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Zimbabwe/nigerian wedding

Hiya I have so many things to write and ask for help with!! I only have 5 months left and stressed!.. I am having my bridesmaids dresses tailor made..! I live in Southend Essex and don't really know anyone in or around for sewing and tailoring?.. Anyone know of anyone near me That has good prices as I am on a tight budget... We looking for any advice and help as I have a couple of quotes for photography and video, has anyone else got anyone they know.. I am also looking for a good Zimbabwean caterer?. My wedding is going to be in London so don't mind someone in london?. Also has anyone had a zimgerian wedding?. How did the programme go and how do you go about finding an MC?. I feel like I'm thinking too much but I just want it to be perfect and so worried as joining two culturea together on a tight budget and my hubby being Muslim aswell.. At suggestions are welcome.. Thank you

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