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Our June 2015 Wedding

 So, this is now third time lucky with writing this as somehow my last to I managed to refresh the screen with my keyboard and lose the thread!

My name is Kimberly, I am 23 and I live in Bournemouth.

How we met

We met in 2010 when we started university together, although we did not start dating until October 2011 and we were officially 'boyfriend and girlfriend' in November.

The proposal

 J proposed to me on 6th February 2013, it wasn't a special date for us, I was told afterwards he chose it because he could set everything up while I was at work (He was off) and the rose petals happened to arrive that morning!

J text me early on in the day saying he had an early valentines present for me when I got home, and I was thoroughly looking forward to it as he always has good surprises! J picked me up from work and on the drive home I started babbling on about how at work we had been talking about how we would like to be proposed to! The poor guy was shaking like a leaf! He had everything set up when I got home and had asked my Dad's permission. I walked into the lounge and laid out on a blanket was fairy lights, a teddy with a card, flowers, a couple of pictures of us and a heart made out of rose petals. Thinking this was my early valentines present, I picked up the card and although I can't remember what it all said it ended with what I really want to say is... and he was on his knee with the ring. I finally realised I was being proposed to, cried and said yes!

Us now

Luckily for us J had some inheritance and we were able to buy our own flat and afford to save for our wedding. I love that we have our own home and we have filled it with what we love... Animals! We have a corn snake, bearded dragon, 240l tropical fish tank and 2 cats. When we have a house with a garden we will be adding to this!

I won't risk deleting all this again so the planning so far will be in the next post!




  • Venue

    We went to look around 3 venues in total and the venue we chose was the 2nd one we looked at.

    The first venue we looked at was Durley Dean Hotel. We looked at this venue primarily because it was recommended to us and they had a brilliant package deal. however, when we went to look around it just wasn't for us as it had no outdoor space and this was one of the main things we wanted as we are having a summer wedding.

    The second venue we went to look round was Parley Manor in Christchurch. This was also recommended to us but we thought it was going to be way out of our budget, we went to look around and both absolutely fell in love with it and the lady who showed us round was so helpful and genuinely seemed interested in us and our day.

    The third venue we went to look round was a 'backup' we thought we surely couldn't have already found the place we want and thought we had better look somewhere else to make sure! We looked round the Cumberland Hotel which was very nice and had a lovely room for the ceremony but it just wasn't big enough for us and did not compare to Parley Manor!

    Parley Manor is a large habited manor house set in absolutely gorgeous grounds. We have a pavilion for the ceremony and a large marquee for the evening reception. as the manor house is habited we are not allowed to use it but the grounds are stunning and the marquees are amazing. We worked out our budget and if we cut certain things down we would be able to afford it. So J and I went back and put down our deposit for 26th June.

    This isn't a special date for us although it is the day before my birthday! We chose this date as one of my bridesmaids couldn't make the Friday before and a Friday in June was much cheaper than July!

    Neither J or I are religious neither of us go to church and so we didn't think getting married in a church was appropriate for us and we liked the idea of having everything in one place as it cuts down travel time for guests.

    A few pictures of Parley Manor:








  • Food

    We have decided to forgo reception canapés as we thought people will be eating pretty soon after the ceremony and it saved us a bit of money. We have a drinks package that includes reception drinks.

    For our wedding breakfast we didn't want a formal sit down meal as It isn't really 'us' so we decided on the luxury BBQ option so fingers crossed for the weather! Several people I know who have been to weddings at Parley Manor said the BBQ is really good, so we are definitely looking forward to this.

    We are currently undecided on evening food as I think we should have evening food something like bacon buttys and chips etc. but J thinks it will be a wasted and can be somewhere we save a bit of money. What are peoples thoughts on this? As an evening guest to a wedding would you expect food?



  • Entertainment

    We have booked Gem Roadshow for our DJ. He is our venues recommended DJ and as they have particular sound restrictions and the fact he is very reasonably priced we thought we couldn't go wrong! I have looked around his website and he comes highly recommended from several venues and some big corporate companies.

    I plan on booking some giant lawn games which should go down well with the big kids we will have at out wedding! They are also a lot cheaper than I was expecting only £50 for 3 including delivery set up and pick up.

    We have booked a sweetie cart which I thought was a very good deal at a wedding show as they had taken off the hire for the cart and were only charging for the sweets. We got this from 1st class occasions, and they will decorate it to our colours.

    I would like to book a photo booth however, J thinks we will not be able to fit it into our budget. I am determined to convince him!








  • Dress

    I am a very indecisive person and normally manage to get out of making decisions! When I went to look for wedding dresses I only went to one shop with my Mum and 2 sisters.

    We went round and I picked out all the dresses I liked and when tried them on it turned out it was the first dress I picked out and maybe the 4th or 5th one I tried on. I tried on a couple after it but all I wanted to do was put this one dress back on! The dress in the shop also fit me perfectly (must have been a sign!) I paid the deposit and that was done! I don't have a picture of the dress on my laptop as J uses it too but it is a Justin Alexander Sweetheart gown #6029.


    J and I discussed the photograph for our wedding at some length and to begin with we considered using a family friend who was an amateur photographer. However, we decided that the photography was a really important part of our wedding and the only lasting memory we would have of our special day so we decided to look further afield and spend a bit more money.

    We came across Millard Photography through our venue as he is one of their recommended photographers. We went to meet him at his home and discussed what we wanted for our wedding. He seemed to understand exactly what we wanted so even though he was slightly more expensive than we were expecting we decided to book with him.


     This is a photo by Millard Photography taken at Parley Manor.


  • Flowers

    When it came to flowers I was absolutely clueless! All I knew is I wanted to include our colour of light/tiffany blue and white roses. I have no idea about different flowers, what colours they come in, when they are in season etc. so I put this off for a bit, until I spoke to a lovely lady at a wedding fair. Lauren at Concept flowers is just incredible. She knew exactly what I wanted even though I was so vague and was reasonably priced. Plus she will do all my centrepieces and set everything up for me the morning of the wedding. She also has loads of little extras like the post box I wanted and candle holders to hang from the trees in the gardens. She also works at Parley Manor fairly often so knows how they work there and how it is laid out. She really put my mind at ease about the flowers as I really felt I could just leave it in her hands! A massive relief!

    A few pictures of her work:





    We chose our rings fairly early on as we both knew what we wanted and we wanted to book as much as we could so I wouldn't start panicking!

    We chose smooch for our rings and I am so pleased we did, there service is second to none and we also got free gifts with them (Bridesmaids gifts and cufflinks). They also offer free: cleaning for life, stone replacement and unlimited resizing!

    My ring is palladium pictured below and Js is titanium and silver (No picture of his).




  • Honeymoon!!!

    This is probably one of the things I am most excited about! We will be flying out two days after our wedding to give us chance to spend my birthday with our families.

    We are doing a flydrive with trailfinders to Florida keys. We will be flying out to Miami, staying in Miami for 2 days driving to key largo, staying for 2 days, driving to duck key and staying for 2 days and then driving on to key west where we will be for July 4th. We will then drive back to Miami and stay for a further 2 days before flying home.

    I have never been on a longhaul flight - my longest flight is to Tenerife! we as a couple have never been on a long holiday abroad together except a weekend in Paris. I am ridiculously excited for this!


    This is how I asked my bridesmaids:


     I have four bridesmaids: my two sisters and my two bestfriends. I also have two flower girls: My two nieces. As my nieces are only 2 1/2 we are going to leave their dresses to much nearer the time. I have ordered one of my adult dresses as they are from a lady on etsy who does twist and wrap dresses so I need to make sure it is the right colour and style and that it fits!


    Although I am not at all creative I decided that I wanted to make our save the dates and invitations. For our save the dates I did the 'tying the knot' style and they turned out a lot better than I expected. Unfortunately I don't have picture on my laptop of any of the stationary I have made.

    For the invites I have made pocket style invited with butterflies and ribbon on the front in our colour scheme. I have also made place names and I will be making the table plan - any ideas on this would be greatly appreciated!!

    I have also made our favours which re simple wine glass charms.

    This is all the planning I have done so far and have been told by many people that I am very organised. If I wasn't I would definitely be panicking that everything would not get done!

    We have still got to sort out the guys suits which will be hired from moss bros, and I have to sort out my jewellery, hair and make up and shoes.

    Any tips or any other Bournemouth brides I would love to hear your thoughts!

    Happy Planning!


  • Wow, what a lovely thread so far image Your venue is gorgeous and a really sweet proposal! id say for your evening food dilemma, it's better to have something there for your guests in the evening, we want to a wedding in June and they did bacon baps and chips, there just wasn't enough to go round! We'd been there all day too and had the wedding breakfast but were still pretty hungry around 9pm. 

    your florist looks like she does lovely bouquets, really neat and pretty. Your honeymoon also looks awesome.

    im not a Bournemouth bride but have bought my dress from chameleon in Bournemouth, bit of a trek but they had my dress in the sale! We get married in June 2015 though and also got engage February 2013. It's been a lovely time gap in between, I'm feeling quite relaxed about the planning, seems like you are too?

    looking forward to reading more! X

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