita surprised me as I expected to look frumpy in it due to the high neck line at the front and having boobs bit it was so amazingly flattering. Looking at the pics now I am thinking I want that dress (must not start having dress regrets my dress cost a quarter if not less than that dress so I have to keep telling myself that)

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