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Our 2017 Winter Wedding

Hi everyone,

I've only been a member here for a week or so but have found it really useful for asking questions and getting ideas, and I've really enjoyed reading about other peoples past and upcoming weddings.

I thought I would start my own thread for my own ideas, and hopefully people will be able to offer me some advice and things along the way! So here goes....

How we met

My partner and I met at work, he was a couple of posts higher than me, so effectively you could say he was one of my bosses. My first two memories of him are 1; him telling me off for something I didn't do, and 2; him taking the absolute mick out of me when I asked him a question which he thought was a silly one. However this was the fist time he made me laugh. The first time I really noticed him was Halloween, back in 2009. We were allowed to wear costumes to work, and he took his costume off as he got too hot, and he was just wearing a tight black tshirt and jeans that made him look incredible.

After that we began to talk more, although we were both quite shy and neither one of us took the step to beginning a relationship for quite a few months. We began dating in the January, and haven't looked back since.

The proposal

We had spoken about getting married quite a bit and it was kind of a joint decision that we wanted to get engaged. We had been together over 3 years when we went to look at engagement rings, we choose one that we both really liked, and he then bought it online. I knew he would propose to me eventually. I'll leave the actual proposal out of the story, as it ended up being a complete disaster and nothing close to what either of us wanted for our engagement. The poor man was too nervous and I got probably the least romantic proposal I have ever heard of. I'm still very upset that I didn't get a nice proposal, but I'm trying to get over that as it's probably quite selfish of me.

Anyway, so even though the proposal didn't go to plan, we were still engaged. I had just finished my second year of university by this point, and so we knew we would have a fairly long engagement.

Though our engagement wasn't exactly what I wanted; I love him to pieces and he is my world. He looks after me, and protects me, and what more could I ask for? I can't wait to be his wife.

The wedding planning; so far

So we have now been engaged for over a year, and have been together for over 4 and 1/2 years, and have started our wedding planning properly. I say we, however it's mainly me. H2B says he has no ideas and wants me to plan it all as he wants me to have everything that I want. He doesn't seem to understand that I want it to be about what we both want and I wasn't his ideas and opinions. So I've been doing all the thinking and idea planning, and he's just been saying yes or no to ideas. I guess he'll want to be more involved further down the line....I hope so anyway.

I wasn't sure where to start really, I suppose I was quite young when I got engaged, I'm now nearly 22. Only a couple of my friends are married and they are mainly older friends from uni. I originally wanted a Christmas Wedding, and would still love that now, but H2B wasn't so keen, so we settled on winter.




  • First planning thoughts

    My best friend knew we were going to get engaged, and she knew she would be my maid of honour - I wouldn't have even had to ask her, she already knew it would be her. She was been brilliant, and so excited for us.

    I found the most amazing pictures of a venue on pintrest that I thought was beautiful, and showed them to my friend who recognised it, and told me it was local - result!! When I looked at the website I was amazed, it looked brilliant and I could definitely imagine getting married there. I showed my fiancé who agreed it looked stunning, neither of us are religious and he said he didn't want to get married in a church, so I was glad I found this venue because I would have quite liked a church wedding.

    We went to have a look round last month and it's everything the pictures show and more; it's absolutely perfect and for us it ticks all the boxes. It's a purpose built wedding venue with 3 different barns; one for getting married, for one your wedding breakfast and one for your evening celebration.

    The venue:

    To my delight, H2B took a massive interest when we went to look round and asked lots of questions. We are both very keen on the venue, however we also feel that we should probably have a look round a few other venues just to make sure we're not missing an amazing deal elsewhere as the venue is very expensive.

    I can't really imagine myself getting married anywhere else, we have our hearts set on it, but we should probably be sensible and have a look round other places anyway!

  • image




    Pictures of our dream venue!


  • The Budget

    I made a bit of a mistake in finding my perfect venue before setting my budget, and now I've worked my budget around affording my perfect venue...massive whoops.

    As I mentioned before, I've just graduated from uni, and so we kind of need to buy or rent a house before we start paying for any of our wedding, but we've looked at our finances and we can afford it.

    The problem with the venue is that you have to use their catering which is extortionate. We're talking over £5000 for our wedding breakfast alone for 55 people. This includes all the alcohol you could want and 4 courses, I was happy to go for the standard menu which is 3 courses and with more standard drinks however H2B said he liked the look of the 4 course menu better. So we've decided that we will try to go for the better menu and just work and save more to afford it. Luckily for me, I can work lots of extra shifts in my job.

  • Hey, congratulations! I'm getting married at Rivervale next July. it was the first venue we looked at and loved it so much that we cancelled other venue appointments! 

  • Congratulations to you too Hannah!

    I don't feel so bad about not wanting to look at other venues now! It's just so perfect image

  • k8l12k8l12 Posts: 254

    Congratulations image

    The venue looks beautiful and will be perfect for a cozy winter wedding. My fiance was the same in fact his whole family were, it wasn't till it got to 6 months to go that everybody snapped into action and wanted to help out. Not sure what i will do with myself when i don't have a wedding to plan anymore. Enjoy x

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