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I Don't Know What I'm Doing



  • MrsM2018MrsM2018 Posts: 142

    Hahaha, that's exactly what I wanted to do! Ended up going to three stores. I went to the last two on a whim because they had a sale on. I tried on about six dresses at David's Bridal. Expect to fall in love with a dress you're fundamentally and morally against. The big princess dresses are like cats, when they know you don't like them they just pester you more lol

    I took my maid of honour and mum to the last two shops for the sales. If you get 'the feeling' when you try on a dress, I say get it. I don't think it being the first dress should stop you getting it. 

  • gill17gill17 Posts: 568 New bride

    I didnt initially relish dress shopping either, but i focused on the constituent parts and then ordered it online. First thing for me was deciding on silhouette and material, then waist line, then neckline, then train. I tried on different options of each until I'd clear in my head what suited me and what i wanted. I tried on about 5 dresses in some boutiques, but more if i asked. I told each one that it was my first appointment so they wouldnt make assumptions and would go through the options with me-highly recommend this fib btw. I found it helped my internal doubting voice when I'd had it confirmed by 2 diff bridal staff that x did or didn't suit me, like empire line or dropped waist or whatever. I took my mum to first 2 for the tradition of it i guess but i went to the rest on my own. Helped me focus on my own feelings, and most let me take pics for comparison anyway. 

    Good luck! 

  • ShitGotRealShitGotReal Posts: 435 New bride

    Thanks ladies. Half of me just wants to eat cake for a few more weeks to delay it again!

  • HailsHails Posts: 2,455

    Definitely take someone who is going to be honest with you. I think one shop a day is ideal, definitely no more than 2 cause it's overwhelming and exhausting. Don't rush any decisions, even when you think you have found it, take pics of yourself and sleep on it. 

  • T Minus 1 Year

    So it's exactly 1 year to the day until I get married. I suppose it's time I pull my finger out and get on with actually planning! 

    Also, M is completely oblivious to this fact, obviously. I'm waiting to see how long it takes for him to realise. Or if he does at all! 

  • MrsM2018MrsM2018 Posts: 142

    Haha my fiancé only realised because it's so close to our actual anniversary. I guess I should be glad he remembered that at all!

  • Mrs AyseMrs Ayse Posts: 561

    Hahaha, mine only noticed because I went on and on about it!  And because he's obsessed with the weather..

  • AWOL

    Ok, so i've been Missing in Action for a while now and it's mainly due to being so busy with work. I'm a fundraiser for a local charity and things have just been up the wall and totally crazy for a while now. I've been holding the fort on my own and we had the biggest event of the year in September so i've been all planned out. I was finishing work at all hours so going home to plan a wedding was the last thing on my mind! 

    Things finally calmed down a little towards the end of September, and i've managed to have a week in Majorca to de-stress, so now it's time to crack on with wedding stuff before the Christmas planning mayhem begins. 

    So, things to update on: 

                Wedding Dress Shopping

                Slimming World

                Hen Do



  • Dress Shopping

    Ok,so as ive mentioned before, i was dreading this. I've still not been able to put my finger on why but the very thought made me cringe something wicked. I have no problem being centre of attention - i dont demand it, i just dont have a problem with it! The only thing i can think of is because its quite a girly and emotional thing, and i am neither of those.

    Anyway, i made a booking to go with my mum and 5 bridesmaids to 'Brides of Liverpool' one Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately on the day, my mum and bridesmaid J were unable to make it (my mum got shingles and couldn't get out of bed, and J's husband was late home to look after their week old baby) The rest of us met in a pub in town so i could down a quick drink in an attempt to curb some of the cringe. 

    I found the whole walking into the shop and being immediately surrounded by rows of massive white dresses completely overwhelming. The lady was lovely though and just handed me 6 tags to put on the hangers of the dresses i wanted to try and left us to browse. Ive mentioned earlier on that i wanted to hate the first dress i tried on. This was purely because ive heard of so many who had bought the first dress they ever wore, and i just thought that maybe that was because of the initial surprise of seeing themselves in a wedding dress for the first time! So i asked for their biggest, blingiest princess dress to try. When she brought it out though i couldn't even bring myself to put it on! 

    Bridesmaid A had brought a couple of bottles of prosecco for us so these got popped open whilst we picked some dresses. I feel that i should mention here that the lady working at the shop is absolutely lovely and did a very good job of handling myself and 4 excitable maids! I would very highly recommend a visit if you're from the North West.  

    In the end i tried about 5 or 6 dresses on. A couple which i liked, none of which i had expected to. No pictures of me, but these were the ones i liked: 


    Dismissed for being too poufy (it is a lot bigger and heavier than it looks) and would suit a more formal church wedding. 


    This one has a low back with removable beading and was really lovely. It was a little like 'gatsby' style and i wanted something a little more relaxed.

    We then moved onto the pubs and all in all the day i dreaded actually turned out to be really fun!


  • Dress Shopping Pt2

    As my mum had been unable to make the first shop, i made an appointment at a different boutique for a couple of weeks later, just the 2 of us. Im not going to mention the name of this one as i was not at all impressed (although feel free to message me if you're dying to know!) 

    All of the dresses were huge. Not sizewise, but dresswise, like id have a job going through doorways-wise. I really struggled to find one i wanted to try on. Eventually i picked a couple and we went to the corner of the room where a curtain was pulled round. Each dress i tried on, i could pick a couple of elements i liked but on the whole i was getting nowhere. The sales lady was really pushy also, id mention that i liked the top of one dress but not the bottom etc, and she'd say things like "well you really need to make your mind up don't you" Erm, no love, i dont. 

    I left a bit disheartened because it was just me and my mum and i wanted her at least to enjoy it. We went for lunch and i called "Brides of Liverpool" back to see if they could fit me in. They were very accommodating and agreed we could come in later that afternoon. I showed my mum the above 2 dresses (she loved both) and tried another couple on, one of which i also really liked: 


    This was lovely on, much nicer than it looks in photos, and very comfortable. It was £2000 though and i just cant justify that - even though i'm not the one paying for it! 


  • Dress Shopping Pt3

    A couple of days later bridesmaid A sent me a link on instagram about a boutique right by her work that were having a sale so we arranged for me to pick her up that night and go have a look. The boutique itself wasnt anything special (bit of a dodgy area, i hadnt expected much!) but they had some really nice dresses on sale. I tried quite a few on and there was one that was really nice, i cant for the life of me find any pictures of it online though. It was an Alfred Angelo dress, who have recently gone bump hence the sale. It was a sheath style with illusion neckline and back. It had a simple flower pattern running throughout the front and around the back. Again it was very comfy, and it was £200! I couldnt believe it, this price made so much more sense to me!

    My mum was on holiday at this point so i facetimed her, she said it was lovely and trusted my opinion. I did really like the dress but something was stopping me from committing to buying it. I initially thought it was because i didnt want to buy it without my mum seeing it, but the more i thought about it, the more i thought i just wasnt ready to give up looking. Id only been to 2 shops, one of which was a farce, and i wasnt sure if i was in love with the dress or the price! 

    I decided to make an appointment for that Saturday with another boutique across the city. Id heard really good things about it, and if after that appointment i still prefered the £200 dress i was going to buy it. If i was still unsure i'd keep looking...

  • Dress Shopping Pt4

    So on the Saturday myself, and bridesmaids A, J and K drove over to 'Brides by Natalie' in West Derby Village. This was a lovely little boutique and the ladies were very helpful. Again, we picked out a selection of dresses and off i went to the changing room. The dresses I tried on here all sort of blur together... except one.

    Id originally pointed to it on the hanger and the 3 girls all dismissed it - J actually said it was awful! I picked it to try on anyway just out of curiosity. It was about the 4th dress i tried on in the shop and the second i came out the 3 of them were silent and had really confused looks on their faces! A was first to speak and said she loved it, followed by K, and eventually J said it was her favourite by far. They all started taking photos and asking me to walk round, sit down, wear a veil etc...

    The more i had it on the more i liked it myself. But it was £1800...

    I tried on another one or 2 dresses, but i wasn't interested in them. I put the other one back on and i knew id be happy to stop looking. Luckily for me A is not backwards in coming forwards and she asked if there was any wiggle room on the price and what they could do. She asked if i could buy the sample as it fitted perfectly, which the lady agreed to, but at £1400 as it had only just come in and i was one of the first to try it on, so it was practically brand new anyway. They did attempt to put up a bit of a bargaining fight but this just encouraged A even more and she was like a dog with a bone now. Between us we managed to talk her into agreeing that i could have it for £1000. 

    The other snag was that my mum was still on holiday, and i was due to go away the following day. Anything that we decided had to be decided there and then. I rang my mum in Majorca and told her id found another dress, but this time at £1000 rather than £200. She was obviously initially a little taken aback as she must've been over the moon and thinking she got off very lightly when i called her with a £200 quote! 

    She asked for pictures, so i sent her a few. Front, back, veil... etc. She immediately replied "It is beautiful. Love it. Exquisite" then rang me and told me to put a deposit down for her. 

    So i did! 

  • Dress Shopping Pt5

    A couple of Saturday's later when my mum and i had both got back from holiday we went back to the shop to pay for the dress. I took one of my aunties with me too (i'll mention here that i have a big family, and my mum has 5 sisters and a brother. The auntie i took with me is my mum's twin and i call her my second mum. She was made up to be asked!) 

    The lady in the shop made them both close their eyes whilst she took the dress from the bag to the dressing room (my mum had seen pics but not the dress in the flesh, and my auntie hadn't even seen a picture) the second i came out it there were ooohs and aaahs.

    The dress is not at all what i thought i had gone for. To be honest i had no idea what i would go for but it certainly wasnt that. Once i had it on again though I was more than happy with my choice! 

    Im not putting photo's on here as a couple of people know i have this planning thread, however if anyone's curiosity is getting the better of them, just send me a private message! 



  • Laura812Laura812 Posts: 279 New bride

    I just found your thread. You sound very like me!

    I never ever planned my wedding before I got engaged, and I'm absolutely dreading the dress shopping! So glad you actually had a good experience as it gives me some hope. (I'm still in the blissful ignorance that I won't have to spend a fortune on the dress!)

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    Erm, I need to see the dress and I need to know the dodgy shop because I went to one as well and they were awful (Bridesworld on county road fyi), Ill PM you

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    Aww loved hearing about your dress shopping experience. I might PM you tonight if I'm still curious then, but am trying to curb my -anything-to-do-with-weddings addiction lol! 

    Looking forward to more. 

  • MrsJ, I've sent you everything over! 

    Laura, my only advice is to have a glass or 2 beforehand to loosen up! once you get the first dress over with it does get easier! oh, and try not to be too hard on yourself, I didn't get the epiphany style emotional reaction once I found my dress, but I didn't expect to and i was ok with that!

    Jenni, good luck with your addiction. I wish mine was weddings and not cookies 😫

  • Slimming World

    Let me start by saying i would never consider myself a 'big' girl, but since my twenties i've certainly been bigger than id like. I was always very slim in school and growing up, with a very boyish figure, meaning no hips, no bum, no boobs and no waist. Just straight up and down. This is all well and good until you start putting weight on, half a pound shows up as much as a 6 month pregnancy (not that ive ever been pregnant like) 

    Since i was a bout 21 my weight slowly crept up from about 9 stone size 8/10, to about 11 and a half. size 12/14. I carry most of it around my waist so i've always avoided anything fitted, and a bikini was a no-go. 

    I took the plunge and finally joined slimming world about June. I don't follow it religiously and if i want a biscuit ill have a biscuit! Last weigh day, before my holiday i was down to 10st 7. Ideally id like to get down to 9 and a half, but i'd settle at 10!

    I had 2 weeks off over my hol, but still only managed to gain half a pound which was a massive surprise considering all the food and drink i devoured! I seem to have lost my mojo a little now though so if anyone has any hints and/or tips to get back on track id be very grateful! As i now have my dress, i know that id like to tone up my stomach, back and arms, again any tips here would be appreciated! 

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    Ok, so Im such a hypocrite, but planking is a good one. Itll work your core, back and arms, and its a bitch. I had a core made of melted butter after having 3 kids, so I started a plank challenge and went from a shaking shuddering mess after 10 seconds max to being able to plank steadily for 45 seconds, in about 2 weeks. 

    i also do weights for my arms and I think kettlebell exercises are amazing for toning. I squat, russian twist and lateral lunge with a kettlebell, the swing is also good. Go on youtube and theres a 10 minute kettlebell workout, fitness by amy I think. Itll make you sweat and if youre like me you will suffer for the first few!

    Dont get me wrong I still have a jelly belly but Ive lost 2.5 inches off the blobby bit below the belly button, and its reasonable in fitted clothes.

  • MrsJ2017 wrote (see post):

    Ok, so Im such a hypocrite, but planking is a good one. Itll work your core, back and arms, and its a bitch. I had a core made of melted butter after having 3 kids, so I started a plank challenge and went from a shaking shuddering mess after 10 seconds max to being able to plank steadily for 45 seconds, in about 2 weeks. 

    i also do weights for my arms and I think kettlebell exercises are amazing for toning. I squat, russian twist and lateral lunge with a kettlebell, the swing is also good. Go on youtube and theres a 10 minute kettlebell workout, fitness by amy I think. Itll make you sweat and if youre like me you will suffer for the first few!

    Dont get me wrong I still have a jelly belly but Ive lost 2.5 inches off the blobby bit below the belly button, and its reasonable in fitted clothes.

    Ive read that about 4 times and are you sure its not written in chinese? I have no idea what any of those things are, which i suppose explains the ham arms and gunt... Off to youtube i go. 

    Im going to hate you for this.

  • DIY

    I'm quite a crafty person on the sly and love nothing more than spending an afternoon with my latest hobbycraft splurge. That being said, it doesn't actually mean i'm any good at it. 

    I've attempted a couple of DIY jobs so far with a decent success rate, being:

    Mother of the bride and bridesmaid's pjs:

    (Granted these were just iron on transfers, pretty foolproof)


    Flip Flops:

    (again, its just yellow ribbon tied around primark flip flops. Not much can go wrong here)



    Colour Co-ordination Customisation:

    This involved a hot glue gun. So slightly more adventurous. 



    Gift Boxes:

    I don't have a photo of these yet as i've only put together a mock one, but i'm very happy with these!


    Save the Dates:

    These are nothing to write home about. They were just done as photo prints on vistaprint! 


    Im also going to do some bridal party hangers, and i've recently taken a blind leap of faith and decided im doing my own invitations. I got a quote for pocketfolds and got told id have to fork out £300 - £400 for bits of card that go in the bin. 

    Nope. Not happening. Ive bought my own pocketfolds for £45 off amazon and i'm about to begin designing the inserts.

    You can place your bets on how long it'll be until i pass over that £400 to the stationary shop now...



  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    Loving the DIY - I did most of those bits too and loved it! I did my own pocketfolds too and it was fine - you can totally do it!! 

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    My invites were a pain in the arse! They werent pocketfold or anything fancy like that, but my advise would be to make sure you have a good papercutter and printer. It wasnt actually the invites themselves that caused me any problems, just the shite equipment I was using. The papercutter (from hobbycraft) hacking the card and paper to bits, and the printer either refusing to rise to the occassion at all, or else printing wonky, smudging, or leaving random splats of ink on the paper 🙄

    That was my first taste of DIY so I thought Id hate it all, and I put it all off, but turns out I actually really enjoy it!

  • Thanks for the vote of confidence you two!

    I've done a mock of the main insert and i'm actually quite happy with it. The only problem i'm having is getting the printer to print the right shade of grey. Its a proper photo printer and it prints really clear, but its either printing too lilac/blue toned. 

    Mrs J, ive been keeping a keen eye on your evening invites... just FYI ;-)

  • Invitations

    For the life of me i cant seem to find an online template for the size pocketfolds i have, so ive had a go at doing it all from scratch myself. In for a penny and all that...

    So, first attempt: I've not done any of the inserts yet, just the backing card with the daytime details. It seems to print ok on photo paper and i've mounted it on lemon pearl card. 

    image image

    There will be 3 inserts in the pocket for evening details, rsvp and  directions/accomodation/gifts etc, which ill do 2 on the lemon card and 1 in grey in the middle. I'm not sure how well they'll print or how they'll turn out. So far my printer seems happy with thick photo paper, but not with thin card 

    Any helpful tips/hints/thoughts so far?

  • MrsS85MrsS85 Posts: 688 New bride

    Your DIYing is looking great, I love the design of your invitations too, im sure you will be able to pull them off and save yourself a nice chunk of money.


  • Amanda198Amanda198 Posts: 152 New bride

    They look great! Where did you get the pocket folds from? I've browsed Amazon but can't imagine what they look like. I think we will have a try at DIY ones to keep costs down, although I'm not creative at all! 

  • They're from a store on Amazon but they have actually got a website. I think it's just called pocketfolds UK 

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201
    Amanda198 wrote (see post):

    They look great! Where did you get the pocket folds from? 

    Shitgotreal's look exactly the same as mine, which are from:

  • Loving you're thread.

    Can't wait to read more. xx


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